• jimbilly

    USPS needs to get rid of Donahoe! What an idiot!

  • Robert

    He has a great idea 5 day delivery. I think we’ll save more than he realizes. People who qualify for medicare should move to it. Be careful about changing retirement, you’ll lose a lot of loyalty among your best workers.

  • ytv

    It is not the programs that are hurting the USPS, it’s management. The USPS is run by “high paid” officials who have never handled a piece of mail in their lives! All of their past money saving implemented ideas have failed because of this. It takes 3 of them to do the job that 1 can do easily.Cut them back and the savings will be huge. NEVER have the real workers (carriers, clerks, mailhandlers, etc.) been asked about or involved in ANY of their plans and decisions. We are the heart & soul of the USPS – we have “hands-on” logical ideas – why then are we never asked???

  • Linda

    Most carriers I work with
    support five day delivery,
    it just makes sense.

  • Nutzy

    Five days would be great. Will it save what they think.I highly doubt it. In our office all routes are now over 8 hrs due to drastic adjustments because of FSS. There is overtime every day six days A week.Now put that into five days.Overtime galore. It may save some but will not save the USPS.As long as idiots like fat pat run the place.Untill A total over haul of MGT. it will be A sinking ship.

  • gerry

    we need early outs but with a great incentive. i know i would go and theres quite a few in my installation that said they would go.i thought the whole idea behind the new contract was to get rid of us older employees so they could hire new ones at a lower pay.but im not going if im only offered $15,000.by the way ,i voted no on new contract. we are never ask about our ideas because they would make sense hence i give you the USPS

  • jd

    the only idiots i know are hillbillys enough said

  • Scout

    Why should the USPS be profitable? It should be a nonprofit business.The USPS is here to get mail to the people of USA not be some kind of Walmart.Keep the USPS nonprofit and remain a service to the USA.

  • burned out

    I was really looking forward to the early out offer.Then it came.Not one cent in incentives,but they could offer management $20,000!

  • Proud Product of the USA

    I could care less what Postal workers think about 5 day delivery. Post Offices were not created so you have a place to work. The Post Office was created per the constitution to provide a service for all americans across this great nation. If the american people are OK with 5 day delivery then go for it. The same for closing Post Offices in rural areas. All the offices proprosed for closure are in rural areas, low income or elderly communities. I don’t see a Post Office in a high income neigherhood, Issa’s or Donahue’s neighborhood being studied What because you can only afford to buy one stamp at a time you are not deserving of a Post Office? This frame of mind is going to be the down fall of this country. Eliminating service will not fix the problem. Oh and what with the new village Post Office in Washington State. PMG Donahue has disrespected what the Post Office stands for when the Postal Office Eagle is hung next to Miller Lite, Coors, Lotto and Cigerette signs and then the PMG broadcast how proud he is of the new look of the Post Office. Whats next? The House of Representatives or Senate holding their meetings in a bar or cigar shop.

  • Proud Product of the USA

    Donahue the circle of trust has been broken and you have only been PMG for a short time. The APWU made concessions and you signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement just a few months ago knowing you were not going to honor it. Should have known…The contract is violated every day. Millions of dollars are paid out with no accountability due to ignorance and lack of integrity of management. Congress needs to keep their hands off Collective Bargaining. Everyone needs to contact their representatives and tell them just that and to support HR1351 and oppose HR2309. It is time for the working class to say enough is enough. We are not going to continue to pay the majority of the bills while as they call it eliminate entitlement programs that the working class americans pay for. How is it an entitlement program if you pay for it? Create some jobs already and stop your fighting on the playground. Our Representatives are acting like children that do not know any better, but their adults. Obama lead and stopping giving in. Stand up, be firm for the change you promised.

  • postman

    You can tell who wants sat off. The ones that wont loose there job if we go to five days. Read each comment and you can easily tell everyone is only worried about themselves. A union stands for everyone even if it doesnt benefit you.

  • mike

    Let’s face it folks. Times are hard, even for the postal service. In my office where I work. We are top heavy with managers that are worthless. We have four supervisors,. That one used to do. And less carriers that four used to do. That’s how the supervisors justifies there job. What a joke. If the public only knew.!!!!!!!! They would be outraged. I will say , five day will help, but management will screw it all up as usual. So it looks like the public and workers are all doomed. Give me the job. I will make it work for everyone. I promise. No customers, and no worker’s left behind. Mike.

  • Erick Bernardez

    I don’t understand how the federal government can ignore the difficulties that the Postal Service is facing. The government can beil out the car companies, but they can’t make the decitions neccesary to assist the Postal Service. Congress needs to allow the postal service to move forward in to the future. And they need to do this as soon as possible because the longer they take the more money the Postal Service looses.

  • 8 hour smoke break

    Management has always been the problem. Cut management in half and go to 5 days.

  • ZACK

    If the USPS were a fortune 500 company, it would rank # 27, according to an expert on FOX news. So why is it that the PMG, and a large number of his underlings are ex-mailmen. Shouldn’t we be hiring someone with the experience and intellegence to run a fortune 500 company? I’m sure Chase Bank wouldn’t hire a USPS Clerk, Mail Handler, or Carrier to run their company. Perhaps thats why they are successful!

  • Tony

    All of the retirement eligable employees who think they should be paid to leave early are greedy fools! It’s all about “me” and what I get out of it. The whole idea of the union is about “us”…so why aren’t the unions encouraging the senior employees to simply retire, without a buy out incentive, so the junior employees can make it to retirement? And the craft think that management employees are greedy…..everyone wants to take as much as they can as they leave. This is so very sad!

  • just a pound footer

    5 day delivery will be the 1’st cut that will make the PO die by 1,000 wounds. I work 5 day’s in the PO and have my NS day alternating with NO PROBLEM. Medical appointments, car repairs, errands, etc.

    Both UPS and FedEX are making plans to take that 6’th day delivery the USPS is giving them in a silver PLATTER.

    Both these companies will go to a 7 day delivery in a heart beat, watch and see the demise of the USPS unfolding right in front of your eyes.

  • Mailman

    Its been a year since 5 day delivery was mentioned. how long does it take to enact? I thought it would have been done by now.

  • Karen

    Dear Tony,

    I would love to retire and so would a lot of other senior employees. If we were still civil service, we probably could. But now we have to work until 62 to be able to get social security to make ends meet. The annuity we will get from the Postal Service is drastically lower than what a civil service employee gets. It’s that simple. I’m glad I’m old (58) so that I can retire in 4 years. But those who are still young with a lot of years of service are stuck between a rock and a hard place. We’re not still working because we love our jobs or have anything against junior employees, we are there because we have to be.

  • Mark

    i agree with just a pound funny, the usps availability to deliver 6 and 7 days is what made the competition do it in some form and now the usps wants to give it all to them! Another great managerial idea! They think they will save money by going 5 days but not nearly as much as they think, while losing customers in the process. A lot of people still and will always depend on the usps. I hope the usps doesn’t forget that, but they are giving every indication that they are doing so.

  • JT

    I’m an RCA and I’m in favor of 5 day delivery. Sure I’ll lose out on my “Guaranteed” one day a week, but I work at least three other days a week just covering for vacations, doctors appointments, Dental, Union reps going to “meetings” sick days, jury duty, and etc etc. Most of the time I work it’s to cover for a regular for one of the aformentioned reason not because of their off day being Saturday. If we stay to 6 days of delivery the USPS WONT SURVIVE. Mail volume is going to keep getting lighter. I only had two trays of DPS yesterday.

  • TE

    With the “decreased volume” and retirements with no rehiring to replace them, and rte. “adjustments”, I’ve been 6 days a week, 60 hrs a week for 4 plus years. Five days a week may look good on paper, but we can’t keep up now!

  • roan jenkins

    Valuable piece , I was fascinated by the facts ! Does someone know if my company might be able to get a template USPS PS 3624 form to type on ?