Postal Regulatory Commission to Review Post Office Closing Plan

Washington, DC – The Postal Regulatory Commission will immediately begin its review of the Postal Service’s plan to consider closing approximately 3,700 post offices. The Postal Service is required to ask the Commission for an Advisory Opinion on any change in nationwide service it proposes. An initial schedule for the Commission to decide this case (Docket N2011-1) will be issued shortly.

The Commission will hold public, on-the-record hearings to analyze and cross-examine the Postal Service’s proposal and supporting evidence. During the process, mail users and interested members of the public may offer supporting or opposing views, both informally and as part of more formal, technical presentations. The Commission will also solicit public comments through its website. The Service cannot implement the changes until 90 days after filing the request.

“The Advisory Opinion process is the opportunity for the public’s concerns over the process to be heard, and for the Postal Service to be given the direction it needs to continue to provide good service to the nation,” said PRC Chairman Ruth Goldway. “The Commission supports the Postal Service’s efforts to become more efficient, but with regard to post offices, significant changes must be done within the framework of the legal requirement to provide universal service.”

The public is invited to share their views via the Commission web site,, by clicking the “contact PRC” tab to access a convenient online customer service form. To participate more formally in the process and to file documents to be included in the online public record, interested parties should click the “Filing Online” tab and follow the appropriate instructions.

072811_Commission to Review Postal Services Post Office Closings Plan_1948.pdf (application/pdf Object).

  • Just Another Worker

    Leave the offices open and close Congress!

  • Another Worker #2

    We’re top heavy. That’s where all the money is going. PCPCES personnel need to be pared down. They get everything free and generally do nothing of value!.

  • Disgusted

    This should take 10 or 12 years.

  • Concerned Citizen From Georgia

    Downsizing and recovering loss in revenue can be accomplished in creative ways – not simply by closing rual post offices. A change in number of days of operation, for ALL post offices, thereby, cutting cost of ALL employee salaries, would surely result in more revenue savings than disposing of over 3,000 rural post offices where people are gravely inconvenienced for servcies they are so accustomed to having available in their rural communities. Fair and equitible treatment of customers means JUST that! What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Just limit days of operation to all cutomers, everywhere!