USPS statements and “white papers” on proposed layoffs and reductions to employee/retiree benefits

Statement on Legislative Proposals

White Paper RIF

White Paper HB Retire

  • CAworker

    Its easier for the post office to attack their workers than convince congress to to return the prefunded billions.

    I knew when we hired the ex V.P. of Halliburton a few years
    ago it would turn out badly since Halliburton lost all those billions in Irac that never reappeared.

  • NCRetiree

    Another example of the increasing attacks on collective bargaining and working class America. As a Civil Service retiree in 2009 after 32 years service it infuriates me that Postal Mgmt. is still trying to *%#k me!

  • NCRetiree

    Another example of the increasing attacks on collective bargaining and working class America. As a Civil Service retiree in 2009 after 32 years service it infuriates me that Postal Mgmt. is still trying to *%#k me!

  • Missouri Carrier

    just ridiculous, every part of it. I don’t even know what to say. I guess they are taking their shot in the dark to kill the workers with a Republican controlled congress. Wouldn’t Obama have to sign this? or veto it?

    Wouldn’t it be a better solution to use the severance money to buyout civil service employees? They will have to pay us all anyway something.

    What another waste of Billions of dollars.

  • Retired

    The USPS lost $8.5 billion last year, and more this year because of mismanagement and now they want to get their hands on $42.5 billion of prefunded healthcare benefits and $270.5 billion of funded retirement annuities? The USPS didn’t put all those funds in the accounts, the workers contributed a major share. With their revenue (was $70 billion a year) line decreasing 5% or more per year and net loss going up $4.7 billion in 2010 from the $3.8 billion loss in 2009 they will be able to Ponzi all that money in less than 10 years. Tony V is an idiot, how can he even publish these papers? Fire all the senior executives and start over.

  • City Carrier

    From what I hear from my customers, they want their postal services as much as they want their social security checks. The republican party is waging war with postal workers in a war of disinformation, and slander! They protect the rich in this country from higher taxes, while trying to ruin our careers, and retirement, and health benifits!
    They lie about a “tax payer bail-out”, they lie about our wages and benifits causing the financial trouble for USPS, they lie about their true motives, and they lie about what it would actually take to fix the problems. Everything they (the republicans) say, and propose as a fix for the USPS only supports their right-wing agenda!

  • Gary Beck

    The most ridiculous part of this is that NALC offered to take over health care insurance for it’s members in our last contract only to have USPS scoff at the idea. NALC said that it would save USPS billions now that they’ve painted themselves into a corner THEY want to take over health care. If they run health care the way they run postal operations they’ll bankrupt that too. I only say this because it’s true!! I once got a letter of warning because I was loading parcels into my truck when, according to my boss, I should have been waiting for mail in the break room. The first part of the conversation regarding the LOW went like this, “Why were you out loading your truck?” Answer, “First let me apologize for working. I was under the false impression that when you were paying me I should actually be doing something productive. I promise you that I’ll never try to earn my pay again if you don’t want me to.

  • PM Retired

    I am so infuriated over the mismanagement of the USPS and our Government’s failure to stop the pre funding of benefits. they want their slush money and will not back down regardless of the financial harm they are creating. I retired after 36 years of service. I have seen the waste in Washington first hand. The Postal Management has no clue to how a Post Office actually functions and could care less. Go to the Bolger Training Academy for a week and you would be astounded at the waste of money you see there. The Postmaster General was a window clerk back in the day and now it appears he has forgotten how things actually operate. Taking away customer service is not the answer and that is exactly what is happening. Cut the enormous overhead and waste of money at Headquarters would be good start. There are positions created there just to give someone a cushy job into retirement. You are rarely promoted on ability. it is who you know, are related to, or who you are sleeping with that gets you promoted in a majority of cases. I still often wonder how I actually became a Postmaster when I did none of the above. Congress needs to take a serious look at our organization, stop the pre funding, stop spending our money on their frivolous projects and let us be able to adjust prices and compete with our competitors. How many members of Congress and the Senate know that we are not subsidized by Taxpayers money? the answer would astound you.

  • Disgruntled

    If USPS is so broke, why are executives still flying all around the country to attend worthless meetings? There are also hundreds of people in “acting” positions getting paid lodging and per diem for months on end. For example, how long does the Acting VP of Sales get their lodging and per diem paid on the company dime before they are either sent home of promoted to the position so they have to pay their own housing and food expenses. The company has been wasting money like this for years and years. I’ve complained about it to everyone including the PMG and nothing was done. This company is full of entitled executives who want to cut at the level that actually does the work while they continue to give themselves perks. Kind of like them saying no executive pay increases. Really? They just got large lump sums instead. Thieves and liars throughout. Im retired now and had a chance to be a FCES employee. Couldn’t see myself stooping that low.

  • Ed

    No one seems to be trying to correct the situation. I think with the papers that the PMG has issued, he is trying to get congress to move on something, whatever it may be. It reminds me of the way the steel companies and railroads went. The unions wanted and got unrealistic pay and benefits, while the companies were sinking and they were top heavy with inept management. Both shared in there demise. Hopefully congress, the unions and management will try and get this situation on the right path.