Congressman: USPS Continues to Run Out Clock on Sioux City

Washington, D.C.- Congressman Steve King (R-IA) today released the following statement regarding the meeting held in Sioux City between city and community leaders and representatives of the United States Postal Service regarding the Postal Service’s plans to move Sioux City’s mail processing operations to Sioux Falls.

"Today, city and community leaders in Sioux City were finally given an opportunity to ask questions about the proposed move of Sioux City’s mail processing operations and to discuss the rationale used to justify it – but only after the Postal Service withdrew its original request that participants agree to keep the details of the meeting secret. And although meeting participants were able to view the data used by the Postal Service to support the move, that data was not released to the community as the Postmaster General had promised.

The Postal Service did share some information about the kind of proposal needed to keep Sioux City’s processing plant open. However, city and community leaders should have been given this information months ago. I will continue to work with Sioux City’s leaders to develop a competitive counter proposal, but it is clear that the Postal Service’s continued stall tactics throughout this process were designed to ensure that there would be little time remaining to do so."

via Factiva.

  • ugsydbfsh*%*$%&#-

    Another example of FIX the a problem but don’t do it in my town. MOVE IT TODAY

  • cpttuna

    are you not smart enough to know when someone is blowing smoke up your ass?????????????

  • M. Jamison

    There is a certain amount of irony in the idea of Rep. King, a noted Tea Party Repub and a vocal anti-government shill seeking to maintain a government presence in his community. One might think he would be more likely to support Issa & Ross in their attempts to move towards privatization.
    Just keep repeating: cognitive dissonance, cognitive dissonance……..