Remember when Pat Donahoe only needed three things from Congress?

When the US Postal Service and the American Postal Workers Union reached a collective bargaining agreement in March, Postmaster General Pat Donahoe said “This is a responsible agreement that is in the best interest of our employees, our customers and the future of the Postal Service. The contract will help lay a foundation that is fair to our employees and stakeholders.”

A month later, when Donahoe and APWU President Cliff Guffey testified together before Darrell Issa’s committee, Donahoe was asked what the USPS needed from Congress. The PMG responded that there were only three things he needed- an end to the prefunding, return of the FERS overpayment, and “delivery flexibility”. “Get those things out of the way and you will never see us again!”

And then, just last week, he suddenly changed his mind. Which raises the question- why did Pat think the contract was a good deal just a few short months ago? When did the situation change so drastically that he not only wants to throw it out, but also needs to slash benefits for all postal workers and retirees? Shouldn’t a CEO be better at charting his company’s future?

  • Robert

    With the NALC contract coming up he has to preach doom and gloom for the next few months. His plan to get rid of 7,500 in management flopped. They keep adding vice-presidents with every title you can think of. I can’t wait to hear vice-president toilet paper control. That job should pay about $500,000 a year.

  • Disgruntled

    They’ll need a VP to mismanage the new USPS Health Insurance into the ground as well. There should be a list of executives given jobs and relocation to HQ, only to be “promoted” again to a field executive job. Burgoyne has been to HQ, to the field, now back to HQ. Pretty sweet relocation package too I’m sure. Why did Donahoe not know? Because he’s an entitled executive who was too busy making useless trips around the country at USPS expense.

  • phil

    when will a viable think tank with real plans for the future be developed. so far its all”abandon ship”. why arent any of the specialized business planners coming up with aggresive ideas such as repurposing or redesigning our biggest money making asset(LLV fleet) or keeping the 6th or even 7 day delivery for parcels only. why would we want to concede 1 day that the other guys could monopolize on. Temp. carriers could run parcel on SAT and or SUNDAY as well/ its all REVENUE. that puts the competition behind us for delivey of parcels. heck leave some of the bigger PO lobbies open 7 days . it would help alleviate long lines throughout the week. it is more access for customers. they realized PO value. hows that for a start

  • The Coach

    Throw the bubble headed Bozo’s out and hire real corporate management who know how to run a “Business”, not a bunch of bureaucratic “old boys” hanging onto a civil service job till they can retire with their “High Three”!

  • KP

    The Post Office has changed so much in the last 25 years. We need new leaders who would have better control over the work place. All they look at now is numbers. It is all a game to them all. They violate our contracts and put 204Bs in charge of the work place. What a joke!!! These 204BS need to go back to their crafts. I think the 5 day work week would work. I hope to see this go thru. If they would cut some of the bonus’s out all together. Donahoe is using alot of bull to get what he wants from Congress. We need to stick together as a whole and don’t let them push to do more than we can. Hell with there numbers. Where is the concern to the service we have for our customers. They are the number 1 in my work place.


    I someone to investigate about USPS delivering so much parcels and even flats for FEDEX UPS DHL and even a new company called ONTRAC. We were told that the only parcels that bring in the profit is priority and the rest we lose money. Yet these parcels from other companies are sent presorted standard. I see more and more of these parcels everyday. How can a business helping their competitors to make so much profits even they know they lose money doing it. As for a business idea, how about advertise banners on USPS vehicles. MTS has been doing it for years. We have to come with new ideas and doing more than just delivering the mail and do not forget to cut the top heavy management that is running the USPS to the ground.

  • Giles Habibula

    Dunno. If anyone in craft were shown to be this incompetent (let’s be generous and call it that, rather than whoring himself out to the privatization interests) management would attempt to either fire him or invent a new VP slot for him at Elephant Plaza. I suggest the former: fire his ass, give him the retirement benefits he now claims to be fair for, say, a carrier with as much time in as he has, and prevent him and his relatives from accepting jobs with any company affected by his decisions while PMG for at least ten years.

    Hell, I took the 2003 EO, one without any money attached. One of the deciding factors was the promise, an explicit one at that, that once I signed the papers, I’d have nothing whatever to do with USPS Management except as a customer. If they go ahead with their plan expect a few class-action suits from affected retirees who won’t stand for being dragged back into USPS Mismanagement’s clutches for their health plan or pension benefits.

    Furthermore, USPS management is again trying to enhance its access to all their employees’ medical records with this plan. How would you like to have your immediate supervisor (or even a 204B) know all the medical details of you and your entire family?

  • Giles Habibula

    In recent years a new federal crime has been invented: “Lying To Congress ™” even when not specifically under oath. I don’t know where the authority for making it a crime comes from, but hey, if Donahoe can be shown to have lied to Congress in April I see no reason for not jailing his incompetent ass. And not one of the “Country-Club” piisons either. It makes more sense than jailing people for “Lying to Congress(tm)” about ball players taking steroids.

  • Debby Szeredy

    The PMG is looking to privatize the service, break up the network so that there is an increase in customer complaints on delayed mail, take away employees rights to a decent health plan, and decent wages, get rid of injured workers instead of fixing the unsafe workplace, cut retail services, give away our first class mail to Pitney bowes and other mail houses, force all workers to go on medicare, cut door to door service, destroy our constitutional right to affordable secure and protected mail service accross the country and the world, deny the public access to the right to be connected. The Public has the right to security of the mail service.