Rick Uluski named Northeast Area VP

PMG Pat Donahoe has announced the selection of Richard Uluski to be vice president, Area Operations, Northeast Area.

Uluski will be responsible for postal operations, including mail processing and distribution, customer service and administrative operations, over a geographic area that includes Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, parts of New York and New Jersey, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. He reports to the chief operating officer and executive vice president.

Previously, Uluski was manager, Operations Support, for the Northeast Area. He supervised the daily operations of all mail processing, delivery and customer service operations in the Northeast Area, including 45 plants, 4,000 delivery and retail units and approximately 90,000 employees.

Throughout his career, Uluski held a series of managerial positions until he received his executive appointment in 2002 as the plant manager, Stamford, CT, Processing and Distribution Center. In 2003, he was named Northeast Area manager, In-Plant Support and joined the Massachusetts Performance Cluster as lead plant manager in July 2003, overseeing operations for seven plants.

A graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, CT, Uluski’s postal career began in 1980 when he was hired as a letter sorting machine operator at the New Haven, CT, General Post Office.

  • pivoting pete

    Here we go another vice president! !!! The usps must have more ranked members than the military! !!!!!!!

  • D Ash-Shakoor

    I thought we were broke !!!! Revamp the system Good job Donahoe Now cut your salaries too and eliminate your health care plans and the PO should be solvent again Toooo Many Top managers using the internet to produce charts on how to move the mail A seasoned clerk could do the work for less DAH

  • David Snyder

    According to a government employee website, he was paid $170,357.00 a year in his previous job. Wonder how many ex- craft employee shrunken heads he has on his belt to have gotten where he is? I’ll bet he thinks he’s underpaid.

  • Tampa Steve

    At that salary he can afford the deluxe knee pads.

  • brian

    I worked with Rick in a previous life, and I always found him to be a decent person- I never worked FOR him, so I don’t know how he is to work for- maybe someone from Connecticut can tell us. Having said that, the real question is why do we need all these AVP’s and District Managers? There is no logistical reason why we can’t shrink to 3 or 4 areas, and do away with the districts altogether. Support personnel can be located anywhere- whether it’s Washington or Eagan, or somewhere else. If you need to have POOMs to supervise postmasters, just domicile them in any USPS facility in the area they supervise- no need for district offices- a cubicle at the local plant should do nicely. Have them report to someone at the Area. Donahoe might salvage some shred of credibility with postal workers if he at least made an attempt to shrink the top heavy bureaucracy.

  • M. Jamison

    Brian, your comments are directly on point. All of the various changes at District and Area levels have been little more than window dressing. HR is national, Accounting is essentially national, as is purchasing and other functions. If the general management structure of the organization is going to remain rigidly top down then most of these interim levels are simply extraneous.
    They talk constantly about the productivity gains achieved by automation but the current management structures don’t begin to take advantage of any efficiencies that are gained by better information technology and automated systems. I certainly don’t agree with the management theories they utilize but the fact remains the structures in place are completely inconsistent with what Headquarters management claims are their corporate goals.

  • retired vet

    Why does the USPS have 30 vice presidents and the Umited Staes only has 1? FIRE THESE VP’S NOW!!! If you do nto touch mail, 75% if them need fired!

  • mailman68

    Hey this very impotent person has 30years w/the service,make him retire!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gruntled

    We had the “pleasure” of being on the receiving end of this man’s work when he was plant manager in Stamford. Another suckup/screwup being promoted way beyond his capabilities. He must have screwed something up really bad to get such a promotion!
    I agree with others here. We don’t need all these stinkin’ bureaucrats who have no real function other than to scream at their subordinates on a telecon.

  • the darp

    Another North East Area VP? This makes the 3rd in about a year. The system is splitting asunder from top heavy management, ridiculous demands and do nothing details that replace previously re-organized and abolished positions. Management should be focused on developing a reporting system that reflects the needs and structure. It requires top management to really think hard and strategically, and that could be a first.

    Time to change most of the top tier – with people qualified to lead.