USPS introduces revamped web site

From USPS News Link:

The new is now open for business. The redesigned website arrives with the first wave of enhancements, including easier-to-find topics and tools and a fresh approach to online information.

“We know our customers are busy people,” says Kelly Sigmon, vice president, Channel Access. “The new is one more example of USPS creating easy, more convenient customer access to postal products and services.”

One of the new features is Quick Tools, four applications in one easy-to-find area that allow users to quickly and easily perform the most commonly used customer specific tasks: “Track & Confirm,” “Find a Post Office,” “Calculate Postage,” and “Look Up a ZIP Code.”

Quick Tools gives users access to this information without interrupting their shipping or mailing processes. Quick Tools with rollover buttons appear on every page, providing customers “take action” navigation regardless of where they are on the website.

At the top of every page, customers can select “Ship a Package,” “Send Mail,” “Shop,” or “Business Solutions.” Convenient drop-down menus offer links and information to help users quickly get to where they need to go.

Also with, a related website is now available. provides corporate information, such as USPS history, along with the latest news and information on the Postal Service. Users can access by clicking on a banner located on the bottom right side of and from a link in the footer found on each page — or by entering “” in the browser address bar.

Improvements and updates to both websites will be added the rest of this year and in fiscal year 2012.

  • Vicki

    Most of the new sight looks ok, but I hate the automatic scrolling across the page. Annoying! The same goes for Lite Blue.

  • Moondawg

    So far, so god! I like it, orderly and common sense-ical…

  • Marvin Bakalar

    The site is all screwed up. You cannot locate a post office nor find a zip code for an address. There is no list of states and they require for example an Urbanization Code whatever that is to find the post office and hours and address, etc.

  • brian

    I had no problem looking up a ZIP code or finding a post office. Urbanization codes are only used in Puerto Rico- it didn’t ask me for one unless I selected Puerto Rico as a state. What browser are you using?

  • Moondawg

    It was VERY EASY to locate a zip code/post office!, 1st, you put the street address in, then the City & State, then hit enter and it gives you the zip code.

  • CAworker

    On the old website our hours were wrong and customers
    constantly complained they came and we were still closed.

    But we couldn’t seem to get someone to fix the problem!
    Who’s in charge here?

  • Joe

    This new site is frustrating and horrible.
    Package tracking does not work on an older computer.
    Important functions such as tracking should be available to everyone, not just those with elite smartphones and expensive apps.

  • sup

    yikes! yup, the scrolling gives me headaches…it’s probably easier to navigate for newbies — harder if you already knew where everything was on the old site

  • John

    Go to any Postal Customer Council website and click a link to sites like National PCC or MailPro Magazine or PCC Insider..these and many others no longer work

  • Lucas

    The web site is not compatible with Internet Explorer 9 for functions like look up a zip code, find usps locations, and track & confirm. You have to enable compatability view by clicking icon in the toolbar that looks like a broken page.

  • Lucas

    The USPS web site was updated to work with IE9 since my last post.