• Alan Smith

    Why did host bring up “support from taxpayers for PMG” at the end of segment when the Post Office is NOT funded by taxpayer dollars. We are funded by ratepayers (customers) who pay for postage. Some are large industry mailers and the rest are small business and regular people buying stamps, etc. NO taxpayer money comes to the Post Office. i work for the PO and the average worker is taking the heat while previous PMG and other postal execs are getting bonuses for running us into the ground.

  • Larry

    Its the right wing of the republican party they all shout the same thing and have no idea what they are talking about, however they keep shouting and the public is plain and simple stupid. I mean any postal worker who votes for the republicans who basically want to do awy with the union sums it up. people are stupid and will listen to the same lie if its told often enough

  • Gregg

    Alan is right.The Post Office is funded by our customers who pay for postage.However,sad to say,many people now days do their business on the internet.We pay our bills,send e-greeting cards,e-mail photos to our loved ones,shop and a go to social web sites like Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with family and friends.How can the USPS ever hope to compete with something like this?? Well,it can’t.An article in my latest local USPS magazine,Capital Metro Area Update,has the following words of wisdom In the second quarter of this fiscal year(Jan 1- Mar 31st) the USPS lost 2.2 BILLION dollars.Then it goes on to say how we need to expand our products to venues like grocery stores,ATM’s banks,drug stores etc..It’s all about customer convenience.To bad nobody cares if they can buy stamps etc.. at Walmart,especially if they don’t use the USPS anyway!! I am a 30 year career USPS employee. It’s bad when someone like myself wonders if their really is a future for the USPS.Hate to say this,but things are lookin rough.

  • cb196

    My question is. The USPS borrowed money where did we borrow that money from? Was it from tax payers dollars?

  • Alan Q. Smith

    Just to set the record straight, the Alan Smith above is not me. I am Alan Q. Smith, the Postmaster of Marble Falls, Texas.

  • kurt

    more than likely the money comes from the treasury dept., but it is a loan at a small % payback amount, a debt ceiling like you are seeing on tv about the gov`t. needing to raise.if you notice they say the usps delivered 177 billion pieces last year.do the math ,thats 488,000,000 pieces a day!in the year 2020 they say 160 billion pieces will be delivered, thats 460,000,000 pieces a day!do you think you just stop that?you will see more consolidation, the right way to do things, the mailhandlers and carriers both have contracts coming in nov. 2011, you will see changes like craft crossing .just tell your fellow workers to get ahold of their congress people and tell them to back h.r.13511

  • brian

    The USPS borrows from the US Treasury, and the Treasury earns interest on the money it loans the USPS. Does that mean the USPS really does get taxpayer dollars? No- banks get to borrow money from the Federal Reserve at very low rates, and I don’t think most people consider them taxpayer financed because of it.

    More importantly- remember WHY the USPS has to borrow money- to put into a trust fund. In the Treasury. So we borrow money from the Treasury and loan it back. It’s a shell game. We are NOT taxpayer supported- it’s the other way around- the Treasury owea the USPS far more than the USPS owes the Treasury!