APWU Vows to Fight to Keep Offices Open

From the APWU:

“The American Postal Workers Union will stand with our neighbors in demanding that post offices, stations, and branches remain open – and expand the services they offer – wherever they are needed,” APWU President Cliff Guffey said. The USPS announced July 26 that it plans to study 3,700 post offices, stations and branches for possible closure.

“Closing post offices and slashing service to the American people is not the answer to the Postal Service’s financial crisis,” Guffey said. “The USPS is well aware of the cause of its financial difficulties,” he added. “They cannot cut their way to fiscal health.”

“Congress created the crisis when it slapped the USPS with a $5.5 billion obligation that no other government agency or private company is forced to bear,” he said, referring to the requirement that the USPS pre-fund a 75-year retiree healthcare liability over a 10-year period.

“And Congress has refused – so far – to allow the USPS to apply billions of dollars in overpayments to its pension funds to the pre-funding requirement.”

“The federal government is forcing the Postal Service into bankruptcy by holding billions of dollars of USPS money,” Guffey added.

“Unfortunately, the USPS response is misguided. Closing post offices, stations, and branches will not save the Postal Service.”

The USPS plans to replace some of the offices with “Village Post Offices” – convenience stores that will sell stamps and flat-rate packaging – misses the mark, he said.

“In most cases, Village Post Offices will not be able to provide the American people with the service they expect and deserve,” Guffey said. “The so-called ‘Village Post Offices’ are just a warm and fuzzy name for privatizing the USPS.

  • Gregg

    Best of Luck,Cliff!! To bad Mr.Donagoon already has this plan in the works.All the fighting and protesting we,or the public(our customers)do has almost no influence.Right now,USPS employees,like myself,are tired of hearing about how dire the situation is.We lost this amount of money,we maybe can’t meet our finacial obligations,we possibly will close 3,693 Post Offices.We(the USPS employees) hear this s**t everyday!!Come up with some good news,like a VER,then we will be happy and you can start paying lower wages to the NTFT/PSE employees!! Hey,that’s what you wanted anyway!!

  • ETJ

    Who is the APWU? Not a Union….that is for sure…I have watched the APWU lose jobs left and right over the last 5 years. This union is a joke;…we have over 1500 postal workers at the P&DC in Columbus and can’t even get a friggin quarum of 15 at the monthly meetings…every time I hear any thing at all about the APWU stepping in to do anything I laugh. The only thing the APWU is good for in Columbus is securing jobs for a few worthless clerks so that they have a position as a Steward….and it is good for them for if there was no APWU they would all be on the street