Congressman would set 62 as minimum retirement age for federal workers

Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr. in a letter this week urged the Congressional "Super Committee" tasked with finding trillions of dollars in savings in the federal budget to put a stop to early federal retirements.

The text of the letter follows:

As you strive to come up with ways to save money and try to bring the federal budget closer to being in balance, I hope you will reduce the number of federal employees who are eligible for very early retirement.

There are many thousands of federal employees who are retiring in their 50s or even in their late 40s. As much as American lifespans have increased, we simply cannot afford to allow people to draw federal pensions at such young ages.

I am not suggesting that the rules be changed for anyone presently employed by the federal government. But I believe significant savings could be achieved in the future if all new hires, with no exceptions, are told that they cannot draw federal pensions at least until age 62 as in Social Security.

  • Glenn

    so….even though everyone agrees USPS has too many employees…he wants to make everybody stay until 62 to draw any kind of pension…pretty much taking away all the flexibilty Donaho wants now….does everybody just lose their minds when they get to Washington?

  • Robert

    I think congressmen and senators should not get retirement at all. While they’re in office they make plenty on kick-backs and bribes.

  • charlie

    eight more yrs. in this dog&pony show? I’ll be pulling out the rest of my hair. Won’t be too bad if all boxes are curbside or more clusterboxes are used. Twenty seven down at least Eight to go. Oh the humanity.

  • bob komar

    All of you political Hacks suggesting these Numbnut ideas ShOULD LEAD by EXAMPLE..max..2 TERM..OUT BY 62 and receive the SAME RETIREMENT PACKAGE that all usps WORKERS Get! See if that fits YOUR LIFESTYLE.With all of your INCOMPETENT IDEAS…YOU as it has been said Before ARE ‘ AWAKENING a Sleeping Giant’ IE THE American public!

  • Bill

    Let’s see at age 62 I’ll have 44 years of carrying a satchel! Now that’s a reasonable goal in life! How about we change the teachers, firefighters, police and military to the same requirements. Then we could really save some money! Nobody deserves to retire early enough in life to really enjoy it do they?

  • Gregg

    30 year USPS employee. 53 years old.I’ll stay at the USPS as long as I am paid every 2 weeks.If they raise the retirement age to 62,oh well,guess I’ll stay 9 more years.USPS employees are in it for the long haul.Or a VERA,whichever comes first!!Get the point???

  • mike

    Hey john Duncan Jr. Or is it dushebag? Well anyway. Are you kidding. Come on down to the real world of workers. Just once, I would like these same people coming up with these great idea’s. Try and live by the same rules. And see what happens to there great ideas then. my guess? No more great idea’s like this. Ya think.

  • Alwaysinshape

    I do believe he says for new hires.
    Some things must change. We can cry every time we lose something but things are out of control. We must scale back the past forty years of out of control spending.
    I know of no one that gets to retire with a nice pension in their fifties except Federal workers and recipients of big union contracts. It would be nice if we could all have big retirements but the country is adjusting from all of it’s overspending.
    I believe that if you were promised something then it needs to be delivered. The next generation is going to have to get by with less. They deserve it. So many are so liberal. This has been coming for a long time.
    Please be nice. We are all entitled to our opinions.

  • Joseph Breckenridge

    As summarized here Congressman Duncan’s proposal is reasonable. He is not trying to rewrite the rules after the game is over. He respects the rights of those already in the system. It seems reasonable to me to strike a new deal with new employees as they enter the workforce. They will know the deal going in and can plan accordingly or choose a different career path for themselves. This is far more reasonable than the sweeping retroactive changes proposed by senior USPS management. Those guys want to throw out long-standing promises and force changes on people who are at a point in their life when options for recovery are few to none. As an employee who was loyal to the USPS for 35 years I feel betrayed by what the top people at USPS propose.

  • Marvin

    62 really??? How many 62 yr old mailmen do you see out in the middle of winter not to mention an out right blizzard. I can’t imagine what it would be like to do that, it’s not any fun now much less at 62.

  • Scout

    Rep. John J. Duncan Jr., born July 21, 1947. That makes him 64 years old, time to get out and retire bud. You have taken enough money from the American public. How much more money do you need?

  • Arbie

    Like most politicians-Cngrman Duncan had best get his facts straight and not confuse FEDERAL EMPLOYEES with members of CONGRESS because FEDERAL retirement regulation for NORMAL Federal employees requires them to be at least 55 under the old Civil Service retirement and older under FERS. During optional VOLUNTARY RETIREMENT opportunities they must still have 25 yrs of service and be 50. Outside of military having 20 yrs of service and enterring retirement- ONLY CONGRESS can RETIRE in their 40’s- How about fixing that first.

  • Lee

    So let me seeeeee, it’s ok for a politician to get a retirement after 4, 6 or 8 years but it’s not ok for a future fed employee retiree to collect before the age of 62. I bet this Rep. ASS gets 100% medical while he squeezes us tighter around our medical belt!

  • maillady

    I’m sorry but most of us that are in are 40’s are not getting pensions, we are getting screwed!

  • Violet

    WHAT???? I just turned 56 and my retirement conference is the 12th….I plan on bailing if I can…Now that I read this I am totally sure!! PLUS If I do not use my sick leave..I can get an extra $6 a month on retirement…which will take me 251 years to get all that I have earned….Showing up to work for 25 years with Migraines, Bronchitis, Asthma, Flu, Kids sick at home, Level 3 snow emergencies, etc…etc….We are the best America has….

  • connietal

    Really? Really? We have supreme court judges who are allowed to work until they die – how about a mandatory retirement age for them and then lets move to the Congress and the Senate! While we are at it lets put a mandatory retirement age on the president too.

  • Steve-O-

    For you dumb asses that didn’t read the whole piece Duncan said this would be for ‘new hires” not those of us currently employeed.

  • retired vet

    To Bill: you leave the military after 30 years and over 75% leave between 20-24 years making then in mid 40’s and will be able to get another job. Make retirement age at 62 and get rid of these old farts making $$$$ d=by doing nothing! If you do nto have enough money by then, its your fault!!!

  • Patty Olson

    Seriously, is this for real? You have Congressman Issa wanted to get rid of employees over 50 year of age, you have some Congresspeople trying to get people to retire early to reduce the number of employees in the USPS, and now this joker. This is insane, you are playing a game with peoples lives . . . the pension plans in USPS contributions to both CSRS and FERs has been over paid by millions. What happened to that money? Did some of you in congress do something illegal with that money? You all make me sick. The approval rating for the republican house is is less than 20%, while the approval rating for the Postal Service is over 80%. You all need to clean up your house first before stepping UNINVITED INTO OURS. You are not welcome into our house.