Twitter silences “fake” Darrell Issa

Looks like someone wasn’t amused by the fake Darrell Issa Twitter account that went by the name of “issadarrell”. The person who created the account tells us that it was suspended for “non parody impersonation”:

APWU Calls on Issa to Correct Misstatements via @postalnews If I have to correct all my lies Id never be able to stop!!
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Apparently Twitter doesn’t mind parody if you’re obvious about it though- there is still a “FakeDarrellIssa” account on the service, although it hasn’t been active since it was created in 2009.

  • Rt7

    Looks like the fake cares more about the postal service than the real one

  • Micster

    Sounds like Darrell Issa to me.

  • gvcvx