APWU Calls on Issa to Correct Misstatements

APWU President Cliff Guffey has called on Rep. Darrell Issa R-CA to correct inaccurate statements he made on Washington Journal, a public affairs program that airs on C-SPAN. “I am sure you will agree with me that it is important to conduct the discussion about how to help the Postal Service through its financial difficulties on the basis of actual facts, not misstatements,” Guffey wrote on Sept. 23 [PDF].

In an interview with Greta Brawner that aired on Sept. 20, Rep. Issa, the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, responded to the assertion that the Postal Service no other federal agency or private company is required to pre-fund health care benefits for future retirees by saying, “That’s disingenuous. Private firms all pre-fund. We have a law.”

Guffey’s letter said, “In fact, there is no law requiring other agencies or private companies to pre-fund the health care benefits of future retirees.” Without these payments, the Postal Service would have accumulated a surplus over the past four fiscal years, he noted.

The letter pointed out that a November 2010 report by the Postal Service Office of the Inspector General found that the federal government does not pre-fund at all and neither do many Fortune 1000 companies. Among the Fortune 1000 companies that pre-fund, the average level is 28 percent, the OIG reported. If the Postal Service were simply required to pre-fund retiree health benefits at a 30 percent level, it would have a surplus in its retiree health benefits fund of $9.2 billion, the OIG concluded.

“We hope you will correct your misstatement,” Guffey wrote.

Rep. Issa is the author of H.R. 2309, a bill that the APWU has labeled a “reckless assault on postal service and postal employees.” The bill does not address the pre-fund requirement, nor does it address overpayments by the Postal Service to the Federal Employees Retirement System and the Civil Service Retirement System. The bill was passed by the House Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, U.S. Postal Service and Labor Policy on Sept. 21 in a party-line vote. The full committee is expected to consider the bill on Oct. 5.

via APWU Calls on Rep. Issa to Correct Misstatements.

  • Tampa Steve

    In regards to Mr. Issa correcting his statements……you can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which hand is filled first. He should be in jail.

  • J C

    Issa has one agenda. To put all full time employees out of work and rehire the same amount of part timers with no benefits. When he is done with the usps he will work his way down the line until the whole country is working for peanuts. BE SCARED VERY SCARED if he gets his way

  • larry

    Cliff not misstatements. Tell it like it is Lies.

  • reagan

    Why lay off I am a letter carrier that missed the early out by 3 weeks last round, and I am still waiting 2 years for a early out I will go, hope I dont have to wait 4 more years until I retire for an early out!!!!!!!!

  • Joe North

    Let this third world country asshole continue on. He will regret this. His day of reconing is coming when he least expects it.

  • Mark

    If any USPS employee thinks he/she can trust Issa, his republican cronies and the tea party, you are really in a secluded world of your own and should be ashamed to even think that you can trust him/them. Shame on the people of California for voting Issa into office in the first place. HR 1351 is the answer to the USPS problem

  • ZACK

    Who took a crap in Issa’s cherios? This guy obviously has a deep seated hatred for the USPS. What is his deal? I can’t figure out what the USPS ever did to him to hate so much. It’s like the guy has “road rage” or something. Some letter carrier must have cut him off years ago, and he is still pissed.

  • Social Security supplement

    FERS began Jan 1984.Fast forward the 30 years required to retire and you arrive at Jan 2014 at which point retiring FERS employees will receive over $700/month for the SS Supplement until they reach age 62.The USPS and the OPM do not intend us to receive it!!! That explains the 2006 5.5 billion dollar prefunding requirement designed to bankrupt us before Jan2014 S well as the recent white papers submitted to congress asking to remove us from the FERS in which case we would not receive the SS Supplement.

  • Issa conflict of interest

    Perhaps Issa is in bed with the Direct Marketing Association who produce all the junk mail and set their own rates in the closed door junk mail rates meeting they conduct with the USPS. Someone should investigate how much issa’s been getting paid for his destructive services

  • clerk

    Lies,lies and more lies!!

  • HMMMmmm…

    Sounds to me like Issa is in it for himself. He probably has a plan to take over some portion of the PO when he gets his way. He is as big a crook as any of them and maybe bigger than most. Don’t you people be fooled by the party lines. There are plenty of these so called country men/women that has been elected to work for the American People but only work for themselves.

    It doesn’t take long to become a thief when you run with thieves.

    If we don’t replace all of the people in DC then we don’t change a thing!

  • dave

    APWU can’t expect Issacrook to recant what he said that would be truth and he doesn’t know anything being truthful. Why he works for Congress and it doesn’t work that way.

  • Coach

    Once again I say…FOLLOW THE MONEY! Darrell, my family has ties to terrorist organizations, Issa is backed and financed by individuals who would profit greatly by the demise of the USPS.