Bill O'Reilly comes up with a brand new lie about postal finances

Postal employees have gotten used to the lies and distortions from politicians and right wing commentators bent on destroying the USPS and their jobs- now Fox News blowhard Bill O’Reilly has come up with a whole new piece of fiction:

The U.S. Postal Service, for example, is on the verge of bankruptcy, not able to repay $5.5 billion in loans from the Treasury Department. The huge cost of postal retirement benefits is one of the main reasons an American institution may collapse.

So let me make sure I understand this Bill- the PAEA law requires the USPS to hand over $5.5 billion to the Treasury every year, in effect loaning money to the government. And those payments, totalling $42.5 billion so far, are on top of the $50-75 billion the USPS has been overcharged for Civil Service pensions, and the $6.9 billion it’s overpaid FERS. In the alternate reality of Fox News, saying you can’t afford to keep loaning the feds more money you don’t have is “not repaying loans from the Treasury Department”?


Fox News: We make it up as we go along- you decide.

via O’Reilly: State of the unions in America » Ventura County Star.

  • Bob Crawford

    Bill has been drinking his own coolaid……….

  • Big AL

    He’s a pinhead. He constantly says stupid things. Who cares?

  • Missouri Carrier

    he didn’t read anything F it we’re doing it live!

  • Robert

    Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see. Let me know the day before we go out of business. In the mean time shut the hell up.

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  • OG

    Typical hogwash from Murdoch & Co. O’Reilly fits well with the “unfair and crooked” news format promoted by Fox news.


  • me-262

    Smartest person on earth, I think I am going to faint. I wonder; does California, New York and Washington, D.C. share the same water source. The things that pass for knowledge I can’t understand.

  • Haywood Jablome

    Looks like Bill and that Nazi Assa are sleeping together!

  • Aleman

    I think the real problem here is not Bill O’Reilly lying. It’s oversimplified calling him a liar. I suspect the real problem is his staff did not do their research and passed on the lies that they were fed. It doesn’t excuse his spreading mistruths because as the talking head of his show, he’s still responsible for all errors made.

  • brian

    So when someone spreads false information to millions of people, it’s “oversimplifying” to call it a lie? What do they call it on your planet?

  • Kbob

    Just goes to show you that the fact checkers at Fox missed the facts. But before everyone jumps on the bandwagon and makes snide remarks about Fox news what about the New York Times article that was just as bad as O’reilly’s? Most of the main stream media has failed to do an adequate job explaining the issues pertaining to the Postal Service’s problems. Management, labor and congress all are part of the problem and they all need to be part of the solution.

  • brian

    No, it goes to show you that Fox News has an anti-worker bias. The New York Times doesn’t go out of it way to bash unions and public employees every day- Fox News does. If you recall, we and others called the out the Times for leaving out important parts of the story- but the Times didn’t use barefaced lies to prove its points- Fox News and O’Reilly did.

    You do get extra points for the line about Fox News having “fact checkers” though! That’s hilarious!

  • alberto

    The postal unions need to get the truth out. A spokesman from the NALC, APWU, or NRLCA need to get on the as many of the mainstream and cable news shows and explain our side of the financial situation that the post office is in. They need to challenge Bill O’Rielly’s accusations and get themselves invited on his show to debate the issue. This is the ONLY way for America to hear our arguement.

  • alberto

    In addition to what I just posted, it’s sad that postal employees get such a bad rap all the time. I remember when postal employees, especially the letter carriers who come in contact with so many people every day on their mail routes were highly respected public servants. When someone commits a crime or goes ballistic they went “postal.” we are the ones who are “overpaid.” I’d love to see some of our critics do the job that we do (if they could) and then and then ask them if they still believe that we are over paid. We are criticized for delivering “junk mail.” In todays struggling economy does anyone bother to think about how many thousands of Americans are directly or indirectly employed because of junk mail…I mean Bulk Business Mail.

    My friends, the word has to not only get out about our financial situation, but the positive impact that the Postal Service has on every citizen of America.



  • todd

    the postal service pays 5.5 billion a year to prefund pensions right? so there is supposed to be anywhere from 42-75 billion dollars in that fund right? so it should be a pretty simple transaction right? wrong the money is gone they stole it from us, im sure it was in a general fund and god knows what we have been paying for. forget the 60 billion were not getting that back,just pass the hr1351 bill and hopefully that will solve our problems.

  • Lee

    Way to go Bill! Is your staff downsizing too and you don’t have anyone around to do your homework for you. You are not qualified to do your own homework, report the real facts or your lies. It’s people like you who can’t report properly that add to the problems we have. Be part of the solution, not the problem…. Bill.

  • Casey

    Don’t be too hard on Bill. He was probably busy sexually harassing another female employee at Faux News. What a scumbag pervert.

  • Dillon

    Everyone says he’s lying. About what? What he’s said is true. Check it out.

  • brian

    Dillon- maybe if you actually read the article you’d know? Give it a try! It tells you exactly what he lied about. After you’ve read the piece, feel free to post your opinion. As Darrell Issa likes to say, you’re entitled to your own opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts.” The fact is that O’Reilly lied. What’s your opinion about that?

  • tom cruise

    NALC no givebacks in next postal service contract 11-12

  • frankie

    Few years ago, BILO said that USPS is getting money from tax payers.

  • Sheila

    What a bonehead! It is very discouraging that FOX news would pay someone to tell lies.

  • brian

    I don’t know that it’s “discouraging”- it’s certainly not surprising- all of their “news” is slanted against middle class working people.

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