PRC sets schedule for consideration of USPS’s post office closing plans

The Postal Regulatory Commission has announced its schedule for considering the Postal Service’s request for an advisory opinion on its plans to close as many as 3,650 post offices in the near future. Interested parties need to notify the PRC of their intention to intervene in the case by August 19. The first hearing to consider the USPS’s direct evidence is scheduled for September 8.

All interested persons are hereby notified that notices of intervention in this proceeding shall be due on or before August 19, 2011. Responses to discovery shall be due within 7 days.The hearing to receive the Postal Service’s direct case shall begin September 8, 2011.

  • Intervenor evidence must be submitted by September 16, 2011.
  • The hearing to receive intervenor evidence shall begin October 3, 2011.
  • Unless the Postal Service elects to submit surrebuttal evidence, briefs shall be due October 14, 2011, and reply briefs shall be due October 21, 2011.
  • If the Postal Service elects to submit surrebuttal evidence, that evidence is due by October 11, 2011.
  • The hearing to receive the surrebuttal evidence shall be October 17, 2011.
  • If surrebuttal evidence is submitted, briefs shall be due October 26, 2011, and reply briefs shall be due November 2, 2011.
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    • tvraniak

      The small post offices are not responsible for the present crisis at the USPS. The following items are:

      1. Overpayment of the employee retirement plan to the tune of $50-70 BILLION DOLLARS with the money being held by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT

      2. Pre-retirement funding due to Congressional Mandate since 2006. This is above and beyond the money already supposedly being held by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!

      3. Congress creating the OFFICE OF THE INSPECTOR GENERAL and funding it from Postal coffers since 1996 to the tune of $120-$140 MILLION a year. This is a duplication of service since the USPS already had the Postal Inspection Service, which was created with the inception of the USPS. The Postal Inspection Service was also the oldest Federal Law Enforcement Agency in the Nation with a conviction ratio of over 96%.

      4. The mandate by the Courts for the USPS to become SOX compliant even though the USPS is not on the SEC and had a tighter financial control then most businesses.

      5. The separation of Mail Processing from Customer Service, therefore creating more individual administrative positions with different goals and objectives. This has driven the move in the past to separate larger facilities and more bureaucracy within.

      Many people want to privatize the USPS. Tell me, has the aviation business been better for the public since 1981? Has telephone service been better with the break up of Ma-Bell? Certain things in a democracy do require government intervention when the private sector goals and profit percentages take precident over the employees and the people they serve ie; energy, transportation, and communication. The private sector at this time is to focused on greed, the bottom line, etc. Who do you talk to about your credit card problems now? Someone in India?
      I have been a clerk, carrier, Postal Systems Examiner, Officer in Charge, Financial Risk Analyst, Mgr of Financial Control along with owning several businesses over the years and this is what I think is necessary from what I know and have learned:

      1. Put control of Mail Processing back under the District Managers and consolidate plants.

      2. Put displaced plant personnel back into the small Post Offices and work more on local mail turnaround. Most customers are concerned about waiting times and getting a letter from one side of town to another by the next day.

      3.Concentrate on first class, and priority service along with window service. Do not use strictly computer information or a unified program to determine ultimate staffing. Each unit is different and has different needs and customer base.

      3. Get Congress out of USPS mandates and it’s budget/money! Use the OIG to observe and suggest on the big picture of the USPS and have Congress provide the funding.

      4. Get back into the courts over the SOX compliance issue

      5. Revamp HDQ. There was a time that we had only the PMG and Assist. PMG and that was when there was growing volume. (PMG William Bolger).

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