Issa's amended bill reverses RIF rules, would lay off most senior postal workers first

Darrell Issa, the self-appointed “watchdog” of the US Postal Service, today introduces new provisions in his so-called “reform” act that would reverse existing RIF rules, forcing the most senior postal workers to be laid off first. Issa’s bill had already included provisions throwing out collective bargaining rights, saddling the USPS with up to $10 billion in additional debt, and creating two new federal bureaucracies to “oversee” the USPS.

The new provision requires the USPS to RIF all retirement eligible employees prior to laying off any workers not yet eligible for a pension, and to RIF the most senior of them first:

(ii) GENERAL RULE.—A reduction in force under this subsection shall not result in the separation of any non-retirement-eligible employee before a retirement-eligible employee.

(iii) LENGTH OF SERVICE.—In determining the order for the separation of competing retirement-eligible employees, individuals shall be separated in descending order based on length of service.

The law would also prohibit severance payments for such employees, who would also be forbidden from being reemployed by the USPS as long as a non-retirement eligible person was available. The revised RIF pecking order would apply only to bargaining unit employees.

Issa will introduce his amended bill at a meeting of his oversight committee this afternoon. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 1:30 EDT, and will be streamed live.

9-21-2011 “Subcommittee on Federal Workforce & U.S. Postal Service Business Meeting”.

Issa Amended Bill

  • scott

    we should adopt this idea for Congress, and when any congressman or senator hits 60, they are OUT. and we can keep circulating new blood and new ideas into the bodies running this country

  • Frank Auer

    Things we could never conceive of happening just might.

  • BM

    Out with the old,in with the NEW.

  • wjtiii

    I have no doubt that this man positively HATES every single postal worker that ever drew breath. Just what did the postal service do to this guy to earn his everlasting enmity?

  • Double

    This is another stupid idea from Darrell Issa. He must stay awake at night thinking of ways to out stupid himself. Thanks for all your years of service and dedication postal service employees, not hit the road. What an idiot!

  • mike

    Ha…..ha…ha……..ha——–lol…ha…ha……ha…..your too funny issa. Your cracker me up. I can’t stop laughing. Lol…ha,ha ha,. Please stop-people are watching you. You know how silly you sound. From an over fifty carrier. Mike.

  • tom

    This is an assault on our american freedoms.

  • Kris

    Is it only unionized postal seniors who are under attack, or seniors in general?

  • mike

    As we would say in office. “Next” I just can’t stop laughing. Lol.

  • Steve

    Issa is such a Weiner!

  • JOE

    I would like to see if we the people can file a class action law suit against our incompetent congressmen and senators for stealing the post office funds. I have worked for the USPS FOR 27 YEARS and I would be damned if I would let these beauratic idiots run my business…

  • Gena

    It’s ashame that Issa has nothing better to do that to kill out the retirees. We have worked hard to get to this point to have a man like Issa come in and throw it all away. Who do you think you are. OBAMA, take a stand and stop this man. Our country is in enough tremor with the economic and jobs for this man to hurt us even more. What’s so sad is that Issa has no idea how the Postal Service even runs. He is all LIES, just wants to hurt the job industry even more that what it all ready is.

  • Yoshi

    I love the fact that he has the balls to put Except management.

  • Danny


    I am going to assume that Issa was too dumb to pass the postal exam thus his desire to shut it down.

  • Curtis

    Not worth the paper it’s written on.

  • willie ocasio

    why in the world people vote for this man to be a congressman? Is he for real, or a union hater, disfuntional person. He made himself rich by stealing from others. He should look in the mirror and place a chip to do better for others or shoot himself. thanks



  • gregg moore

    One almost wonders, when “someone” has such a hatred for something(USPS), that “someone” has big skeletons in their closet. Or maybe that “someone’s” bank account is about to get quite a bit larger in the near future.




  • Steely

    Who died and made jackass Issa boss?

  • Aleman

    Note that non-craft employees are exempted, in other words this doors not affect management

  • Informed American

    Don’t worry craft folks, Issa is out to destroy all the USPS, and that includes Postmasters. He made the statement he’s visited a small office. EAS -22, which is not small in Rural America. He worth $220 Million, so maybe he bought his job. Californians, please, do the nation a service and elect someone else from your district. Hurry.
    He can’t be a uninformed (dumb) as he appears. watch out he’s been convicted of “carrying consealed” and has been arrested for car thieft, so that should tell you something about his character.

  • Constance

    Is this guy nuts?

  • greg

    How about all congressman and women and senators be forced to retire at retirement age. Issa, you proposals have no merit. To even submit this on forcing Postal workers to retire is absurd.Rethink this Issa, you look like a fool !

  • mike

    I am still laughing. Lol.

  • Oldschool

    Our budgets are based on our incomes. Getting rid of the senior employees who have mortgages, car payments etc., would bankrupt the country! Get real Assa, you’re a complete idiot!!!

  • big dog

    how this man ever made it to a position as high as a senator is beyond belief. he hates the p.o and i bet he hates himself. if there is anyone thats needs to be laid off it is him. god help us if his bill gets passed. we will all be looking for a job.i bet he has a very large bank account.

  • andre

    just where does this govt leach get his ideas?

  • cb

    They need to lock this guy up before he starts a war here in the US. He has to be a nut case.

  • Keith Alston

    Issa’s plan to force out older workers is most probably a violation of current law regarding age discrimination. Our Unions need to get their legal departments involved in this.
    Issa’s actions regarding the mailing industry should also be scrutinized. He seems to be a little bit too concerned about the Post Office; probably setting up a deal for one of his cronies. Since Mr. Issa seems to know so much, he could post a blog and call it “Ask Issa”. (just don’t say it too quick; someone may get the wrong idea.)

    Keefy, retired APWU

  • Lily

    I think Issa is a transhuman.

  • Charlie

    Issa must have flunked the entrance test when he was younger

  • zena

    His goal is to make it a part time job with no benefits. We need to strike and then throw him out there on the street delivering mail or running a flat sorter and see how well it goes for him. Damn that no strike clause. If they bust our contract I say we do it.

  • adam

    Age discrimination, what a lawsuit that would be.

  • Proud Product of the USA

    Who does Issa think he is “God Almighty”? Where does he come up with this stuff. I stand in total amazement that americans of the United States would elect such a person. He clearly has a hatred for working class and elderly americans. What’s next Issa an atack on the children of the world?

  • JT

    I hope the American people are not as stupied as some congressmen think they are!

  • Gregg

    Issa is slapping the face of every single USPS employee with this kind of bulls*** proposal.Did his mommy and daddy abuse him when he was younger??Why does he have so much hatred for the USPS?? Was his welfare check delivered late?? My guess is his medicine was late!! He still has not recieved it!!Clowns like this come and go.Darrell,please take into consideration the many hard working employees who have dedicated much of their lives to the USPS.Most career employees earn about $53,000 a year.What is your salary?? Nuff said,LOSER!!

  • travis

    I have a feeling that issa’s wife was cheating on him with the mailman.

  • BAM

    I don’t know WTF this guy smokes that makes him think like an idiot but I never want any of it.

  • Miked49

    2012 slogan for the GOP – We must repeal the 20th century!
    Issa’s all smoke and no fire. Look at the many calls for “investigations” he has made for Democratic politicians. Any BS amendment for a reverse RIF may pass the house, but will be conveniently disposed of by the time it gets to the
    Senate. He’s a bully!!

  • Isaac Cox

    Issa has accomplished something here that he was hoping to do, and that is to piss a lot of you off and make you upset. For him, that counts as the first victory.
    I don’t know how many postal employees actually dig deeper than these short news items on these postal info sites, but apparently not very many. If you did, you’d know that Issa’s plans don’t have much traction with other members of Congress. Perhaps a few members and a few of his ideas, but overall he is nothing to worry about.
    If any of the recent Washington beaurocratic plans were to be realized, I’d put my money on Obama’s recent announcement, not as-is but with a few changes, as the Republicans won’t just let any Democrat plan pass through without challenges (and vice-versa).

  • Willis

    I know the old people get mad, but seroiusly if you been working at the post office longer than most of us have been alive, get out already. We got people using hampers as walkers! Let the younger employees with a whole life in front of them have something!

  • retired now and glad

    I don’t think they have a retirement code for “NOT OPTIONAL RETIREMENT” in USPS. I see a giant age discrimination suit in the making – cannot believe that wouldn’t have been addressed before this concept was published.

  • malman

    Willis you will be old too one day then it will be your time

  • retired now and glad

    Willis – when they can apply performance criteria across the board to management and craft I would agree getting rid of non performers vs performers. Problem is USPS has no experience actually measuring performance of their managers, supervisors, administrative or craft employees so it would be unfair. So much easier to use something concrete like age or years of service???

  • J C

    I like how this idiot makes up his own laws as he sees fit. The working people outside the po better wake up because they are next. The first thing we should do is find a law firm willing to file an age discrimination lawsuit so everyone in the country has to retire at the age he wants us to go. EVERYONE

  • John

    ….and yet he still has ONLY 1 co-sponsor…

  • Bob felechner

    It’s a sad day for the Postal Service to be exploited in this way, a proud group of people who worked in very trying conditions, to provide a service that for the most part is welcomed by the general public. In answer to “. WILLIS”, What are you smoking ???? With that attitude I’m sure you won’t begrudge the next “Willis” who feels the same way when you become older….

  • Don

    This is a dumb mean idea, but getting rid of the severance payments too is just plain evil. If you want to get rid of people you should have to pay them what they are entitled to.

  • postallady

    Can we all say — AGE DISCRIMINATION!!!! Oh what fun the lawyers would have in court over this one….and then think of all the $$$$ is back pay, interest, etc…all the senior employees would be getting. Perhaps it’s time to VOTE out every single congress and senate member that have served…and vote in anyone that never served….new members can’t do any worse than what we have now!

  • Tricky Dick

    The first ones to go should be any postal employee that voted for this POS. Then all of the other kool-aid drinkers that voted republican in the rest of the country.

  • postman

    Same story for my whole career, cut,cut,cut. How about lets compete. My postmaster from another town still living at holiday inn by the way. Costing us extra money for room and bad its not a holiday inn express maybe he would be getting smarter.

  • Gruntled

    Class warfare anyone? We the working class vs. the classholes like Issa idiot in congress.

  • Mark

    You got it gruntled. That is the goal of the Republicans and the tea party and they don’t care who they go after. They want to eliminate the middle class.

  • Nutzy

    What the fool dose not know is that MRA is 56. But for FERS A 5% penalty per year up untill you are 62 YO.So even if you are 56 minium retirement age. If you retire you loose 55% of the meger amount you will get.This is the dumbest thing ever out of A law maker.

  • mike

    This does not apply to eas people. Why the f… not.

  • jmbob

    Epic dumbass!

  • Porter BMPO

    My understanding of a Govement RIF goes something like this. Except for veterans the first to go are the junior employees, those with the least seniority are RIFed first, working up the seniority list until the required number of personel to be let go is reached. This would mean that a junior ‘veteran” employee would maintain his job over a senior “non-veteran” employee. If at the end of the first run down the target number is not reached, then the process will begin over and this time the “service connected disability” veterans take precedence over the “non-service connected disability” veterans. But if the post office wants to get us senior postal workers to retire, give us a full retirement and a minimum of one years pay, tax free. You will see us clear this damn company out.

  • Dave

    Issa isa assa

  • Michael JONES

    When WE are replaced with new younger less pay workers will the cost for postage come down? OR DOES THE BUCK STOP AT THE TOP?

  • rlc

    This will subject the Postal Service and others to lawsuits for violation of the civil rights laws and age discrimination. Others meaning Darryl Issa.

  • pamela

    I am truly trying to remain sane in all this madness. Is he the reason why Calif. is so fragile right now? Who voted this predator in? I have one question for U how much respect does he or his party have for the working class an poor people. Damn it let’stand up an be counted don’t take this lying down. This is Gaddafi”s brother.

  • Martha Focker

    Issa must be thrown out the door NOW!!! What a freak!

  • brian

    Porter BMPO – I don’t think you’re following along with us- Issa is proposing to enact a law that says senior retirement eligible postal workers get laid off first. It’s A LAW. It doesn’t matter what the rules are for pecking orders for veterans, or how much you expect to get as a bonus incentive- under Issa’s bill, senior postal employees would simply be given their notice- period. No bumping (since the senior people would be the first, not the last to go), no severance pay, just whatever you’re entitled to as a CSRS or FERS annuity. When you enact a law, it doesn’t matter what rules or laws existed previously!

  • me-262

    nutzy, there is no penalty if you have 30 years at age 56.

  • R Av

    After reading all of the comments. I can understand why the usps is in the downward spiral. The cushy job is now gone for ALL OF YOU. The usps is no longer needed and what it is needed for; can be done for much cheaper in the private sector. All of you need to do for yourselves issa favor and take some classes at your local community college (something you enjoy), revent yourself and dont fight the inevitable. It takes to much energy and life is short and your worth way more than the price of fighting it cuz it aint worth it.Its done and the class war will continue with the rich continuing to win

  • Pat

    As a 56 yr old FERS, I would get $900 a month. (28 (I am penalized 5% for every year under 62.) That is not what I signed up for, to be let go early to save the PO from paying the rest of my pension. (It would go up to about $1300 at 62.) This is criminal. My CSRS would not be penalized, and I would have close to $2500 if forced out. The government is lying to us who have switched to FERS if they pull the rug out on half our pensions as we reach the last leg of our career.

  • Fox

    Everyone read Issa’s profile on Wiki. This guy shouldn’t be in congress.

  • Lily

    Hey R AV Goon:

    1. Hardest working people in world:

    2. They’re robbed of up to 75 Billion dollars in severe

    3. They watch over elderly, keep eye out for police for
    robbers, stay calm after events like 9/11, and deliver
    mail after Katrina when govt. is in a tizzy over it. They
    are the best and you are the worst?

  • Mark

    This can and will work. Think about it, if u r a carrier and your office has 10 carriers eligible to retire and they go then you move up on the seniority list 10 places. For those who may have to leave, well what r u still doing there, waiting for an incentive. Good luck cause the po doesn’t have the money to offer a buyout so this is the most cost effective way to eliminate jobs. I wouldn’t be surprised if Issa cowrote this legislation with the help of the PMG. Let’s face it the PO needs to make some changes or IT will become insolvent soon.

  • fast eddie

    Hey R Av you really think UPS or Fedex will deliver anything anywhere for 44 cents???

  • Bob

    Issa must have been high or drunk when this popped into his screwed up little brain! If this is the quality thinking thats representing us, God help the future. These guys have been selling line of BS about the Post Office and people are buying it; if you tell someone a lie enough they’ll start to believe it as the truth; come on lets start seeking genuine facts and stop letting other people tell us what we should think.
    I’ll end this with a quote that everyone should think about “Always Love Your Country, Never Trust Your Government”.

  • kram

    Issa is a multi millionaire who is trying to make a name for himself, just like that gov or whatever from Wisconsin. He really has no consideration for anyone or anything else and he doesn’t care. If he really wanted to help, he would have to throw out his bill and start over. Look at his face. Would you trust that man? He and all his republican and tea party cronies want to eliminate unions and the middle class. But, his bill shouldn’t get through the Senate, unless the senators that were put in office with the help of the common man turn their backs on them. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen

  • Gary

    The Republicans just passed Issa’s plan in the senate, which tells me, none of them know right from wrong. The reversal of terms we were hired under is improper and discriminatory for the older employees. The man has proven to be a heartless and cowardly lowlife. Our expectations have been reversed midstream. I’m not a big fan of Obama however, I will vote Democratic just to spite the idiots in the Republican party. They are not smart enough to represent working Americans. This is just another indication of how broken our system is. God help us all. Don’t forget our strife at election time. I’m not a craft employee but, what’s wrong is wrong.

  • No-No

    When they repeal the age discrimination law. Do I smell class action or what?

  • honest american

    to Mr. Issa, I have never stolen a car or have been arrested in my life…but you have.. and now you want to steal my job and livelihood …I do not have a net worth of $300 million as you do, but I do have 300 million times more integrity & honesty than you. Perhaps, you might consider doing some introspective reflection.

  • Robert

    Are we looking at another Libya? Yes we are in class warfare.
    The peasants are starting to wake up. The rich are dictating how this country is ran. No longer a democracy, in essence we have a dictatorship.

  • KC

    It is HIGHLY suggested that all USPS workers, Teachers, Firemen, Police Officers and their family members never vote for another Republican again. There is no doubt, the Republicans are trying to eliminate the middle class and for a total dictatorship to rule America! God help us all!

  • postallady

    I got it….HOW to FIX the USPS!

    Any EAS employee with 20 yrs service or 50 yrs old:

    1) Change the 1991 (I think that was the yr) law that limited buy outs to $25K. Most fortune 500 companies offer 1 yrs salary. Oh and give it to them all at once – not over years.

    2) Start at the top – EAS – give 2 months work credit for every year in serve. Fortune 500 companies give employees anywhere from 2 to 5 year service credit for buyouts.

    3) Elminate any type of penalty to retire early. After all it’s upper mgt. that wants them out.

    4) Change the law so the Soc. Security bridge would start immediately with NO penalty.

    5) Give them the option of 100% payment for SL or to be added to time in service (added to time in service is currently offered – at lower than 100% until 2013).

    Stand back and watch the flood gates open and a MASS exit of EAS employees.

  • brian

    Isn’t it amazing how many postal employees who are close to retirement age think that the obvious solution to the USPS’s problems is to give a gigantic retirement bonus to people like themselves? It;s especially funny when the subject is EAS employees, since they have no protection against layoffs- why should the USPS offer you tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to entice you to leave when all they have to do is RIF you, for free?

  • Dan Miller

    This bill must include forcing all members of the senate and congress to retire after one term and over 55 years of age.

  • jeff

    hey issa i have a better idea why dont you just line up the old people and push em off a cliff. how does someone with a pompous ass as big as yours even sit down

  • connietal

    While we are forcing federal employees to retire, how about the supreme court justices – they have jobs until they die!