Deputy PMG to customers: “We aren’t going away”

From USPS News Link:

With potential USPS insolvency in the news, approximately 200 Southern California mailing industry leaders gathered in Anaheim to hear DPMG Ron Stroman discuss the state of the Postal Service.

Stroman expressed optimism while emphasizing the need for change: “The decisions we make today will determine our future 10 years from now.”

He congratulated attending Pacific Area Vice President Drew Aliperto and area district leaders for their successful efforts to improve service and reduce costs, but stressed the decline in First-Class Mail volume makes congressional action essential to the Postal Service’s fiscal health.

Stroman reiterated the need for Congress to resolve the mandate to pre-fund Retiree Health Benefits by $5.5 billion annually, allow USPS to access its overpayment to the Federal Employees Retirement System and give USPS authority to determine delivery frequency. He also discussed proposals such as reducing the workforce and accelerating consolidation of the processing network.

“I’m here to remind you how important you are in sharing our message with your customers and with decision-makers,” Stroman declared. “We aren’t going away, we’re making the tough decisions and there’s a bright future ahead if we pull together.”

  • mike

    If congress gives the post office a break on the prefunding money, they will just waste it away like they always have then in a couple o
    f years, THE post ,office will be in the red again. You watch, and see. I have seen nothing but wast of money where I work. Someone needs to tell congress that the post office can lay off some employees now. There is plenty of te’s, casuals, and ptf’s with less than 6yrs.

  • john

    They can also RIF 50% of middle management without skipping a beat..

  • BS

    mike, did you ever pass an english class or did you even get that far?

  • Rich

    To BS
    Don macke fun of mikes gramer.He rites good.

  • mike

    Thanks, Rich. its kinda hard sometimes on the small keypad on my cell phone. Mike.

  • Postman

    It’s true that middle managers can be cut and they should
    also close the non-profitable offices.
    There is no need to pay someone 50k a year
    for 3 to4 hours work a day. Put the mail up
    and the clerk could go home. I was a supervisor
    and I also know that without a supervisor
    the work won’t get done. You can’t
    expect craft workers to police themselves.
    That dog won”t hunt. We need the people
    on the front lines to make us successful.
    We don’t need a suit in DC who doesn’t
    have a clue making the decisions.