APWU Files Step 4 Disputes Protesting Violations Of Collective Bargaining Agreement

From the APWU:

(07/20/11) The APWU filed four national-level disputes on July 12, based on reports we received from locals and National Business Agents that management has been violating provisions of the 2010-2015 National Agreement. Discussions are ongoing at the national level to resolve these issues; the disputes were filed to protect our interests while discussions continue.

Level 4 Post Office Clerks in Level 15 and 16 Post Offices (HQTC20110349 [PDF]): This dispute protests management’s unilateral decision to create a Level 4 Post Office Clerk PSE (Postal Support Employee) job description for use in Level 15 and Level 16 post offices. The dispute further challenges the use of PSEs to work the window in any post office with fewer than three career retail clerks whose duties include working the window. The dispute also challenges the USPS contention that PSEs hired in Level 15 and Level 16 Post Offices will perform “new work” and that therefore the PSEs hired for these positions are not subject to District PSE caps.

New PSE Position Descriptions (HQTG20110350 [PDF]): This dispute involves the issuance of management instructions regarding the use of new, rather than existing, Standard Position Descriptions when hiring PSEs.

Global Settlement re: Violations of Article 1.6B. (HQTG200917/Q06C4QC10005587 [PDF]): This dispute involves the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding regarding the Global Settlement of violations of Article 1.6.B. The resolution of Grievance #Q06C4QC10005587 limited the amount of bargaining unit work postmasters and supervisors are allowed to perform. Management has issued instructions to the field telling postmasters to track only the time they spend actually working the window, in clear violation of the terms of the MOU. Furthermore, management has unilaterally exempted offices undergoing delivery unit optimization (DUO) from the requirement that any office that is downgraded in level must remain at the bargaining unit work limitations in place at the beginning of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Furthermore, the APWU disputes management instructions that no bargaining unit work limitation exists for Level 20-and-above post offices.

PSEs in Higher-Level Maintenance Craft Positions (HQTT20110345 [PDF]): This dispute protests management plans to hire PSEs using new Standard Position Descriptions in higher-level positions, other than custodial positions, in the Maintenance Craft.

  • SoulMan

    APWU leaders sold us a crappy contract, and are now trying to distance themselves from it. They allowed the creation of a shadow-work force of temp workers, and are now suprised management is shoving it down their throats? Well, duh! What did they EXPECT would happen?Naive. Really, really naive.

  • Gregg

    Amen,SoulMan!! Why in the HECK did so many APWU members vote yes for this contract??Not really sure.Guess the fear of an uncertain future for the USPS had something to do with it.Hey,our future is still uncertain,and we got a SHI**Y contract!!Thanks APWU members who voted YES to this contractMany more grievance’s will be filed.This is just the begining.Guffeys next job will be doing infomercials.Hey,he sold this contract!!He could be the next Billy Mays!!

  • Bigwheel

    Should have listened to Burrus.

  • Aleman

    Yawn, same old tired arguments out of the burrus loving crowd. The contract is a good one for the times we live in. An arbitrator would not have given us any better. There’s never a contract where the union has not had to file grievances against management’s implementation or interpretation of the contract. Who didn’t expect management and the union for that matter, to try and weasel every single tidbit possible out of any contract signed?

  • mike

    agree with most above , i voted NO. its funny i know so many ptf whom thought oh ill become a new NTFT postions. oh now they are being told only as demonstrated. all these people thought they would just be made regulars after 20 years. NOPE not the case. i hope all you out there that voted yes and are now getting 30 hours a week with ntft are now not complaining how they ready could use a 40 hour jobs to their customers in line. i also find it funny we now have members who are now stating how aribitrators would have voted. why are you working for usps if you are mind readers whom know all you are in the wrong field. same people related to the end of the world guy last month with two wrong predictions.

  • Alemans an idiot

    Aleman do you really believe that is what we would have gotten in arbitration? If you do then I feel really sorry for you. Even if we did at least we would have ground to stand on with the new hires. Now we voted a crappy contract in and when they ask why we have to tell them that we did it to help ourselves and didnt care about your best interest. That will get us new members good thinking dumbazz.

  • Ray

    Dear APWU Brothers and Sisters, We have always achieved more through arbitration than offered to us by the USPS. Also if an arbitrator had made the agreement to hire PSE’s in place of full time employees at least the National agreement would not be the result of our own APWU so called leaders. When do they stop the waste at the National level. Why are they still traveling around the country on our dime. Maybe someone should suggest Local Presidents staying closer to home and defending their membership! Yours in Solidarity, Ray

  • Really?

    Those 30 hour regulars being made get a pretty good deal…anything over 30 is OT…and the work is still there. Stop your whining! In the end, the PO will pay all those they’re screwing now, by not having them work. If they’re not in enough trouble financially now, wait till this all planys out. What a mess! Maybe in the past arbitrators have paid off, but in today’s economy? No way. We did well. At the end of the day, if the PO goes under, the union will be useless. We all need to work together to make whatever changes keeps us all viable.

  • New PSE Guy

    I have been out of work (without unemployment or health insurance), living off savings for 8 months. I saw the PSE announcement, took the 473 test and am now slated for an interview tomorrow. Last night I happened to start reading the online tentative agreement (that was apparently ratified in May, 2011). Now I’m not so sure I want the PSE job – it almost sounds like I’d be a dues-paying unionized scab locked into a temp job for 2 years. Are you guys insane? I mean, these are desparate times, but why would you agree to this? It really sounds like the PO is going to keep replacing all the full timers with 20% PSE’s, then re-open the contract in 2 or 3 years to up it to 30%, then 40%, then 50%…until you guys have no bargaining chips to deal with. If I didn’t need a job so bad, I would would say, “Thanks, but no thanks.”
    I may be the exception, but if I take the job, I’m gonna feel like I’m crossing an ‘invisible picket line’ every day. And guess what? I’m STILL never going to get an opportunity to ever become a regular full time employee…because by then, all the regular full time positions will be phased out!

  • Disgusted…

    @ really…you’ve been misinformed…those new NTFT positions are not less than 30 but up to 44 without overtime…who’s getting screwed…? We all are…