Senator Tester: USPS should cut pay for executives, not post offices

Senator says official’s compensation ‘not transparent’

Thursday, July 28, 2011

(U.S. SENATE) – U.S. Senator Jon Tester is demanding to know why the head of the U.S. Postal Service made $800,000 in total compensation while eliminating local Montana positions as the organization is dealing with a multibillion-dollar shortfall.

Tester, during a Senate hearing on the nominations of Mark Acton and Robert Taub to the Postal Regulatory Commission, said that the salaries of top executives should be at the top of the list when cutting costs.

“Quite frankly, when times are tough, when you start cinching your belt down, that ought to be the first place we’re looking, not the last place,” Tester said.

Tester, a member of the Senate Committee that oversees the Postal Service, added that this week’s decision to consider the closure of 85 rural post offices in Montana would “raise heck in Rural America.”

Tester told Acton that the Postal Regulatory Commission must play a big role in rural America with its recommendations to the Postal Service.

“I also understand you guys give recommendations, and I appreciate that,” Tester said. “And I think they ought to be listened to a heck of a lot more than they’ve been listened to, quite honestly. You guys have important jobs–an important connection–and quite frankly, from my constituency’s base, you guys are a big deal. Because you can make a difference.”

The Postal Regulatory Commission is an independent agency that has oversight over the Postal Service.

Tester recently wrote a letter to the Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe calling on the U.S. Postal Service to keep mail service available in rural communities.

  • Arbie

    I can appreciate Senator Testor’s concern and point of contention- but it doesn’t carry much weight when the group of people worried about the biggest debt and cost cutting haven’t suggested cutting their own salaries in Congress before they start tackling the livelyhood of millions of AmericansThere are ways tehe Postal Service can both save money and Post Offices- but the blind leadership at the moment has a plan- to have the USPS FAIL- so they can push an agenda that is bogged down by long standing laws. There is really no doubt that offices should be closed and things fixed (to include going to 5-day delivery) but if the public knew the actions that are being enacted everyday in the name of ‘cost cutting”-the entire Postal leadership team would be lynched. If the fanatics stop complaining about each other (craft vrs management vrs whoever) then maybe people will listen to some of the things that are driving the Postal Service into the ground- If the PMG gets his way, you’ll see an immediate change around because then they’ll start managing to suceed so it looks like they were right all along-The GAO shold really investigate the whole system- they are truely the Governmental ENRON

  • postal joe

    most “postal executives” are overpaid anyway ! and they don’t deserve the pay that they do get. a high percentage of these bozos were bad clerks who used the nepotism/croneism route to get where they are. most of these people have done that. it’s well known in the postal service. they will take the money and run. it’s all about “the high three”!

  • Tony

    What that is way toooooooo much money if we are losing money!

  • Joe

    That is what we have talking about, they always want to cut the workers who move the mail, BUT there are extra higher management positions that have been created to accomodate ceertain individuals which are useless, how about cutting their salaries, that is a good idea..

  • Brian

    What the Sen does not tell you is some of these office’s make around 8K a year… So with that in mind divide 8k by 2080 and you get $3.84 well below minimun wage… So with that in mind how can you cut the salary of a middle class job to below minimum wage?

  • Hal

    COMMON SENSE. Why reward the responsible parties whom screwed up while penalizing the public that both we, and the screw up managers swore to serve.

  • Righto

    Way to go Senator Tester! You got it right. There are far too many postal executives and they get paid way too much. They keep comparing themselves to large corporation CEOs…BS. If they were real CEOs, they’d all be fired by now.

  • David

    Considering the financial situation of the government, as a whole, maybe Senator Tester and his cronies should take a cut in pay. At least the USPS actually accomplishes something.

  • Gregg

    $800,000 friggin dollars!! Are you kiddin me?? I am a distribution clerk and pull down $54,000 a year.Good Money,Yes.But nothing justifies someone making $800,000 a year especially when that business(or serivce)loses BILLIONS of dollars every year!!David is right,maybe Senator Tester is overpaid.But at least,he recognizes the fact that their are way to many overpaid people in USPS management.

  • Robert Jackson Sr.

    Give me a stinking break! The pay for congress should not only be cut be suspended as long as nothing is being accomplished oin the house and senate. Pay for Performance should also be enacted where they will not receive compensation if they do not peform the work that they elected to do.

  • Kingfisher552

    Finally, someone in the government has a sound idea to get the postal service heading in the right direction. This bloated bureaucracy must be attended to first before the workforce takes any more hits.

  • Johnny

    The Bank of America CEO made 10.25 million with pay and stock options. The total assets for BOA fell another 11 percent this year. Not to mention, a corporation that recieved part of the largest tax payer bailouts in USA history.

    What should his pay be sentator?

  • hrdcorefan

    According to a recent report, members of Congress receive an annual salary of $174,000 — which alone puts them in the highest-paid 5 percent of U.S. workers. They also, however, receive a host of additional benefits that put their total annual compensation at around $285,000. By comparison, the average full-time American employee earns just $50,875 annually.

  • Karen

    The Postmaster General said in a video all postal employees were required to watch that the Post Office is a business and cuts needed to be made. What he is failing to see is that our business is SERVICE and cutting service in NOT good for business. Eliminate a lot of the upper management and let the carriers and clerks do their jobs of serving their customers!!

  • Thunderchicken

    First of all Brian, if a manager is making $8K, then they are NOT working 2080 hours in a year. I agree that there are way too many in MANAGEMENT! $800,000/year that is highway robbery.

    Why is it that laws passed by Congress NEVER applies to them? In the current debt debate, I have never heard of Congress offering to cut THEIR excessive benefits. Cut social security, medicare and medicaid but not the billions given to oil companies? Pure BS

  • Gus

    Finally someOne whith good sense