Why does the mainstream media give Darrell Issa a free pass?

After all the free media coverage given to the Koch Brothers’ Tea Party “Movement”, it’s hard to believe that some people still think the media have a left wing bias (especially given the almost total blackout on coverage of the Occupy Wall Street event), but consider this- Darrell Issa, the self-appointed “watchdog” of the US Postal Service, gets interviewed by all the networks and news outlets about his bill that would destroy the USPS, while Rep. Stephen Lynch has to write a letter to the editor to get his point across to his hometown newspaper!

And why does Darrell get so much attention? Good question- while Lynch’s bill has been co-sponsored by 222 members of the House- a bipartisan majority, Darrell’s bill has exactly one co-sponsor- Darrell‘s faithful man-servant, Dennis Ross.

So how is it that the news media is supposed to have a liberal bias?

  • Larry

    thats who the republicans are. The flith of the planet. They talk out of their ass. All lies and distortion. Know what about half the employes vote for them.
    Republicans are for one thing and one thing only business. Wake up

  • john

    right on news flash people republicans will toss their own grandmothers to the wolves and Issa is a disgrace and a joke and u know what Issa idiot you will not win wise up americans vote out the millionaire Issas they care about making more billionaires only . If i lived in california if i was cripples id vote the asshole issa out thank u my fellow middle class hard working people

  • bob komar

    90% of the media is owned or being run by republican PUPPETEERS..the BIGGEST DISTORTERS of TRUTH in AMERICA..Dopes like the bush boys RUINED AMERICA and expected MR. OBAMA and the DEMS. to fix this JUMBLE fu— in TWO MONTHS of THE newly elected pres. TERM> WHY should they GIVE REP> LYNCH an EVEN SAY! WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • Marty422

    Darrell Issa…”Step Away from the Postal Service”

  • Proud Letter Carrier

    OK, Issah keep smoking your legal marijunia with your buddy, Ross. Also, try to take a vacation out of Washington D.C. Maybe to North Korea. This is where you belong. You could be a dictator there, and strave all the people. This is America, wake up. Wake up, and understand the first line of the consitution, “We The People.” Why do not listen to what the people of America wants? Why do we have to listen to you? Who is lobbying you anyway? How much money is being slipped in your back pocket anyway? We The People really want to know who is paying you off? Why are you trying to take the Post Office and Its workers out?

  • Moondawg

    Yes! Bob Komar!, your dead on with what is happening in America…

  • Hired assassin

    I’d like to know how much the Direct Marketing Association is funneling to their hired assassin Issa. I also find it interesting how the politicians do nothing to resolve returning the money they stole from postal employees the same way they have borrowed/spent/stolen social security’s money and jeapordized that !!!!!

  • franklin

    The MSM is scared to death of the Republicans. That is why they have given a free pass to them and their atrocities for the past 30 years. That is why the MSM did not say anything when Bush stole two consecutive elections despite glaring descrepancies. Remember the exit polls? I do not watch national news anymore and prefer to sift through other sources such as Al-Jazeera to get the truth.

  • Poor Richard

    They whom the Gods would destroy, they first drive mad with power.

  • anumber1

    The “mainstream media” are tools of the establishment that holds sway over almost everything. These people, who have also outsourced America’s job base to China, Mexico, etc., want to take down the US Postal Service. A recent statistic glaringly revealed that the USPS is the nation’s second-largest employer, next only to that retail sweatshop, Wal-Mart. Of course USPS labor is a target, therefore. This establishment wants only two classes in the US: the small wealthy elite and the vast working serfs. For decades they have been systematically destroying the American middle class. This establishment is both Democrat and Republican. It is both Barack Obama and John McCain. They were behind NAFTA and GATT and they are behind the planned destruction of the Postal Service, beginning in earnest with the PAEA of 2006 that deliberately placed an untenable burden upon the USPS of pre-funding the federal CSRS and FERS for 75 years out with revenue the USPS earned through sales of services and products. As for Darrell Issa, he has foolishly signed on with this and has stained his House record.

  • crazy

    Great posts from larry through anumber1! Glad to see some people understand what really is going on!