• carl williams

    This is embarrassing to me as a retired Postal employee. This poor jerk doesn’t realize that his job depends on the revenue his office takes in because he’s too worried that his clerk will end up on overtime to process the parcels.
    What an idiot!
    I hope the customer is not blaming the clerk for her dumb boss and his rude behavior. He can talk quietly and calmly and he is still rude to the customer. BTW, the customer DOES pay his salary. The USPS gets NO money from the Federal Government. It all comes from the revenue it takes in. I’m embarrassed.

  • whatthef@#k

    Is there any wonder why the Post office is so much trouble?He took up more time then it took for her mail her packages. They don’t want to service the customers. This manager is the typical idiot at the post office chasing customers away to fedex and ups and running the PO into the ground. The clerk probably called him because she didn’t want to do HER JOB. Why doesn’t the manager help out at the window? I’ve been in post offices where the guy helping me out was the post master.

  • ConcernnedCitizen

    There is more to this situation than what the woman is reporting. This is SO ONE SIDED! How about we get the whole story. And, then she ends the video with a FU Finger. That alone tells me alot about the customer. And that thing about her saying she comes in at 4pm and 5pm…hmmm. Sometimes the Post Office has just one day where they extend the hours during the week. Or, did she go to another Post Office at the last minute, too. Making some other workers life miserable. Also, the government does not subsidise the Post Office with Tax Dollars. Check that one out if you aren’t lazy. Just had to throw that one point in. Enough of this. I am sure we will not hear all the facts. Life is not perfect and with all the cut backs, she should be grateful she can still walk down to her local post office and it’s still open…but not for very much longer if some self rightous politicians have it their way. Lets wait to see that one play out.

  • racerx

    Unbelievable. As a former Postmaster, I’ve seen this type of behavior more than I like to admit. Obviously, the manager is a position he shouldn’t be in.

  • soontogo

    its sad but this is the design to close the postal service. stop giving service and decrease the revenue. this is what your republican corporate machine has been pushing for.

  • brian

    ConcernnedCitizen: maybe you’re not familiar with how businesses like this work, but most of them spend their working hours getting stuff ready to ship, and at the end of the workday take it to the PO. Sorry if that inconveniences you, but that’s the business we’re in, I suppose if you managed a supermarket and someone wheeled a shopping cart loaded with a couple hundred dollars worth of groceries up to the checkout at closing time, you’d tell them to put the stuff back and come back tomorrow?

  • El Perro

    Click and Ship with Carrier pickup

  • I am ashamed

    I am ashamed to be a part of the usps after seeing this. This is why the public hates the postal service. I am a letter carrier, in the denver area, and I hope this would never happen at our station, but it would not surprise me if it did. I know it does not mean much but I am sorry that this idiot represents the USPS, it does not reflect all of us. I take pride in my customers.

  • two digit miget

    This is what Micro Mangement does to todays Managers.You are not allowed to think on your own. You just worry about getting in trouble with your boss or DM.
    As a currnt Postmaster, it seems that they have had an issue with this customer before. Why wouldn’t you try to get her to do customer pickup. Have a carrier swing buy and pick this mail up. We would make her happy and not loose her business. Maybe have a business connect Rep stop by her business and see what else we can do for her. That would keep her off the line at the end of the day and not effect other customers in the lobby or delay the trucks.(God forbid you delay a truck or fail a wait time in line shop)

  • Soon2BUnemployed

    I am a letter carrier in the NE and this here is exactly what I’ve been preaching for some time.. MANAGEMENT is killing this company.. the promotion process for the USPS is the worst thing I have ever seen, In my office the 2 most junior employees are also supervisors.. they have a job experirnce factor of nothing. The people who make all these major decisions for this company either jump into managment after doing the actual job for a short time caue they can’t hack it or have only actually touched mail in any form at their own mailboxes. It’s a shame.. my own postmaster is concerned more about their tee time than how their office is run. I hope somebody steps in and does a better job of assessing what the real problems with this business are.

  • gerry

    hey concerned citizen, your last name isnt Ross or Issa is it? your just an idiot like them. doesnt matter what time it was, if the window was open she should get good service. that idiot should be fired.

  • cpttuna

    The PMG should be shown the door for this kind of service happening on his watch.

  • Keithmiller

    You’ve got to be kidding me! Turning away business, and the Post Office is in the red? How did this moron of a person become a supervisor? Oh wait, I just answered my own question! We need to weed out all of these so called supervisors, and let the workers take care of business.

  • John

    Guess this is what you call equal opportunity treatment. I am glad I got out when I did. Does he value his job?

  • Seeing Red

    A contract office employee wouldn’t treat a customer this way. Maybe post office counter positions should be contracted.

  • james

    lets hear both sides before making a decision.i have had my problems with the usps also.heres a few questions i have to ask.why dont she come in earlier instead of the last minute? why dont she use click and ship online do it herself and have the carrier pick it up? yes i agree they need to cut the fat with management.

  • Veteran Carrier

    This USPS employee is “Miss Manners” compared to Supervisor of “Customer DIS-Service” in our office! I hope this video made its way to the Regulatory Commission, Congress, the President, and the incompetent, self-centered postal unions. It can serve as an example of the true problem of the USPS, which is the layers of misguided, unqualified, irresponsible, and wasteful
    managers making a fortune in salaries and benefits compared to those of us on the front lines. The City Carriers, like myself, TRULY serving customers face-to-face, each and every day, sorting hundreds and thousands of letters and packages then walking and driving miles through incredible traffic and lately terrible weather, delivering the mail with a smile, a kind word, and hopefully a good laugh now and then to help us cope.

  • Mike

    I worked for the USPS for 32 yrs and this is a disgrace. That manager should be fired and out the door. ID the unit involved and I’ll write the PMG myself.

  • brian

    If your sign says you’re open until 5PM or whatever, then you should expect to serve any customers who get there by 5PM. It’s not as if she was backing a tractor trailer up to the dock! I don’t know of any other businesses in this economy that turn away business because it’s too inconvenient. If you need to have an earlier deadline because of transportation or whatever, there should be a clear policy and it should be posted in the lobby. This is not rocket science. The more business we turn away, the quicker we’re OUT of business!

  • Keithmiller

    Yes James, she does have other options, like FedEx,UPS, and others wanting to take our business. The Post Office should never, ever, turn away a paying customer. You sound like a typical management type. See you in the unemployment line!

  • Chris

    They don’t care. You should see the post office here in the weeks before Christmas. The line snakes around 3 or 4 times and out the door. There are 6 stations available, but only 2 clerks working, sometimes one. Oh, and a supervisor who encourages customers to use the machine. What kind of business turns away customers?

  • rick

    This is a total lack of professionalism the supervisor should immediately be fired and replace with a employee that actually wants to help the customer. As far as the other clerk she should want to do her job cause guess what she may not have a job to long do to closures. This is why we (the usps) are in the shape we are in now. Hope to retain this customer. We need more like her.

  • john

    We need the business! Who is this Monroeville clerk anyway. Is he a supervisor or a clerk. What part of “We need the money” don’t you understand! We’re on the ropes and this is not good PR. Why not just tell this good customer where the fedex and UPS shipping locations are, as for sure that is where our revenue is going.

  • gerry

    James, why doesnt she use click and ship, because she has that choice. why doesnt she come in earlier, because she has that choice. as long as that window is open she shouldnt have to worry about what time it is. this whole ordeal makes me want to puke.its just like when you go to get groceries, theres some times during the day its easier to shop than others but that doesnt mean you have to go then. bottomline, we make our wages by selling postage and we need all we can get.

  • Jole

    I suggest the customer locate the postal address and telephone number of the District Office that covers the Post Office she is having the problem with as shown in the video.

    I would suggest contacting them by written letter sent through USPS and also telephone calls to report the incident to the office of the District Manager for that area. Additionally you should be able to arrange a visit to the District Office and voice your concerns in person.

    If you wish to go further find the same information for the Regional Office and report the problem to them as well.

    At a time when USPS is ” Crying Broke ” and need all the business they can get. With all the recent press converage that USPS wants to close thousands of Post Offices, Hundreds of Processing and distributing centers, and lay off hundreds of thousands of Postal Employees because they say they are running out of money, I would think the person behind the counter in your video should be thanking you instead of discouraging you and possibly upsetting you to the point that you would choose to use United Parcel Service or FeDex for your future package shipping requirements.

    Thanks for sharing your unfortunate experience. Contact the District Managers office and / or the Regional Office and Regional manager for your area.

    Best of luck to you.

  • Franl Bove

    This sounds as if the Supv doesn’t know who pays his salary. Yes MORON she does pay your salary . The clerk in the video lets out a whooop too ! when the customer says that . Who the hell do they think pays their salaries. No customers = no revenue = no paycheck DUMMIES! Maybe this P.O. needs to be retrained!!

  • P R

    The pressure is two sided here. Postal Manager obviously pressured to close the store and avoid OT by superiors. New classification of employee requires they absolutely do not go overtime. He did take her items but how do you explain to public that your hands are tied and either way you lose. That is not publics problem. If the public only knew. Do you think this Manager will be given the blame for being put in a situation that required him to insist she come in earlier? Of course he will. It’s always that way. Don’t treat the public badly like you are treated. Dehumanize us to the point that we don’t even know how to treat our customers.

  • gerry

    well if the manager cant handle the pressure, dont be one. if this is the way it truly has become then im starting to get very worried.

  • mailman

    As a 27 year employee of the Post Office i to am embarrassed to see a customer treated that way. No matter what time she came in she should be treated with respect because she is paying all of our salaries.That postmaster should be fired.

  • keane

    What an idiot

  • retired vet


  • Rick

    this is exactly what the current RCE program causes, customers are not to stand in line for more than 5 minutes but if this office only has 1 clerk at the end of the day, and she brings in 10 packages , all requiring special services, then the shoppers will spend more than 5 minutes, thus the office fails the RCE shop.Compound that with the manager would love to have more clerks but due to the new POS units they have a program that tells them how many clerks they “earn” and they are not allowed to use more. I feel for the manager, but this was handled wrong, like another poster said, he was put in a position he should not have been

  • clerk

    We have a customer who regularly comes in at 5 till 5:00. we close at five. she has all foreign packages and registers not wrapped and we wait on her. sometimes 30 packages. they have cut the staff at post office windows I think because they want those village post offices instead.
    the pressure is there for the clerks because the trucks come at a certain time and all the mail has to be ready to go. Including the deposit and all the closeouts. The truck comes when it comes if your delayed from closing by a half hour and the truck comes ten minutes later…your in trouble. its a little different than a store where you may just delay someone going home. there is a truck coming on a timed schedule itself and that mail needs to be ready to go out. There is a lot of pressure when someone comes at the last minute with alot of packages. I know…I deal with it everyday. But we do not turn people away…we need their business but we do suffer from stress trying to get everyone elses mail out on the truck at the last minute.

  • NHCarrier

    This “viser”(nothing Super about him) should be immediately fired! That jerk should be opening the door for her not harassing her for yes, Paying his salary! This redneck should go! Unfortunately she will most likely get arrested for videoing on Postal Property. I am ashamed once again to be a Postal Service employee.

  • Postal Employee

    How awful for you! Certainly you have every right to come to do parcels at anytime during business hours you would like. I am so sorry you were publicly embarrassed like that.

    Call that PO and ask to speak to that person or whomever is charge that day. Be pleasant and ask for the POOM’s name (Post Office Operations Manager…the boss of the bosses for that district) and phone number. Call her or him and give them a SHORT explanation of why you are calling and direct them to watch this video.

    If they won’t tell who the POOM is or give out the number, call the Union National number to get it….that number for the NRLCA (National Rural Letter Carriers Association) is: 1-703-684-5545 and tell them you want to get in touch with the POOM who handles that PO because you were told you could not mail that many parcels at one time. Make sure the POOM gets your name and number after calling (you will not be in trouble…that PM or Supervisor will be) to let you know what to do, since you don’t want to be embarrassed again or you will just use another shipping company, such as FedEX, UPS, et.,. I work for this company. Do as I suggest and you will be able to mail your parcels with him coming out to handel you personally with a big smile. By the way, if one clerk is only and it’s a small PO, that PM is supposed to get up off his butt and handle the window also. Let the POOM know that, too!

    Hope it works out for you as I KNOW it will : )

  • mailman68

    What an absolute asshole this so called manager is.I hope the customer by-passes any higher-up postal people and takes her complaint directly to her u.s.rep/us.sen.In the meantime I hope this real dumbass gets fired ASAP.All you out there who are supporting this guy are full of crap.Just because a program is available i.e. click-n-ship,carrier pick-up,etc. doesn’t mean the customers have to use them.This is America the home of “free choice”.

  • mailman69

    Way to go PM!!, turn those paying customers away!!! You are the front line, and the carriers have to hear what jerks work at the counter. The counter is the main source of our revenue, quit turning it away.


    This is absolutely pathetic! I apologize dear, on behalf of the entire post office. This man, though totally in the wrong…is under extreme stress due to forced expectations with clerk scheduling, etc. But this does not excuse him whatsoever in regards to your situation. Since you are our regular customer…and with much appreciation for you…he should, or, a familiar clerk…should have taken the professional steps to acquaint you with our click n’ ship, or carrier pick up service…and a gentle, kind conversation to make your business, pleasant and accomodationg. He could also explain, in a kind way, that he has certain deadlines, but he should have allowed himself the way in which to handle your business, to be convenient and a pleasant transaction. I can tell you by experience…if that were me…I also am a customer, and no matter where I do business, eat, etc…I believe in customer service. I’m a person who serves the customers where I work, and look for opportunities to make their visit to our post office a good one. But at my post office, customer service is 50/50. There are some who sincerely do “care”. But you have the other half, who could care less. It angers me, when their attitudes go before the customers needs. And management typically doesn’t do jack either. Once in a blue…they may step in to correct a worker. Carriers are treated like dogs. Clerks get away with too much. And I am not partial to either. That’s just how my office is run. There is a apathy atttitude…as if, oh well…but were all going to get a big wake up call. I have always tried to treat all customers with respect, and know in my heart, that they do put the bread and butter on my plate. Please…report this violation to your nearest authority in your district. You should not be held accountable for recording it, as your a paying customer, not a employee who knows what’s in the rule book of USPS. I want to personally thank you for reporting this on here. Every worker…we all need to bond together with our attitudes, and realize, we must always do the best we can for our customers. Were customers too when we receive our mail. And this so called manager, needs to be corrected and possibly removed, to bring this type of action to a constant patron .You should be ashamed sir. My heart’s best to all of us, as were in this together now. Let’s keep the focus on our priority…the customer always comes first.

  • John Henry

    It is an internal thing that the mail has to be ready. Just as there is a cutoff time for expressmail you just explain to the customer that her packages will go out the next day. Now the five minute line requirement, well another thing which can’t be done so we pretend. Just like we pretend to clear carriers of accountable items when nobody is available because of the five minute window with one clerk

  • N.E. Fl mailman

    I’m glad we have customers who take the time to report these type incidents. Surely this problem will be taken care of and that manager will regret his dumb decision. Every business has lazy employees. My station would never turn down selling anything even if it required extra time.

  • Silvi

    I am a postal worker and this is how we as employees of the Postal Service are treated all the time by the managers. I know their under a lot of stress, but who isn’t. The managers act like their better than others, that is saying it nicely. I see why most employees go “Postal”, even if it is only in their dreams for.

  • J Kirkland

    this manager is totally wrong and has no business in a managerial position! I hope the public does have the common sense to know that the vast majority of USPS employees are calling for his dismissal!! Remember, United States Postal (Service). Not only is it our last name but it is the only thing we have to sell!!!

  • just a pound footer

    My father was a carrier and raised 3 kids with his service to the PO. I am a carrier and raised 3 more children. One works for Spirit Airlines, another serves for the US Army and the 3’rd is still in school.

    How did 2 generations are able to exists thanks to the USPS and HOW!! will the next generation, NOT MAKE IT!!!!!

    Little people make little sense and this manager, 204B will not make it to the big leagues.

    Shame is not the word to describe this, he should be working at WALMART instead of the USPS.

    Houston!!! the eagle has landed

  • realwindowclerk

    ok, first of all what time were you there when this incident occurred?
    How many packages and how many customers before and after you when you entered the line?
    The postal service wants the customer in and out less then 5 mins. If theres 1 to 3 people they staff 1 clerk. 3 to 5 they staff 2 clerks. 5 or more customers 3 clerks and the lead sales assc. or a supervisor becomes the lobby director to help move the line. The office is graded on time and service by the mystery shopper program. The manager here is wrong because he should be in the lobby helping the other customers if no other clerks are staffed. If he was in the lobby he could explain to the customers they can run thier small businesses from thier homes by paying the postage online and having the post office pickup up packages at no charge plus get discounted postaged! I didnt hear the customer say her taxes pay for his job. Her postaged pay thier salary and she is correct. What I seen before on youtube is people recording in the post office lobby and posting here. If you go into a post office on the lobby wall will be posted rules and regulations. I think the postal inspection service might see this and pay the person a visit. The supervisor here could have been nicer. my 2 cent stamp.

  • brian

    Yes, that’s the perfect postal response to a customer video of a postal employee acting like an idiot: send the Inspectors out to harass the whistle blower. You sound like you’d fit right in at the PR department at Headquarters!

  • kevin

    This manager should be terminated immediately. He does not have any skills in customer service, nor any sense. With the position that the post office is in, it does not have the opportunity to turn away customers. This is what happens when you promote people who do not have the skills for the job. This manager makes $75K plus and has no education or training other that the post office tunnel vision training.