Clerks being detailed to carrier work in Florida

The following was posted to 21st Century Postal Worker by Sam Wood, the APWU Southwest Florida Area Local President:


Management stated that the details to the Carrier Craft would be on “30” day details. After pressing management on the issue, management stated that if they needed to detail these employees for a longer period then 30 days, they wouldn’t have an option to come back. Management stated that the Suncoast District would not train more clerks to do this work, so they would force the employees to stay in the Carrier Craft. The Detailed Clerks would also be subject to discipline (including termination) if any Carrier Violations occurs. Essentially, these Clerk volunteers could in fact be stuck in the Carrier Craft and be constantly moved from station to station and be subjected to hours and days off changes.

Management attempted to paint a very rosey picture of what the Carrier Craft has to offer to my APWU brothers and sisters. Management even stated that the volunteers in St. Petersburg, Florida had more than enough volunteers (17) and they had to turn employees away.

Management made it clear that St. Petersburg employees, including the Union was fully onboard, I know for a fact that the St. Petersburg local nor any other National Officer is on board with this. Do not let management fool us or tear us apart by false claims. We are all in this together, so lets work together and find solutions.

Management attempted to scare employees by stating that Ft. Myers is still under excessing and that the only thing stopping excessing was the moratorium on excessing.

I have no clue as to what will happen tomorrow or beyond but, Hang on everyone, it is sure to be a rough ride!

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Ft Myers Direct Line: Clerks to be assigned to carrier work

  • Mailer

    In any normal business, shifting workforce from one department to another to even out a temporarily uneven workload is pretty routine. Employees not performing their normal tasks are not expected to be fully proficient and are given generous allowance for this unfamiliarity. Usually the managers borrowing these workers are just happy to have the help, and the workers are happy to have something productive to do.

    It is a sad indictment of the USPS bureaucracy that we all know such a simple process will be impossible. All it takes is one unchecked sadist in management, and we know there’s more than just one out there.

  • Buz

    You obviously didn’t read the entire article. It says that the clerks may not be going back to their own craft. Ain’t no “borrowing” going on here.

  • Ron

    Management is trying to do whatever they can in order to not hire more people. They have ALWAYS been manipulating the Clerks! They know the contract and choose to disregard it. If they get “reprimanded” for their abuse, it will be far down the road. And yet, their “immediate” misuse/abuse of Clerks already has taken its toll. Damage done. Shame that Management doesn’t see the whole picture. Clerks (majority of), are to blame as well. Failing to stand up for our rights and take grievances as our only protection of our contract! Need not be afraid of what is right, but be afraid of what is wrong!

  • MaGoo

    You get a bunch of clerks who have been stuck working nights for umpteen years with fixed split days off, and no end in sight because even with 20 years in they’re still at the bottom of the seniority lists and can’t get a bid out of the PDC’s and into a station…then you offer them a chance to get on days with a promise of being off on every Sunday…then you offer to pay them ‘out-of-schedule’ pay (the 1.5x overtime rate ), and you’ll get a bunch of people who will be gladly tricked into making one of the worst decisions of their lives.