Video: PMG talks about postal finances, 5 day delivery

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe talks about cost-saving efforts and the future of the U.S. Postal Service.

  • Gregg

    And the decline contiues.Mail volume is down.Fuel prices are high.We still deliver 6 days a week door to door.The pre-funding is a pain in the ass.I(Mr.Donahoe) will not be able to meet our finacial obligations on Sep.30th.Let’s close Post Offices nationwide.Let’s mess up the lives of dedicated USPS employees,who main get a choice to relocate,or be terminated.Here’s a hint on how to get some extra cash flow for the USPS.Get rid of utterly stupid manangement postions,which pay WAY to much to begin with.Do they sort or deliver mail?? Ah,NO!!What the F**K is a MPOO anyway?? Then have a VER offer SERVICE wide to all eligible employees.Maybe a little CASH NOW included.Then you can bring in these replacement,more flexible,lower paid,no experience workers who will be the future of the USPS.I think Pat really has no clue about the future of the USPS.But,he is really getting no help from congress.What will happen next?? Who cares,as long as we have football this year!!

  • mike

    Ya keep going to the games and watch these millionaires playing football and crying when they stub a toe..

  • Ipee Freely

    The Postal Service deserves bankruptcy!! Let those morons try and find a job in the real world! Where else can a high school drop out be given a management position at better than $70k a year?

  • Scott Garrity

    You’re an idiot. Do you realize that a majority of Postal Workers are veterans? Cool. Let’s put 250,000 veterans plus another 200,000 others out on their ass with no income. That’ll be great for the economy!

  • Ronnie

    Some changes must be made…top to bottom…

  • Vicki SD

    I agree Ronnie, the problem is that the ‘top’ still stays heavy and the bottom is asked to carry that weight. This isn’t any different then Corporate America or our current Gov’t. Let the little guy deal with the pain so the ‘big boys & girls’ don’t have to. And those big boys and girls are the ones making the decisions. Sheesh.

  • JT

    Saturdays need to be eliminated. I dodnt see how eliminating Saturdaywill put 250,000 veterans out of work, plus another 200,000. Weird Math. For sure there will be some downsizing, and it just can’t be management that gets let go…it has to be some of the workforce. You cant sustain your comapany without making sacrfices.

  • Robert

    As a postal employee, I agree that the post office is very top heavy management wise. Our post office reduced from 100 carriers to 60 carriers over a 10 year period as mail volume decreased and computerized sorting increased. But the number of managers has actually increased. Please reduce management by 50% and reduce management salaries by 20%! Too many small post offices. Close 50% of them. I live in a small town, but I can drive 10 miles to mail a package. Go to 3 day a week delivery (with an extra charge to deliver on ‘closed’ days). Raise postage by 25% on bulk mail and 10% on preferential mail. House to house bulk mail ads cost the post office overtime to deliver. They are not making you as much money as you think! Give postal employees more control over their jobs. Most of the ones that I work with are college graduates and can make decisions about their own routes. Allow postal employees to sell back their vacation time. It is cheaper to buy back our vacation time then it is to cover our routes with people on overtime. Stop giving stupid 30 minute a week talks and let us get back to work!