APWU Board Approves Dues Assessment to Support Media Campaign

Vowing to continue to do “everything in our power to prevent the destruction of the Postal Service,” the APWU National Executive Board has approved a special dues assessment on Sept. 20 that will begin in Pay Period 21-2011 and continue through Pay Period 18-2012. Career APWU members will be assessed $1 per pay period; Postal Support Employees will be assessed 50 cents per pay period.

The purpose of the special assessment is to support the union’s ongoing legislative and media campaign to protect APWU-represented workers and defend postal service to the American people.

“These efforts are costly, but they are absolutely necessary,” APWU President Cliff Guffey said. “The debate in Washington over the solution to the USPS financial crisis will have a profound effect on our members. We must do everything we can to ensure that the Postal Service survives, along with our jobs. We cannot allow misguided legislators – or USPS management – to dismantle the Postal Service.”

Locals that wish to assume pay the assessment for their members must notify the APWU Secretary-Treasurer in writing. The assessment expires at the 2012 National Convention, which could vote to extend it.

via Executive Board Approves Dues Assessment.

  • BM

    We are going by the way of the Big Auto Three???

  • Steve

    Surely each of us can afford a Buck each pay period. Skip a candy bar out of the vending machine one day a week and quit complaining. They are going to Vegas for training and strategy seminars to defend you. Step up and be a steward or be quiet, cupcake.

  • cb

    Steve, It’s not that you can’t afford a buck. It’s time to stop having these high dollar conventions that is payed by union members. All the free drinks. When does it stop.

  • Jack

    Union dues pay for those trips to Vegas, maybe cancel one of those type events before taking more dues money. Have the local branches limit the number of attendees until this is all settled. Circle the wagons, but not at this cost. $1 for 24 pays, times roughly 200,000 members is in the neighborhood of $4.8 million. I can understand the urgency, but be smart about disseminating information, maybe postpone the convention and save some money that way.

  • Dennis

    How can non-APWU members contribute? Maybe if there was a listing, others would donate to this worthly cause.

  • pelican

    deleted all my posts well try deleteing my letter gettin g out you arsholes

  • pelican

    special meeting members should ahve a special meeting firein you uslesss jacoffs sold us out for for crap healt plan

  • pelican

    vegas its a drunk fest up your s has nothing to do with a buk u suk thats all there is to it

  • pelican

    no lay off for a heaqlth plan now special meting , maybe members should have a special meeting to fire you incompetent arses 29 years abolished tues wends off no 40 hours bids up no raises for to years and you rectum heads want a buk a pay period u reallyn suk this one will cost u i hoestly think you are purposly trying to runnin the union and let managem,ent take over 80 years ago union would give mobney to familys while on strike to work a 40 hour week up yours special meetin

  • pelican

    the positive post s are coming from paqid guffey people thats all i can figure no way idiopts think liukethis

  • fvratt1

    Steve, Have you ever heard of video conferencing? Hello? It’s 2011!!! Wasting our hard earned $$$ on one hour of training each day in Vegas then partying!!!

  • pelican

    when you guys had this SPECIAL metting did you all agree to this was there discussion or what or was guffey in a room by himself jacin offf

  • pelican

    im sic im bald im old and im feed up and im out thansk guffey for screin us over

  • sliver

    Pelican, you talk about Vegas being a drunk fest – read your posts here man!

    Seriously, what’s a dollar a pay period when i might help you keep your job??

  • joe m

    Why don’t the APWU set up on there site an area for people to check out there retirement options before they decide. It would of helped me before I retired. Joe.

  • pelican

    Im abol;ished tour 1 tues wends off with 29 service lose my job i don’t care at this point special meeting i can’t believe that many voted for this pos contract lost all faith thats all

  • Oldschool

    Union dues should cover this without an increase. When is it going to stop. Keep out of my pockets!!!

  • Steve

    Instead of all of you little girls whining about the union, get involved. Make a difference instead of depending on others to save your sorry asses. What a pathetic lot, do you even comprehend the concepts of solidarity or a union? As long as you’re happy it’s screw everyone else.

  • Steve

    Lead, follow or get the hell outta the way