Postal employee organizations ask Congress to protect six day delivery

The following letter has been sent to Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO), chairman of the House Financial Services and General Government Subcommittee:

Dear Representative Emerson,

On behalf of the organizations that represent the employees of the US Postal Service, we support your provision on six-day mail delivery contained in HR 2434 (Financial Services and Appropriations Act of Fiscal Year 2012). We believe that any attempt to strike that language from your bill fails to recognize:

1. There will be a loss of 80,000 or more jobs if Saturday delivery is eliminated.
2. The Congress has a 30 year unblemished, bipartisan history of supporting six days of delivery and universal service, from President Reagan to President Obama.
3. Tens of millions of businesses and constituents will be disadvantaged by the loss of Saturday delivery. A disproportionate number of those who are disadvantaged live in rural America, or are the elderly, underprivileged and handicapped, whose lives depend on the USPS for prescription drugs, not to mention the millions of businesses who receive movies and parcels on Saturday.
4. There is considerable dispute about the “savings” attributed to lowering service to five days a week. The independent Postal Regulatory Commission found that the US Postal Service’s analysis was fundamentally flawed, underestimating the amount of revenue and business lost by the USPS, and that 25% of First Class and Priority Mail would be delayed two days.

We urge you and the Rules Committee to protect six-day delivery.


American Postal Workers Union
National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association
National Association of Letter Carriers
National Postal Mail Handlers Union

PDF version.

  • Linda

    Going to five day delivery will not destroy us,
    but insisting on six day delivery is ridiculous.
    Mail volume cannot possibly justify everyone
    knows it is inevitable.

  • Ugh

    Something doesn’t sound right about that first statement. Maybe that ‘loss of 80,000 jobs’ part. But maybe I’m mistaken?

  • think

    The postal service complains enough about overtime. What about a Monday holiday? That is three days and no delivery? What about trying and keep a sub? No way.

  • just because

    Five day delivery will certainly be the beginning of the end. 80,000 employees nationwide sounds about right for the Post Office. But I would bet the loss would be even greater to direct mailer firms. This is a ridiculous proposal that flies in the face of the Republicans claim that they want to “create” more jobs. How does this help? There are other means available to sustaining the Postal Service besides this desperate act.

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  • carrier

    I am a city carrier and I disagree with this letter. They do not represent me, and many other postal employees. In rebuttel of there letter…

    1. There are many open routes and positions in the usps. There would be very little if any job losses. The only ones that would be hurt are the te’s and rca, which are temps. They were hired as temps so shouldn’t be seen as a loss. The unions would also see it as a loss, but the jobs are not filled now, so there thinking potential dues lost. The are going to lose all dues if the usps goes under!

    2. If they want to keep there 30 years of six day delivery going, then the usps should be subsidized. NO business should have to do something that makes them lose money. Fedex and ups already dropship parcels that are not in big city areas, leaving the usps to finish the work it doesn’t pay them to do.

    3. prescription drug companies already said they would change their shipping to get the meds there before Saturday. And did they actually say businesses waiting for their dvds on Saturday, what type of business orders movies to watch??? In my office 80-90% of the businesses dont even want mail delivery on saturday. We hold it til Monday for them.

    4. When your losing a lot of money, you save where you can. Do anything and everything to stay in business.

    All this letter did was talk about their talking points. Don’t believe all postal employees feel this way…we don’t.

  • brian

    No, they do represent you. The fact that you disagree with them and the vast majority of letter carriers who elected them is the issue, not lack of representation.

    I always like how people who want to have Saturday off tell us that 5 day delivery won’t cost any jobs, and then turn around and accuse the union of wanting “dues”. You can’t have it both ways- if we’re not going to lose full time carrier jobs, then where does this issue of “dues” come from? And if we’re not going to lose jobs, how does this save us any money.

    Face it- you want to have Saturday off, and you don’t care how many people lose their jobs so you can get it. The NALC leadership was elected by the members- you weren’t. You speak only for yourself.

  • Fat union cats

    The fat ass union cats don’t want to lose the revenue . That is the only reason they are against 5 day, they are protecting themselves and no one else.

  • Postal Clerk

    APWU MEMBER also. You are lobbying against your own future.
    1. Taxpayers. are not going to pay your wages.
    2. Mail volume is declining at a steady rate.
    3. Right now Overtime is abundant and vacant jobs are frozen.
    4. Alot of retirements in the offing.
    Use reason. 5 day delivery is not needed. Most people could care less about mail on Saturday and in your heart of hearts
    You know it.

  • Union member carrier

    I am also a carrier and strongly agree with this carrier and the postal service. This measure would save tons of money on vehicle fuel alone, not using them for a whole day, as well as OTDL not working their SDO every week. That is definately a huge exaggeration on the so called 80k job loss, whatever

  • brian

    So “Fat”- what “revenue” are these so-called “fat cats” (who are elected by the membership) going to lose? If no one’s going to lose their jobs, how does the union lose “revenue”?

    More importantly, your argument proves that most carriers disagree with you- if everyone was in favor of 5 day delivery, why would they keep paying dues to a union that opposes it?

  • Postal Clerk

    I have paid dues my entire career but that does not mean I Agree with everything the union says or does. In the bargaining process we would have been behind in wages and benefits as well as other measures of job security. This was at a time of revenue growth. I am just facing the facts that the economiy is in the tank, not to mention the huge deficit. The taxpayers are not going to be able to pay our wages The Postal
    Service is loosing money hand over fist. Now where do we go from
    here. The Postal Service must be able to take some measures to stop the bleeding before it’s too late.

  • Aleman

    Difficult to quit a union which represents you against management in the case of discipline. While the union is obligated to represent me(member or not), I wonder how much effort and energy they’ll put into representing people they call “scabs.” There is also a legitimate concern by the unions on dues, the APWU last year had a cash flow crisis and had to discontinue for a time, the mailing of their monthly members magazine. I do agree w/some points made by the carrier, there are so many vacant routes currently in many offices, that 5 day delivery would actually allow us to cover nearly every route, every day. So Brian, while I agree that many are only interested in Saturday off, and that’s a legitimate concern if you have family and children, there are also many arguments in their favor too. 5 day delivery just isn’t that simple on either side of the issue. We currently have a serious issue of overcapacity at the plants.

  • patrick

    we have no control on what is to happen, we have to accept the fact that the mail buisness is slowly going away, new forms of revenue are needed, some job loss may be better than the whole ship sinking.

  • hoagie head

    Carrier and where did you get these great facts of yours? I smell a Tea Partyer. YOU ARE represented by the NALC or NRLCA you probably just don’t pay for it. SO TYPICAL!

  • Rural Gal

    Congress does not seem, as a whole, ready to give up 6 day delivery. The postal service itself admitted to the PRC that it did not consider the impact to rural areas of doing so. The savings is at issue as well.
    SO, why does’nt the USPS push the fact that we DO deliver 6 days per week particularly on Saturdays for less than anyone else??
    The friendly mail man commercial could sell that fact on television and print ads.

    Instead of the woe is me posture, why aren’t we selling our uniques strengths??

  • ken

    there is a line of carriers ready to retire if an incentive is offered. to make room for TE’s, cancelling saturdays would allow the postal service to offer incentives and not lose as many jobs as everyone thinks. as far as for the union, plz, dues dues dues

  • Randy K

    CITY CARRIER. Some of you people don’t make any sense. If there are open routes, and they are paying overtime they are wasting money. If you fill the route with a straight-time employee, you’re saving the 33% of the money you’d have to pay in overtime. Sure sounds like that might make more sense. If you take into consideration benefits the number is lower, but certainly not 33%.

    Patrick, you say we have “no control” over what happens. That is not true, elected officials are in office to serve us. Isn’t it their job to do as we say? We are nopt just USPS employees, we are also customers.

    It’s time to trim fat at the upper levels, and reduce/eliminate bonuses to these people. Why would you give someone a bonus when they obviously cannot steer the business in the right direction.

  • Long Time Postal Worker

    Why has no one commented on the fact that the only real reason we are losing money is due to congress mandating funds be set aside to fund future benefits…unheard of in the business world….just a way for them to access funds for their use

  • brian

    ken- if we won’t lose jobs, what does “dues dues dues” have to do with anything. The only way the union loses “dues” is for members to lose their jobs. Saying the union is worried about “losing dues money” is EXACTLY the same as saying the union is worried about members LOSING THEIR JOBS. Boy- what a terrible thing for a union to be doing- protecting its members’ jobs!

  • Patricia

    If the usps goes down to 5 day delivery. Does this mean the whole city needs to re-bid for routes or do the carriers re-bid for routes in their own stations?

  • Kim

    In reading through the comments, it seems as if one point has been missed. I believe that if the six day language is stricken, there is no guarantee of five day service. The Postmaster General has already mentioned needing to control the frequency of delivery. Who is to say any employees left will be working a forty hour week? Monday through Friday is not guaranteed if this language is lost.
    My Congressman is on the rules committee. He has received hundreds of calls this week, calls favoring six day, universal service.
    A big thank you to all of the unions as well as each activist fighting to save The Postal Service!

  • Lee

    My only concern over eliminating Sat Delivery would by the huge volume of mail that needs to be out on Monday. As a former automation clerk and now expeditor at a PD&C, Friday and Sunday nights are our busiest. We struggle to get our mail out on time as is, due to the elimination of machines and jobs. I can’t imagine ever getting the mail out on time on Monday morning if there was no Saturday delivery, and I don’t want to think about how bad it would be after a Monday holiday.

    Even now, in our supposedly slow time in July, the dispatches have been late. Standard or bulk mail at the plant is extremely heavy for some reason and delayed/late. But, there is no day shift anymore at the plant to run this mail, due to managements decision to eliminate almost all day jobs. When I left work this morning, there was at least 100,000 pieces of Friday Delivery Standard mail not yet run, along with about 50 or 60 pallets and OTRs of Saturday mail (which should now be treated as first class but won’t be).

  • Sherry

    I am a 18 yr Rural Carrier and I deliver mail in some very rural areas.I have very mixed feelings on the Saturday closings.On one hand, I would like it because I would finally get Saturdays off.Because of the lack of RCA’s and people wanting or able to work at the Post Office,most of the Rural Carriers in our area are working six days a week.It gets very tiring.About a fourth of the mail delivered on Saturday is still in the mailbox when I deliver Monday’s mail.That said,I think closing Saturday’s will be the beginning to the end of the PO.We will lose newspaper accounts,that want delivery on Saturdays.Small town people want to read about Friday night football games first thing the next day…not on Monday.The people in allot of my rural area do not have internet access.We are the only link to the outside world for them.The elderly depend on their medication being delivered on time,as well as other people.Closing the Saturday delivery will not only affect the PO,it will affect other business.I say we get rid of the hourly pay for clerks and city carriers,give them evaluated pay too and save tons of overtime money.No more need for route inspections to find ways to save money.And no more paying someone about 50k and benefits to ride around with an hourly employess to see how to save money.Close the PO”S that a very small.We have one in our area that pays a PM good money and only has 17 PO boxes rented.She sells about 1 book of stamps a WEEK.We are losing big time on this and there are so many of those in the US.Get rid of the lines of bosses.We have bosses,bossing bosses,bossing bosses…it is crazy.

  • Lee RCA

    I realize that I am just a temp-with no dog in this race in some of your eyes, but I have been in line to become a full time carrier for almost 7 years and to me and the other trc’s and rca’s it is a job loss. We have families too to take care of and some of us rely on this job to do just that. You might not care about my opinion but I say cut the overheads and combine some of these offices that have 17 PO boxes and do some shuffling to save the money, if it weren’t for some of us trc’s and rca’s working for you regulars covering your butts when you feel like you have a headache that morning, threw your back out, want to go on vacation, just a personal day, family emergency, or the phone call in the middle of the night your vomitting and cant go in, or just the boxholder I don’t feel like its the day before. Don’t get me wrong I haven’t been waiting through all this for nothing I want my payout too. I am a sub for 1 rt but a back up sub for 8 routes and I get called in more than you realize so my 7 years of waiting to become a full time carrier shouldn’t go to waist. (MY JOB IS COUNTED AS A JOB LOSS!!) Cut the overhead bosses of bosses and bosses and combine some Post Offices. (I need my job to support my family)

  • jack

    why not raise the price of the stamp to an even 50 cents…most customers dont even ask or say keep the change if getting a 44 cent stamp and it would also save time and patience of counting the pennies and so on…this would generate money and help alot…along w/saving time…also combine the smaller post offices I know of some w/in 4-5 miles of each other…..dont eliminate sat and or any day and PLEASE dont go to 5 day delivery…america depends on there mail ppl…PLEASE….

  • kathy

    I am also a RCA who has been waiting for 17 years for a full time position, which in hind site was stupidity on my part! You people who want 5 day delivery should watch what you ask for. Once they have that they will come after your pay, retirement and your negotiation rights!! Us RCA’s do count and I am offended that you think otherwise (carrier)

  • RCA K

    I am an RCA too. I have not been in this as long as some of the others. I agree with the other subs, I am a regular sub on one route and back up on 9 others. I work 4-5 days a week…I can’t believe that “carrier” does not appriciate us more. We need 6 day delivery, I can not afford to loss my job anymore than the next RCA.

  • Laura

    I am a regular carrier & I think that there are better ways to save than cutting saturday delivery! They need to start at the top with all the managers managing managers not at the bottom with the carriers & subs that actually do the job! They have no idea what we do on a daily basis.
    I know that my subs job isn’t just one day a week . He is there any time he’s needed and I am very grateful for that.
    He isn’t working for the fun of it! He needs his job just like the rest of us……. TO SURVIVE!!!

  • khaled khalafalla

    wake up people all of u know we r makeing money but paying the 75 years retierment is killing us and yes the mail is deicling but a we can elminate the hunderds of mangement and inspectors and run it as a bussnais and try to devlope and service and find new way insted of try to elminate people that they r familys stop selfishness and think about the future by giving more not less think think think all of u

  • thefactsrhere

    One thing I don’t understand is how someone that has no idea how the postal service operates can even comment on what the postal service needs to do to fix its budget woes? Now with that said take it from someone who knows what they are talking about> why would you want to stop mail delivery for 1 day per week when this is what it will do for the postal service> All of the offices would continue to be open on the days that just the delivery personal will be off> This would mean that most if not all of the substitute carriers would loose their jobs which could add a profit to the budget, but then that means that since the delivery or mail carrier which gets paid by the amount of work he carriers(not an hourly wage base) with the offices remaining open and the mail trucks/plants and such still running , The mail delivery person would be delivering the mail that was supposed to be delivered on the day he or she was forced to be off on the next day along with the mail for that day also, which means he or she will be delivering two days or being forced to do two days of work in the next day he is allowed to work. And I am quite sure he or she will be expected to do this double day of work with the same pay as one. Now with that said if you pay that delivery person by the work he or she is doing (which is how they are suppose to be paid) You will have to pay them for the extra days worth of mail which will wouldn’t be much of a saving at all (maybe a little for equipment allowance would be all you would save). Also lets say that you stop a day of delivery and keep the offices open which is what the postal service is wanting to do and you force the delivery person to do this extra day of work for free> then that would mean the budget for each office would save quite a bit> then as you probably don’t know is that the supervisors/managements pay and bonuses are based on the profit margin for that office so then most of the saved money would go to extra pay for the supervisors/managers and such since the profit for that office would increase. So where is the savings? This proposal just want work unless you put a pay lock on the overhead at the same time you stop mail delivery and also you should close all operations on that day. Now with all that said why should just the delivery personal be the ones to take the majority of the cut in salary for the entire postal service and the rest of the employees pay continue as normal or even at an increase? And might I add that as the mail volume has decreased over the past years the mail delivery personal pay has already been cut with the decrease in mail volume (they get paid by the work they do not an hourly rate) and be rest assured as the mail has decreased so has their pay been adjusted already. And that is probably something else you don’t know the postal service has and is continuing to adjust the pay for their delivery personal as the mail volume changes. So now I ask you this question where or what is the postal service savings going to be by stopping mail/parcel delivery on any day of the week? Also what has the postal service done with the pay they have already taken from the mail delivery personal over the past years as the mail volume has decreased? I know the answer; let’s see if you can figure it out?