NALC joins with other unions to picket Issa’s district office on Thursday

The San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council (CLC) has unanimously voted to picket Congressman Darrel Issa’s main district office in Vista, California (just north of San Diego) on Thursday, Sept 1.

NALC President Fredric Rolando has decided to make this a much larger action, and he has sent out a statewide E-Activist. The NALC will be joining several other unions and the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council to personally protest Issa’s failure to represent working families and his continuing attacks to destroy the United States Postal Service.

  • Joseph Breckenridge

    Thank you NALC. You are doing God’s work. We need you and your voice.

    Joseph Breckenridge

  • willie ocasio

    let this be a lesson for every voter in america, whatMr.Issa did, does not have a good name attach to it, just another liar politician looking for votes and later stab you in the back.Politician are the biggest liar on the face of the earth.Lets vote all those liars out next time around. thanks

  • mathew

    very good. Could have done at the very first instance. Vote him out from the office.

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  • trout

    he won’t even show up….if he does someone should shout: step away from the middle class

  • Mick Gallup-Postmaster

    From the very first time I saw Mr. Issa on an episode of Bill Maher I have found this man to be the most contemptible liar and entirely blind to workers and humans in general. He should be the first to feel the tip of the sword or be in the bullseye or whatever loose rhetoric his fellow garbage republicans use. Mobilize the voters there and please throw out your trash. Darrell Issa go straight to Hell where you belong and the sooner the better!

  • Drop dead Darryl

    I concur…Issa is the enemy of hardworking Americans. Wealthy corrupt politicians who enter office to further their own wealth. Guess they forgot that they are public servants. May God pronounce anathema on Him!!!

  • Gregg

    This is a good start.Hope Mr.Issahole shows up.I’m sure he won’t be greeted warmly.Soon,he will realize how NALC members,as well as other craft employees really feel about political GOONS like him. Then all union members,should picket PMG Donahoe’s office. His threats to void contracts,pull out of managed health care and retirement and “layoff” 120,000 employees are ludicrous!! He’s grasping at straws.How dare him!! That’s a slap in the face to all the employees who have devoted their life to the Postal Service.Don’t mess with us to much,Mr.Donahoe.Suggestion:Find other ways to save money.First off:Reduce your salery and those directly underneath you.That alone should keep the USPS solvent for another year.

  • OG

    For those able to attend:

    Thur. Sept. 1 8:30AM – 11AM
    1800 Thibodo Road, #310,
    Vista, CA 92081


  • Nutzy

    I hope A lot of people in that district become aware of this GOON and vote him out!

  • commonlaw

    Way to Go…..let’s start the ball rolling NALC

    These idiots have transformed me into a Democrat….support all the Unions in all the Republican Governed States.

  • Chuck

    Gregg got it right. Donahue reduce your salary & get rid of your “pay for performance” bonus along with all the other bonuses for mgmt. Get rid of 1/3 of mgmt & we’ll get something accomplished.

  • CaliDreaming

    I’m working on my sign!!!

  • Linda

    Issa is such a pathetic jerk.

  • Micster

    APWU leadership? Where are you in all of this? Instead of rallying us to save our own jobs why don’t you get out of your confortable sofas and participate in this big and crucial event.

  • SB

    You have the support of your brothers and sisters in solidarity at the APWU. We are organizing to fight as well starting with contacting our congresspeople and representatives in our individual states on a daily basis. We stand with you whether we can make it to California or not. Fight on!

  • Kudos

    I happen to be a management employee of the postal service and it calms me to see the pro-active approach of the NALC and other labor organizations in dealing with a lie monger such as Issa and Dennis Ross for that matter. Both of them are anti-postal and spew distorted facts, stretch the truth and outright lie when it comes to postal workers. Their distain for employees, craft and management alike is out there for all to see; heck they don’t even try to disguise it. When I heard both of them distort the truth when it came to our over payments for retiree health benefits it became clear and evident that postal employee may go the way of the dodo bird, extinct if they have their way. Keep up the good work Fred and others !!!

  • Alicia

    To the NALC, APWU and all the brothers and sisters that will be our voice on September 1st. Thank you, thank you and thank you. Let Darrel Issa know that he need to stop attacking hard working families.

  • Lionsdan

    If you think ISSA is bad read up on Eric Cantor.

  • JohnnyU

    Isn’t it high-time we realize, and seriously consider the wonders, and inherent powers of a “Unified Union Banner”. There’s strength in numbers as we all know, and the political powers relish in the fractured state of our Union agendas and the separations of such. Divided we fall, but in Unity “We Demand”. Our most potent weapon will continue to be our “Vote”. Picture half a million unionists saying no to the historically damaging Republican agenda when it concerns the Postal Service. We need to send Issa and that little wart on his ass, D. Ross, back to their Ivory towers and let them drink their “Tea” from there.

  • fallonusa

    Issa is the bloodsucker of the American people. If he is so concerned about saving this nation economically, he should remove himself from politics and void all of his “perks”.