Darrell Issa Statement on Postal Service Losses

WASHINGTON- Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., issued the following statement today as the United States Postal Service announced its third quarter losses for the current fiscal year. First-Class Mail volume was down over 6 percent compared to the same quarter last year.

"The Postal Service’s announcement of yet another multi-billion dollar loss underscores the need to enact meaningful reforms in order to avoid a taxpayer-funded bailout. These deficits clearly cannot be closed by bailing out the Postal Service with taxpayer money or allowing the postal service to amass obligations to employees, retirees, and taxpayers that are unlikely to be fully met in the future.

"The increasing use of electronic, paper-free technology has caused a permanent decline in mail usage and the Postal Service must adapt its outdated brick-and-mortar model to meet current customer needs. Only serious cost-cutting structural reforms that reduce workforce costs and rightsize infrastructure can save the Postal Service and prevent a multi-billion taxpayer funded bailout."

  • dougie

    5 day delivery is the way. It ‘ll have the least impact on the customer. Maybe if we go to 5 day they won’t have to close as many offices. Can’t we just try it?

  • Bob

    Kiss my @$$ Issa. Your bill is a joke.

  • Drop dead Darryl

    Give back the money congress stole you pr!(k

  • jeff

    Issas bill is terrible, and 5 day delivery would put a damper on the already struggling economy and put upwards of 30 thousand employees out of work and in the unemployment lines. The answer, or at least a great start, is the payment into the retirement system that is already overpaid.

  • Skip

    Issa you forgot to mention the taxpayer funded bailout a couple of times.

  • Rich

    Issa is a pissa…

  • mike

    I am a 28 yr. Carrier. I support jobs with all my heart. most of my customers could care less if they had Saturday delivery. But let’s face it folks. The way the economy is, changes are needed. I hope congress is hearing this comment.? Most likely not?. But anyway. I have an idea. Take one Saturday during a month that is agreed between the unions and mgmt. And give it a test run. If it is cost effective, let’s go with it. If I’ts a bust and a and there is no savings. Then drop the issue. And move on to something that works.?. Everyone just needs to quit screwing around and get somthing done. Or no one will have a job or mail delivery. Its really not that hard. Or is it.? Let me do the math for you. Six minus one will equal five. That to me is a savings to me? It’s really that simple folks. Mike.

  • joe Cincinnati


    You are a typical silver spoon yuppie who has been tea bagged one too many times. You keep spouting about a tax payer bail out. The US Postal Service has never taken one dime from the federal government. In fact you and your republican tea baggers have dipped into our pockets for 30 years. The reason you sont want to give us the 50 billion we have over paid is because your buddy GW spent it attacking Iraq. I cannot belive that you actuallly have constituents that buy your line of crap…….you are typical professional political thief…..get a job.

  • John

    And mr. Issa still has only 1 co-sponsor…

  • Wesley

    Rep. Issa, I would dearly love to see you thrown out of office in disgrace. All you do is spew bile which isn’t a suprise considering that you are bought and paid for.

  • Logicsays

    Whenever I read a statement from Rep Issa or listen to him being interviewed I just feel so sorry for this guy. He is sooo delusional and Pathetic. Like one of those simple folk that blurt things out without any self control. He obviously thinks that most Americans are as intellectually void as he and his supporters are. He is our equivalent of the conservatives that gained power and ruined the economy’s of Brazil and Argentina in the 60’s and 70’s. They took too long to purge their political system of the greedy corporate wacko’s. Hope him and Ross and Walker are gone soon so that we can start bringing back the Middle Class in this country.

  • tim

    6 day needs to stay, customer’s that depend on Saturday delivery will go elsewhere. You will save nothing the savings of ending Saturday will be lost by current customers going elsewhere.!!

  • brian

    wow… there are only to sentences in his statement and he says “taxpayer” three times..

  • brian

    I meant two sentences not to..it was a typo

  • Robert

    5 day delivery will save a hell of a lot. We can get rid of 1/6 th of letter carriers. Save 1/6 of fuel. Building utilities, and the list goes on. Surveys show no cares about saturday delivery.

  • Karen

    Rep. Issa refuses to acknowledge the fact that the CSRS has been overfunded and, if the funds were put in the proper retirement account, there would not have to be a taxpayer bailout! The OIG and other accounting agencies have already audited the retirement accounts and said CSRS was overfunded, why does he think he can ignore their data and make foolish, inaccurate statements? I hope the fact that Standard & Poors downgraded the US’s bond rating will wake up some of these hateful bickering politicians in Washington. We the people are getting sick and tired of this leadership. Watch out come the next election!!!!

  • reo

    Issa really does need to stop making statements. Each time he does, he shows his stupidity. Besides, he could care less about the USPS or its employees.

  • soontogo

    Issa you are an idiot! and will never see this bill go through the senate. stop stealing the postal customers money and everything will be fine. why dont you just ask the Koch Brothers for a raise if you need it. You also know that you will never get re-elected come election day. so just keep spewing that FOX news Koolaid, maybe some of the other Teabaggers will believe you.

  • Haywood Jablome

    To Karen: why does he think he can ignore their data and make foolish, inaccurate statements?

    Because he is a MORON!

  • mike

    Hey Issa why don’t you tell the people about your car theft ring you were a part of or the fire that happened at a building you owned a week after you upped the insurance on it to 500K? We might have some slug employees here at the USPS but a lot of us work for a living and didn’t burn our way to the top

  • Lori

    Issa, what did you do with the 75 billion dollars that belongs to the USPS?
    Did you guys spend it already and that is why you are so determined to have your bill passed so you don’t have to return it?

  • JT

    Sorry but you 6 day supporters are in the wrong. 5 day delivery will save thousands of jobs not cost jobs.

  • Jen

    “Taxpayer funded bailout” ? NO! Just return the 75 billion that congress is using as slush money in what USPS was required to pay in prefunding future retirements. Stop spewing lies!

  • m d

    No reason we couldn’t go to five days and create a product to go along with express mail ( say a sat. guaranteed piority ). Every other carrier service offers sat. service at a premium price. We can talk about the 75 billion overpayment forever….. It ain’t coming back. We need new revenue streams and REAL cost cutting ideas or theres gonna be about 550,000 more folks drawing unemployment real soon.

  • letter carrier too

    we already are losing routes by the thousands 5 day delivery would slow this down national union reps ask the carriers what they would like over 75% would say sat off. when was the last sat. you worked? saturday is a day carriers need to spend with their families the rest of america has been taking sat. off for the last forty years. i am tired of union officals acting like we need them to explain economics to us you work for us ask what we want.

  • letter carrier too

    issa get some info for yourself your advisors are only telling what people want to hear at fund raisers the truth would help alot

  • leroy

    5 day is better than NO DAY delivery!

  • tom cruise

    Instead of using the 70 billion overpayment to CSRS going to save the PO,divide that money to payoff eligible CSRS employees to retire.That would get alot of us out the door fast.

  • Lee

    the only problem with eliminating Sat delivery will be delivering on a Tuesday after a monday holiday, we’d never be able to get that much mail out on time. If people don’t mind get their mail at 7 PM or so, no problem