NAPUS: PMG’s plan “recklessly endangers” health and security of all postal workers

From the National Association of Postmasters of the US (NAPUS):

NAPUS fully recognizes the extraordinary financial difficulties confronting the Service, resulting from overpayments into the retirement system, overly-aggressive prefunding of retiree health coverage, and falling mail volume. However, the USPS proposal to deny its employees and retirees access to a stable, affordable, and time-tested earned health and retirement recklessly endangers the health and retirement security of all postal employees. Consequently, NAPUS urges Congress to reject the USPS proposal.

via NAPUS.

  • Bill Loyd

    This could jeopardize health care for all Federal employees and retirees. The Postal Service is the largest single group of employees paying into the Federal Healthcare System. You remove that many people from the system and the fallout will be felt across all Federal employees and retirees. This must be stopped!

  • joe says

    I am a postmaster that has suffered 3% promotions, 60 hour work weeks, impromptu travel (that you dare not decline the request), being talked down to, being yelled at, being targeted for speaking out, audited at one point by 31 different auditors in 7 weeks and of course the good old NPA bait and switch. That’s where you start te year with almost attainable goals/budget only to have them “flexed” numerous times until you end the year praying for a 2.5%, receive 3% only to have it knocked back down by a District Manager (who also profited from TOE reduction that year) and STILL is not going to be held accountable for this criminal act only retrained!!! Postmasters: I say let’s SHUT IT DOWN until these crooks are all out of their jobs!!!

  • armed and peaceful so far……..

    Sounds like it’s about time for a case of the 5 day blue flu.

  • regular shmo

    67 Districts with 67 sets of worthless, ex-(carriers, clerks, supervisors, postmasters) is the problem. Eliminate all of them and then we can look as throwing the REAL employees, craft and management under the bus. F-the USPS!!!

  • Postal worker

    How many in management work 60 hrs the ones where I work at do good to put in 40 hrs a week.

  • Magoogoo

    Regular shmoo Interesting how so called
    Workers Like yourself blame your frontline management
    For everything. If there was no management
    Nothing would ever get done
    Because too many employees
    Are more concerned with what everyone else is doing
    And how to avoid work.
    In life there are leaders and followers
    Don’t be mad at the leaders if you are a follower

  • Magoogoo

    postal worker I bet your management gets
    There before you start and leaves after you go home
    Robably not to good with math
    Which is why you are not in management
    If you work 40 and they work 2 hours a day more they probably work 50
    A week except for the 6 day week when they work 60
    And they probably have a five minute lunch if there lucky

  • steve

    Magoogoo must be management. Its not all the front line stupidvisors but 99.9% of them are just a wast of f—–space. They take up the oxegen the rest of us working craft employees need to live. So lets lay off these Magoogoo’s and then hire them back as PSE or Transitionals. Better yet after we hire them back make them work 6 days, work them 2 hours then make them come back at the end of the day for 2 more hours. Dont let them take vacations, no doctor appointments and discpline them for calling in sick. This Magoogoo sound like the typical stupidvisor the USPS likes.

  • Postal worker

    Magoogoo you are the one that does not know what you are talking about managers where I work get there before I do some days leave most days before I do and we have heard from clerks that one takes up to a 2 hour lunch break some days. We have had managers in the past that have worked every other day for weeks during the summer. One manager working one day the other manager working the other. Now tell me who is taking advantage of the Post Office!!!!!