NALC responds to Issa's anti-USPS web site

From the National Association of Letter Carriers e-Activist Network:

Dear Supporter,

It was brought to my attention today that, under the direction of Rep. Darrel Issa (R-CA), the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, an anti-USPS website was launched. This website completely misleads the public by repeatedly threatening a taxpayer bailout unless the draconian cuts laid out in the Issa-Ross bill, H.R. 2309, are implemented. There is no mention of the solution offered by Rep. Stephen Lynch, H.R. 1351, which is supported by nearly 200 House members from both parties. H.R. 1351 addresses the massively over-funded CSRS and FERS pension funds as well as the onerous pre-funding payments for future retiree health benefits, whose fund already has more that $42 billion in it. There is more than enough “postal money” out there to solve the Postal Service’s financial hardships—caused almost entirely due to Congress’ mandate to pre-fund future retiree health benefits in the first place—without needing to consider any taxpayer bailout of any kind.

The website comes complete with a YouTube video, a ticking countdown clock to a “Postal Default” and a survey that asks for the public’s opinion on how to tackle the financial crisis facing the Postal Service. The survey, however, only offers either the provisions of the Issa-Ross bill or a taxpayer bailout as possible solutions to the Postal Service’s financial difficulties.

I think this website is an abuse of taxpayer money and I am asking you, as one of Congressman Issa’s constituents and as a target of his attacks, to let him know we feel this way. Please contact Congressman Issa at either of the phone numbers below and demand that this website be taken down and that he refrain from using his position as committee chairman to push his radical agenda on the American people. They deserve the truth!

Washington office: (202) 225-3906
Vista, CA office: (760) 599-5000

In Solidarity,

Fredric V. Rolando, President
National Association of Letter Carriers

  • Dave

    Mr Iassa just keep your dirty feet out of the post office business. Leave the post office alone, they’ll take care of them selfs and watch them stay solvent. Give them that 42 billion over payment and pass the H.R. 1351 bill., they’ll succeed! Just go take care of your other issues your responsible for.

  • Joseph Breckenridge

    A suit in federal court may be appropriate.

  • James Terwilliger

    This guy is McCarthy, reincarnate. Only the cause is different.

  • commonlaw

    Why doesn’t anyone ever mention the billions that have been and is being spent to protect the US Citizens from another chemical attack. The infrastructure that has been put in place in plants, preparedness training, technical training, cooperation with agencies of first response, continuous monitoring of the mail and ongoing technical advances. All we ever hear about is someone who waits in line too long to get a package mailed. And we are all judged on that.

  • gerry

    you dont think hes gonna use his own precious money for this website do you?lets face it issa is an asshole!

  • R Av

    The post office is no longer needed and the unionized postal worker needs to accept the fact that within two years it will be gone by way of pony express…just thnk if we still had mail dleivered on horse twice a day. Get real with yourselves and accept the fact the $25.00 HOUR job is over with. It makes no sense to pay someone all this money when two or three people can do the job at less of a cost. I hate the post office and will be glad when it is shut down with all its lies by union reps (Idiots tryin to understand federal laws) and mangement. Both of these entities shot themselves in the foot six years ago when they let the OIG in there to audit and monitor vs. using the arbitration system. PO management is scrammbling now to safe themselves but they will be the last to go. A monopoly on processing information in a informational society will not work because there are capitalists out there that want there big piece of the pie and the billions in profits. So BYE BYE USPS and Hello open market:)

  • vitameatavegamin

    R Av………let me guess, you’re a Issa toady, a troll in mommy’s basement, a EAS drone, or a Koch flunky…..which?

  • Mike

    First off, RAv is an asshole. Get a life. Now that that is cleared up, Issa is lying beyond belief. He needs to be removed from office and there will be groups trying like hell to get him out for lying to the public about the post office. The USPS is a VITAL service and will continue indefinately.

  • Hard Worker

    Mr. Issa
    Please don’t take away everything the NALC has fought for! They have spent so much time teaching me how to ensure my route is not touched by JARAP, MIARAP etc. Where else am I going to call in sick any time I want to. I assure you my 4 FMLA cases are legitimate. I promise you all NALC members work for a fair days pay. 4hours of work for 8 hours of pay…….Sorry i meant 8 hours of work for 8 hours of pay. Surely my shop stewart is working hard for me when I have to carry his 3 hour route while he is on union time………..I wonder if I can file an EEO on ISSA and get my members some free money…..I gotta look into that.

  • Jim Bob

    Hey R Av,
    I’ll bet you never carried mail or did lick of work in your life. Postal workers have a 90% approval rating from the American public. Does your profession claim that kind of rating? I doubt it.

  • Chuck

    Av, your a idiot. You probably work for mgmt in UPS, Fedex, or one another of our competitors. There will always be a PO.

  • bertonghika

    To all the postal workers under Congressman Issa’s district, please do not vote for this guy. He is taking all of your livelihood by lies and intimidation.

  • cb

    R Av is just a no body that wants to get all Postal Workers upset. All he can do is hide behind a computer and type. Go get a job. You have no clue whats a stake if the Postal Service goes under.

  • DeckChaironTitanic

    Looks like the vast right-wing conspiracy is alive and well. Somebody please explain to me how ANY postal employee can possibly call themselves a Republican in these times… Hey, people, wake up, they are pulling your jobs and your union out from under you! Rip those Tea Party stickers off your cars, wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late!

  • Jim Bob

    hear, hear cb!

  • Jim Bob

    Issa’s bill is NEVER going to pass the Senate.He knows it. How many other bills in Congress have you ever seen with a website to promote them? There may have been some in the past, but I’ve never come across one of them. If your position is so weak that only one co-sponser is on your bill,and you have to lie and distort the facts to get people to even look at it, then your legislation is DOA. Come on people there are rumblings that PMG Pat D. is about to be the first one Rif’ed. And an outsider like “Carvin Marvin” Runyon could be brought in. That would mean an automatic reduction of 30-40 percent of management. No need for congressional approval for that bright move. The PMG serves at the behest of the President. Sit tight, the Fat Lady ain’t even started getting her voice warmed up.


    Issa is a criminal wearing a politician’s hat. How did this man ever get elected to anything??? Why weren’t his criminal wrongdoings exposed during his political campaigns? Now he is trying to ruin the post office and line his and his buddies pockets by trying to privatize the post office which will not serve the American public well!! Watch out for this crook!!

  • Charlie

    I called the phone number above and asked him to resign from that committee. This is jeopardizing the jobs of hundreds of thousands of postal employees and adversely affecting and driving away a countless number of patrons

  • Issasucks

    I work with a Letter Carrier who favors the Tea Party. I said Issa wants to get rid of your job, he says you make too much money. The carrier said “We Do” I said he wants your benefits too, that we don’t pay enough. The carrier said “We don’t”. My point, see how screwed up the thinking is of these Tea Baggers ? They don’t want to just bring down the Post Office, They want to bring down the Nation. Educate yourselves for the next election. Don’t vote Republican or those who support the baggers.

  • Joseph

    So Issah, What jobs are you interested in? Low wages. Low wages equals less spending which means you will take a pay cut. When the dollar is worth .01 then a loaf of bread will be worth 5 dollars or more. So, who is paying you to do the decietful intents? I wish to invent a lie O meter….just like a ped o meter. It would have already overturned with the lies you produced. When judgement comes, a lot of people have a lot of explaining to do. I hope the judger asks for your lie o meter because it will show that you did all of this to put more money in your pocket. So, who is paying you off? Americans want to know where your motivation/ intentions are coming from. Good luck with greed because honest people work. They deserve good wages because it goes to their families/ children. Do you have plenty of food on your table? Or do want access to our fridges?

  • postman

    I have over 20 years at the Post Office. I work everyday for my money. The management waste is unbelievable. The stupid “business” decisions are a joke. Lets build 75 new mail processing plants and close 50 others? There is NO taxpayer money used in the Post Office…NONE! Don’t start chopping at the bottom, start at the top! 8 Supervisors and 40 employees?

  • pat powers

    ironic isn’t it president obama spoke to the unions yesterday thanking them for helping to create a well paid middle class in the us but today we are at risk of losing those precious benefits our union fought so hard to attain i found it very interesting that not once was our struggle to survive mentioned nor have we heard support from the members of congress and the senate the silence is deafening as employees we know the waste we understand how the usps is being wrongly accused of wasting taxpayers money we know but what we need today is for those that we supported to actively and loudly support the continue existance of the usps and our right to negotiate our working conditions and benefits

  • holly

    this guy should pull his head out of his ass,and take a breath of fresh air,this country needs JOBS, not to reduce work forces….If nobody works nobody pays taxes,the whole systems fails…PUT AMERICA TO WORK!!!KEEP AMERICA WORKING!