What the wingnuts are saying about postal reform

How big has the postal “crisis” story gotten? Big enough to be covered by Red State, the fringe right wing blog. The site is best known for backing causes and candidates just slightly to the left of Adolf Hitler, but its editors apparently got wind of Darrell Issa’s crusade to pretty much eliminate the USPS, and just had to lend a hand. Their coverage begins with a copy and paste from Bill O’Reilly’s column from a couple of days ago:

the Postal Service will violate the law by not making its $5.5 billion debt payment to taxpayers for the unfunded liability of providing federal healthcare benefits to its workers

Yes, when the government tells you to cough up $5.5 billion each October to make its own budget deficit look smaller, that’s a “debt payment”! Well, I suppose it just depends on your perspective, right?

But Red State has found its postal Messiah, and His name is Issa!

Thankfully, Issa has said enough. He told his colleagues there would be no more bailouts

That statement of course, is factually correct: you can’t have “more” bailouts if you’ve never had ANY bailouts in the past, and aren’t looking for one now! But I suspect that’s not what Red State (or Issa) means. And let’s hope Red State doesn’t find out about how Darrell was in bed with the postal unions all those years, helping to pass all those so called bailouts until he realized the Koch brothers had a few billion dollars more in ready cash than the postal workers’ PACs did!

Red State also comes up with some really creative fiction describing how the USPS really, really did sort of get some money one time that must have been a bailout because, umm…, well, because:

“In 2003, Congress and USPS came up with a nifty way of disguising these bailouts. They decided that USPS had “overpaid” into the Civil Service Retirement System”

Which sorta sounds plausible if you discount the undeniable historical fact that it was the Bush Administration, not the USPS or Congress, that discovered the overpayments.

There’s more, but you probably already know the gist of it- the US Postal Service, which has been around longer than the Constitution, and is perennially named one of the most trusted organizations in the country, is inherently evil because it’s a branch of the government, and worse, pays its employees a living wage and decent benefits.

If you’d like some further insights into what the lunatic fringe is thinking, check out the next story on Red State- it’s about Michelle Bachmann and “Junk Science”! I didn’t think wingnuts liked science of any kind, but apparently they do! According to Red State:

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann actually walks around believing that vaccinating your children against diseases can make them retarded.

It’s not entirely clear whether Red State thinks this is a good thing or a bad thing…

via Darrell Issa and the Ongoing Fight Against Postal Bailouts | RedState.

  • rick

    wow get the facts and get all of them before you post what you think is really going on here. The media seems to only put out there what is going to be proseved as gloom and doom. Like i said get the true facts and then post a truthful story.

  • Bubba

    So you think Issa was vaccinated?

  • Mailer

    Step One: manufacture a crisis.

    Step Two: build a narrative to reframe the crisis

    Step Three: ???

    Step Four: profit!

    Welcome to the Class War, USPS. You’re about to lose. Congress already stole the money. Now they want your jobs, your way of life, your standard of living and your dignity.

    And you are powerless to stop them.

  • swiftd

    Just wondering what the business peeps plan to do after the USPS shutdown. Last I heard, the mailing industry (not Postal) is a $1.3 trillion business, employing millions. No USPS, no door-to-door delivery, at a fixed cost. How are PPL, Sewer Authority, Comcast, At&T, Verizon, Credit card companies, banks, churches, and yes, even the IRS going to have there bills delivered? I receive 10 bills monthly through the mail. I have no plans on going the electronic route, and I know there are millions of senior citizens w/o computers, or will not trust auto payments from their bank accounts. Where are the “friendly” mailing houses who for years have lived on the massive mailing discounts? And after skipping over several other items, how are our neighbors in Washington going to flood the system every year prior to election day with their recorded accomplishments, if there is no Postal Service to deliver? Think UPS & FEDEX will deliver anything for 44 cents after the Post Office goes down? As the saying goes, Good Luck America, you get what you deserve, and will not be able to afford!!!!!!!

  • Joseph Breckenridge

    To “mailer”

    We are NOT powerless if we take coordinated political action, stick together, and keep up the pressure. You are right about this being a class war. Warren Buffett who has called for the rich to pay more to the maintenance of this nation said, “there is a class war and my class won.” Fact: the 400 richest Americans have as much wealth as the 150 mlllion Americans at the other end of the spectrum. This cannot continue if democracy is to survive and “Mailer” is right: what is happening to the USPS is only one part of a much larger game.

  • trout

    It’s not about democracy it’s about capitlaism…keep voting for the republiclowns….vote yourself out of a job…there are 3 types of Republicans…Billionaires, Millionaires and those who have their head up their butts

  • Steve

    What the Repubs fail to understand is this…. if you destroy the postal unions, you hurt every aspect of American society. We are in every community in the nation. Yes we receive a decent wage. But if we are layed-off or fired local businesses everywhere will feel the effects. Look at the big picture.



  • Mark

    The 50 billion dollars is there literally, but it is likely that the government has already spent it and knows there is no way they can pay it back. So Issa and his republican friends are using the “Financial Condition of the USPS” as a scapegoat to avoid repayment, although both parties are to blame for this situation. Also, the USPS will never shut down. Once again it is the republicans using scare tactics to try and brainwash the American people, just like they started day one after Obama was sworn into office.

  • bill

    bachmann’s parents should know

  • bill

    bachmann’s parents should know

  • Poor Richard

    Just a minute. Since they believe themselves to be in power and control, they have the agenda in place, and they’re engaging in condemnation prior to investigation, who’s to say a wildcat strike isn’t possible in the near future? It achieves thier purpose without legislative delay and they get the whole Himalayan sized mess to run themselves, without any government interference. Let’s call it illegalized anarchy that was legally incited. Government law enforcement and military couldn’t be called upon (it’s the Government!) to qwell it. Seems pretty logical to me.