APWU: Postal workers have the right to speak out against service cutbacks

The following was posted on the 21st Century Postal Worker web site:

via Assistant Maintenance Director Gary Kloepfer

“Brothers and Sisters:

The subject of the applicability of ELM 667.12 has come up due to what may have been a District Manager’s misinterpretation of the language meant for NAPS [pdf].

Because these matters are of public concern, there is no dispute with the USPS at this level that postal workers have the right, protected by the First Amendment, to publicly oppose the closure or consolidation of postal facilities, including the reduction of postal services. Likewise, they have the right to oppose legislation that would affect their collectively bargained rights and benefits. These rights are protected by the Constitution and the National Labor Relations Act.

There is no reason for APWU represented employees to be concerned about any negative consequences of their lawful participation in Union supported rallies and campaigns regarding legislation, closings, consolidations, degradation of service, etc.

If anyone is aware of any action by a postal manager that would suppress or punish the exercise of these rights, contact my office immediately.

Please disseminate this information to your respective locals immediately.

Mike Morris
Director, Industrial Relations”

21st Century Postal Worker Exchange for Messages of General Union Business.

  • coltara

    Maybe someone needs to personnaly tell that to the district manager that is sending this stuff out

  • cpttuna


  • BorderDeuce

    Why does one USPS employee, name the Post Master General, have the right to lobby congress to diminish Postal services, while other employees, namely clerks and letter carriers, don’t have the right to lobby for maintaining them or restoring them?

  • bob komar

    try and shut me up.. than the REAL DIRT ON THESE BOZO bosses WILL FLY!( in my office) i am really tired of the CRAP!

  • bob komar

    coltara, that someone has to be you! me ! and the next employee!

  • That’s 1 dumb DM…

    This moron can’t even read and yet he’s put in charge of an entire district. We are led by imbeciles and we wonder why were losing money. He ain’t the only retard in charge…

  • Captain America

    How nice, I am so glad Postal management gives us permission to exercise our Constitutional rights. What a group of idiots. The same idiots who lead us into this mess are now in charge of creating a solution to the mess they created. No doubt they discovered that the Constitution allows freedom of speech and assembly between one of their dynamic decision making sessions.

  • Terry

    NO ONE has the right to limit our fieedom of speech outside of normal work hours. Also, the USPS is a non govemment entitiy since 1970, so we have the rights to say what is true and what is not. We are not sheep to follow- but we have a right to bring out the truth. The Public must be made aware of what is really happening since they are paying the bill through postage rates! Congress has created the current USPS situation, and only Congress can fix it.

  • Lighten up

    Just another example of abusive management . Fear me,Iam a great and powerful management god. You are just another gutless puppet who outside the post service is a coward!!!

  • coltara

    Found out that this was the arkansas district manager. Out of little rock.

  • retired

    Postal Managers dont have to worry about the craft speaking out on the service cuts, the public is seeing it now in the poor service of even the premium products like Priority and Express mail. Keep on this downward trend in service and no one will be using the USPS anyway.

  • Violet

    As a retail clerk..I agree with the previous entry. My POS said on Saturday the estimated delivery date for Priority Mail was Thursday now….NOT Tuesday, as it used to be… I guess Trucks are getting there faster than airplanes….why push Priority Mail ??? just sayin 🙂

  • Blackbird

    Who can you believe now, Congress, GAO, or USPS execs? Carvin’ Marvin’s got nothing on Potter(is he really a paid consultant to the USPS) and Donahue.