• Isaac Cox

    Did anyone know that there was going to be a “major announcement?”

  • Don H

    Something that should of been ten years ago and start running the machines LONGER. They should look at the POOM postions also, most pooms just resend emails FYI.
    What a waste of $.

  • It’s me.

    Everything seems to “major” if it involves the post office.

  • Tina Cline

    Yes. The Knoxville Tn MDO, James Shaffer is keeping us updated as he receives new information.

  • Gregg

    I remember the last “Major Announcement”.It was a Major dissapointment.This one will be different.Stay Tuned.

  • cpttuna

    the boat is sailing on the 15th. All available tickets have been sold.

  • done and gone

    hope I didn’t jump too soon, taking the

  • gregg moore

    They want to change the date of the announcement because president Obama is going to have a jobs speech on the 8th before congress. The usps will wait one more week to announce the elimination of 200,000 jobs and closing 308 processing plants!

  • Hartford Employee

    If your a postal employee check light blue for the PMG message to employees again harping about how bad the situation is. IN his very speach he says that flat mail is down 20% yet they spent millions on FSS machines. He also mentions reducing Plants accross the nation. If you are in a plant and there is another in a 50 miles radious guess what there will only be one by the end of the year. If your in a postal facility AO or city station. Get ready too. They are going to hack us to death. They also want to increase delivery standards. Which in laymens terms is change FCM from 2 days to 3 or 4 days. What customer is going to hope their mail gets delivered in a WEEK? That will surely make people change over to email. Easy and instant. Get ready for “major announcement” us empolyees don’t know about. Plants closing WITH NO STUDY OR IMPUT FROM THE COMMUNITY OR EMPLOYEES!

  • Bob

    Were all going to get new brown uniforms.

  • Karen

    The three ring circus at elephant plaza definately has plans, you know that. Again, it’s the rich getting richer. The postmaster is going to sell us to the highest bidder and piecemeal us off. After that’s done, you watch, he’ll turn around and get a six figure salary working for UPS or Fedex as a reward. The USPS will get the remote deliveries and the ghetto routes, the private companies will get the lucrative markets.

  • mike

    Oh boy. I can’t wait for the announcement! Maybe it s……another chunk of coal like the post office always gives us.? Just another GRINCH story. Merry Christmas and a sad new year.

  • dan

    Whether it’s Donahoe or Issa or Ross, we are scewed. It is a sad state when within a decade we go from being heroes after 9/11 and anthrax, to the scum of the earth, greedy government employees.

  • Roger

    One of these days, they’ll just do a lock out and say that since Congress won’t fix the problem they created, the mail will stop. No more money to pay the bills.

    I don’t think even THAT would phase the tea party knuckleheads. I think they would be pleased they screwed up everyone’s mail delivery. It would give them an undeserved feeling of power and awesomeness.

  • Tony

    I hope it is a VERA?

  • Jim Bob

    I can’t wait for my Christmas present!!!

  • Mr. Knowitall

    If it can wait a week, how major can it be?

  • usps63

    i’ve heard it is going to be pretty major in my neck of the woods. all of the southern illinois plants to close. mail will now be processed in chicago. i heard this rumor first from a carrier who heard from a supervisor, then heard specifics from a driver.

  • dazednconfused

    prediction: USPS will announce they will not accept the $100 mill Congress gives yearly for APO and free matter for the blind mail that gives them the mandate authority for 6 day delivery; therefore bypass Congress and start 5 day in April. New fiscal year starts Oct. 1

  • JC

    There will not be a 5-day as long as Obama is president….and there shouldn’t be one either…….the announcement will either be more fabricated and exaggerated gloom and doom news that can not be backed up with facts designed to arm twist the carriers and mail handlers into accepting the screwing the clerks got, or it will be another round of RIF’s for the plant supervisors, which many have been waiting for September to hear…………..

  • Bonnie

    I’m scared of my future with the USPS.

  • ptfpete

    Given what we have seen over the last few years, it’s easy to believe that the announcement will be negative. It is very possible that there might be good news on the horizon…..naw!!! Who am I kidding. There hasn’t been any GOOD news in a very long time.

  • A patriot

    More shock and awe scare tactics from the PMG and his HR hatchet man! These pronoucements are designed to scare the NALC, NAPUS, and Rural Carriers into accepting contracts that the USPS will break anyway. Stay strong! Remember that Donahoe does not want to be blamed for wrecking what little fragile economic recovery our strungling country is now in. Just think if the mail actually stopped. He would be blamed and justifiable fired. The NALC & Rural carriers are in strong bargining positions since the last mile still must be delivered. As far as NAPUS is concerened they will probably cave in since they can easily be replaced (or simply not used since we all know that they are not really needed) Let Pat close those plants and get us back into the black again. The APWU accepted a very bad contract and now must live with the consequences. I feel bad for my brother & sister clerks but they ratified a contract that even Burris warned them not to. I weep for all of us in the USPS.

  • Joseph

    Why was postmaster general’s speech not corrective, but punitive. There was no concern on placing emphais on how to build revenue. I believe that selling the real estate of the post offices is a way to get a huge surplus of money in order to give their self a bonus before retirement. All of our upper USPS Leadership is close to retirement, so I believe they do not care about our futures. So, who is going to pay social security, taxes, and their retirements? When the dollar is worth .01, it will cost 5 dollars for a loaf of bread. All of these greedy people do not realize that the workers are the ones who have the backbone to keep all organizations running. How sad, I got mine. Do you have yours? Selfishness is running the corportate empire. Imagine corporate leaders, where did you start at in the beginning of your careers? At the top or bottom.

  • Joseph

    Who paid the for the post offices before it became USPS? The taxpayers did pay for them tooduring the time it was US MAIL. Remember, do not make village post offices to pay more lease money in order to leave us in financial ruin. Please reconsider. Spending is the problem of the Post Office. Revenue is an obtainable goal if we apply ourselves. We must not throw up our hands and give up. If our government is so concerned about jobs then why not take care of the ones that are already exist, such as postal workers. Bring jobs back to America because there are many Amercians willing to work, but do not have the opportunity to work. Remember, this is our country. America is the home of the brave and the land of the free. Liberty and Justice for all. To our leadership, keep the existing jobs and bring real jobs back to America because who is going to pay property taxes, sales taxes, medicare, WIC, Food Stamps, social security, government service wages, etc. The Workers of America will only if the opportunities of jobs remain.

  • hanging in there

    i think its going to be about the 220.000 jobs . layoffs will begin. i just hope its done by senority like it shoild be. you just never know maybe they start at the top and go downwards. the money makers. really nothing would surprise me at this point. ive got 28 1/2 years now, just hoping to get my 30.

  • Just sayin

    Breaking News!!!! Donahue swallowed Issa’s load! Finally

  • Just a Mailman

    Here we go again!!! It amazes me how everything is at its worse when it’s time to negotiate the Letter Carriers contract! I know things aren’t great for the PO but doesnt anyone else see the pattern??? This “major announcement” is just gonna be more propaganda to scare the uneducated public into believing that the postal Unions are the reason we are broke. We all know the real reasons for our financial crisis, the over funding of our retirement plans and a greedy congress who doesn’t want to get their hands out of the Postal cookie jar! Why would they stop the pre-funding requirements when they take that surplus $ we put in it and use it for their own agendas. The PO is the biggest cash cow they have! But let’s just keep feeding the public a bunch of doom and gloom stories about the economy and the decline in mail volume so they can mask the real issues!!!! But hey, I’m just a mailman…. what do I know!!!!

  • retired postmaster

    even though there are still some holes in my financial future, I NEVER regretted retiring 1 day after I was eligible 2.5 years ago. The climate of today’s upper management is simply to” have the Postmasters sign the “red laws” on how things need to be done, give them no support and they will just have to work 14 hours/day to get it all done. I didn’t work 35 years to rise to the head of a facility just to finish my career as an underpaid PTF, making deliveries, sorting packages and working the window.Ask around among craft employees and see how many TODAY are looking to get promoted. And you wonder why there are so many OIC’s out there

  • house of cards

    my guess… all lackeys are canned and we are bringing real business minded people who will listen to the real workers and implement anyone of the real workers ideas. complete teamwork with only the customer/ postal patron as our top concern…sorry it must be the medicine im taking for the way this bozo outfit makes you deliver mail !

  • Mike Law

    It will just be more of the same talking out of both sides of their mouth! We’ll know its serious when they start to cut the deadweight which contributes NOTHING to the transport, sorting, pickup or delivery of the mail. Stop blaming the workers and cut the clipboard holders, bean counters, and deadbeats!

  • carrier

    maybe supervisors will be required to be able to read

  • retired vet

    Cut out the OT and 6th and 7th days at our plant and save $$$$!!!!

  • Timbo

    I, for one hope Congress breaks the contracts. We haven’t had a good strike for a long time, so you better be getting your bills paid up and get ready. Let’s shut them up once and for all.

  • Wake up Obama!

    Hear me roar, these greedy republicans are destroying jobs in all sectors to insure obama will be a one term president. Honestly if he does not wake up and smell the coffee he will not deserve re election. The almost recovery is now dead in the water and just wait until they unravel the postal service. Sad times I must say.

  • Jo Ann

    Gimmme the severance pay and cut the crap and close the P + DFs. I am sick of this non Emmy award winning drama.

  • brian

    Good luck making that severance pay last until you find a new job!

  • David

    The entire Postal Service environment is dysfunctional, and as if crafted from a melding of the best and worst creative aspects of Lewis Carroll and Edgar Allen Poe, terribly disorientening.
    What little conversation there is exists only in fractured monologues, from senior employee to junior, designed to constrict the listener into a narrowed range of humanity with exponentionally greater resposibilities and the requisite threat of brow-beating when goals are inevitably not acheived. A solidly poor product mix of DPS, FSS, residual cased mail, third bundle, fourth bundle, and parcels synergize with a mind-numbing work method to over-complicate a job which at one time, in the not-so-distant past, was a far easier job to perform, notwithstanding a much heavier mail volume.
    Add, like salt to stitches, Delivery Confimation Scan labels so consistently unreadable by scanners of a bygone generation, and delivery vehicles so maldesigned as to be loadable, driveable, and entirely unuseable (loaded to the ceiling, trays on top of trays on top of tubs in front of parcels and where the hell is the satchel? … ) and the absolute abolishment of customer service under the guise of the COR route adjustment program, and the 200 year old patient known as the United States Postal Service begins to choke on its own lifeblood.
    The worm hole to insolvency historically has been greased by an inferior business model catering to massive mailing discounts to major mailors. Congress, with the 2006 support and enticement of the NALC, effectively put a foot in the back of labor with the enactment of PAEA. And the financial crisis of 2008 dropped the witches’ house on top of the middle-classes’ feet.
    All us Alices, so far now into the worm hole, the rabbit hole, the hell hole we once called work, spin, puke, hold on, and pray for a peaceful denoument.

  • Gregg

    David is spot on.Basically,so much of the job we do has been over complicated.Much of the blame falls on automation.It’s not the God Send the USPS thought it would be,at a cost of Gazillions of dollars.He’s also right about how easy it used to be before we became mechanized.When we actually had mail volume.The USPS spent all this money on automation,never even thinking about a recession and huge drop in mail volume.What will the USPS do to resolve the problems?? Guess we’ll find out shortly>Whatever it is,It most likely will affect employees like myself who have dedicated 30 years to the USPS.Sad,Sad times lie ahead for the USPS.

  • Lee (NoVa)

    Need reorganize this agency. We need military academy graduate person to run this place. Over 90 percent super managers in Hdqtrs came from laborer capacities and worked to get to higher post knowing nothing but brownnosing.

  • postalJeni

    @usps63. I hope Chicago is huge because they’re supposed to get all of Milwaukee’s mail too!

  • me-262

    Bonnie, there is no future for the Postal Service as we know it today.