Mineral, VA post office open for business after quake

From USPS News Link:

When the earthquake hit Tuesday, Mineral, VA, Postmaster Blain Crickenberger was busy sliding a new dock lift into place.

"I knew it was heavy," Crickenberger said, "but I didn’t think it was heavy enough to shake the building."

He was right.

The earthquake’s epicenter, however, was nine miles from his office and its impact on the small town of Mineral was immediate. Very few buildings escaped damage and the front wall of the Post Office was pushed out, scattering bricks on the sidewalk and making the front entrance unsafe for entry.

Postal Inspectors David McGinnis and Micheal Romano arrived to assess the building and determined that the workroom floor was safe for employees. Crickenberger blocked the front access and put up a sign directing PO Box customers to bring their IDs to the back door where he would make sure they got their mail.

“Customers were surprised to find it’s business as usual for delivery,” he said. “They’re just happy that everyone is all right and that they’re able to get their mail.”

via USPS News Link – Aug 25, 2011.