Congressmen Cummings and Lynch to Announce Innovative Legislation to Return USPS to Profitability

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Tomorrow, Ranking Member Elijah E. Cummings and Congressman Stephen Lynch, Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, U.S. Postal Service and Labor Policy, will hold a press conference to announce comprehensive legislation to fundamentally change the Postal Service’s business model to cut costs and increase revenue.

Their bill, the Innovate to Deliver Act of 2011 (I2D Act), meets the Postal Service’s financial challenges by implementing reforms in three core areas: profitability, personnel, and performance. The bill includes provisions to allow the Postal Service to function more like a business and reduce the restrictions that have hindered its ability to respond effectively to a changing market.

The Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, U.S. Postal Service and Labor Policy Business will also hold a business meeting tomorrow to markup postal legislation.

WHAT: Press Conference with Representatives Elijah E. Cummings and Stephen F. Lynch to Discuss the Innovate to Deliver Act of 2011 (I2D Act)

WHEN: Wednesday, September 21 from 12:00 – 12:30 p.m.

WHERE: 441 Cannon House Office Building

DIAL- IN: Phone Number: (712) 775-7400 Passcode: 698340#

via Ranking Members Cummings and Lynch to Announce Innovative Legislation to Return Postal Service to Profitability.

  • cpttuna

    Hi,my name is _____. I’m from the government and I’m here to help.

  • rep

    If they cut Saturday delivery a lot of people will be out of work or will have their hours cut so much they will have too leave. I don’t think the President realizes how many jobs will be lost!

  • james C.

    Employees having bidding rights, & can also transfer to other crafts or postal facilities. The loss of a particular job does not mean the loss of employment. I had lost an MPLSM job back when, but bid to other jobs as time went on, now with almost 32 years seniority. The language is important, & should not scare people.

  • truth

    To rep – what is ‘a lot of people’? And if the President doesn’t know, do you know, how many jobs will be lost?

    Don’t post nonsense without the facts.

  • RIF’d

    Those who lose jobs can go to work for UPS and FEDEX. Without the USPS, they will have to deliver all of their own packages, which means a whole lot more vehicles and employees.

  • mike

    If the prez is serious about this country and its people, he will find a way to ensure the post office’s dealings with all its employee’s is humane. Not just out on the streets like the post office wants to do. Let’s hope and pray, we shal see. the best to everyone.

  • George Cantstandya

    Actually cutting Saturday is the best thing they can do. Post office has been very shorthanded carriers. The way I see it; If they do not cut Saturday, they will lose everyday. If need be have some early outs. Very simple. It makes no sense to waste money and precious fuel for a day of mail delivery not needed.

  • Nutzy

    Let them run it like A buisness LOL This is how you run A SERVICE into the ground.As has been done.First move is get A PMG that has A clue.

  • micki

    no one realizes that USPS is self sustaining and uses no tax dollars but that congress just keeps taking all its profits and calls it ” prefunding retiree benefits”.

  • Bigwheel

    To fix this problem-

    They are no good for America.

  • Aleman

    There won’t be any job losses of permanent employees by eliminating a day of delivery. The only people potentially affected will be rural subs that only work Saturday. We’re already understaffed in carriers, mailhandlers and even automation clerks and cutting a day out of the week, will only allow us to be more fully staffed. Who knows, it might even lead to slightly better if slower service.

  • Paul

    No matter what the Dems purposes, the republicans(issa & ross) is going to shot down, just another fight.

  • dory

    james c.: where r we to go? is there somewhere to go where we r not at the bottom of the seniority list and wont get excess again and again? Is there any openings anywhere? I hav 33 yrs in. My plant is probably going to close, it is up for review. If I transfer I will be at the bottom of the list. 54, not old enough to retire, getting close though. I dont think there r very many if any openings anywhere, at least not till they start consolidation. If I do get a job at Grand Rapids, thats where they will consolidate r mail to, from Lansing Mi., it will probably going to be a 30 hr a week job. That seems to be the way it is going. Do U hav any better suggestions, or r there really none that would help?

  • rick

    As a sub…I don’t just work Saturday. I cover there vacation,sick leave…those holidays after days they hate so much..I cover other towns where there are no subs.. who are they going to get to fill in for the carriers when they take the only normal day away from us? Do you think we are going to wait months on end for a carrier to take time off?

  • Charlie

    I too am a sub…I have worked many different routes, for many different carriers. Vacations and yea those crappy holidays where a Tuesday is horrible..sick leave and family emergency keeps them away…I’ve delivered packages on christmas day…no benefits, no accumulated time off or sick leave.. if Saturday must be cut, so be it…do what you must but, don’t be surprised when the full time people begin to strain because there is no one to cover for them…

  • Charlie

    And…I buried a brother in 09…week of the ice storm..was called in the next day..carrier couldn’t get out…buried a sister last december and was called in the next day because a carrier was ill..not complaining really, just showing that we subs are or was considered needed

  • Cincy Boy

    Bonehead Congress takes our Money then they take our jobs!!!!!! What gives them that Power??? Someone plz tell us ??? Quit using the USPS as a “cash-cow” you Idiots !!!!!!!

  • susan

    The post office needs to clean up its act by providing uniformly good customer service, accurately metering at the counter, scanning for signature, awarding based on employee performance and innovations. Cutting Saturday delivery will not only eliminate more jobs, but eliminate one of the most important ways that the P.O. can compete against UPS and FedEx. It’s a mistake. The focus needs to be on making the P.O. more efficient, not on cutting back services.