• Gary Roll

    Thank you Sam, for the clearest explanation of this requirement that I have so far seen. Many members of the National Association of Postal Supervisors have joined me for the last five years to get this provision changed. It is gratifying that finally someone outside the postal family is finally talking about this issue.

    We need to not only protect the jobs and security of Postal Employees and Retirees but also the 9 million people who work in the direct mail and other industries which need the postal service to keep their jobs.

  • Mark

    Thanks to Sam for bringing this subject to light. This is the real reason the usps is in trouble. But Congress will probably pass at the last minute a quick fix for a year because elections are coming up and most don’t want to make a decision that could cause them to lose their cushy position with all the cushy benefits. Thanks to those reps who support HR 1351

  • Terry

    Sam is right about the 2006 Congressional moves. However; Congress since 1996 has been dipping into the postal budget for mandates that it started then. They mandated the Office of the Inspector General and from 1996 until present, the money for the Congressional mandated O.I.G. has come from the postal budget. Originally directly from it and the last couple years, they bill the USPS for the O.I.G. However, the USPS already had it’s own internal control through the United States Postal Inspection Service, the oldest federal law enforcement agency in the Nation! So, this was the beginning of “waste”(duplication of effort) brought on by Congress. This mandate, the prior employee benefit overpayments ($50-$75 BILLION DOLLARS), and then the 2006 mandated payments could be called a hidden tax on the American public. Where is all the money? Isn’t it being held by the Federal Treasury, and if so; is it not being used for all other avenues? Does the USPS need a bail out? No-we have been bailing out Congress and the US government since 1996. Congress is afraid of the truth and ensures that stories go out to make it look like they are paying for the USPS, when in fact the USPS and the Amercian Public, through postage purchases has been helping to pay for the US govenment!!

  • Jean

    Thank you Sam for letting the truth about the postal sevice’s crisis be exposed if only in a small way. I only wish that the American public could all be made aware of the reasoning behind the postal services deficits and realize that it all boils down to right wing greed. We are the only company or govt. entity who has these ridiculous pre-funding obligations for supposed retirement. Its a shame that no one realizes how much service they actually get for 44 cents a stamp. How we are self funded and do not rely on tax payer supplements. As a 15 year postal worker I am terrified of my own future and that of the 500,000+ postal workers who are right with me. I fully support Stephen Lynch’s proposals and feel it is the ony way we will come out of this alive.