Fox News contradicts Issa claims on USPS tax advantages

Earlier today Darrell Issa claimed that an APWU commercial that reminds Americans that the US Postal Service does not receive taxpayer funds. Issa said that the ad was misleading because of tax exemptions the USPS enjoys, and cited an FTC report that put a dollar figure on the value of those exemptions. As we’ve pointed out, equating tax exemptions and credits with “taxpayer support” would mean that oil companies are also “taxpayer supported”, along with churches, farmers, and anyone else that gets to deduct anything from their tax liability.

Now it turns out that Issa cherry picked numbers from the FTC report to make his rather weak case, ignoring additional costs that the USPS is burdened with. The story debunking Issa’s claims comes from a surprising source- none other than Fox News, normally an organization that can be relied on to faithfully parrot the Republican Party line:

Indeed, the FTC report estimated that federally imposed restraints on the Postal Service — as of fiscal 2006 — cost between $330 million and $782 million annually, while the special benefits were worth between $39 million and $117 million.

And of course, those “federally imposed restraints” don’t include the $5.5 billion “trust fund” payments the USPS has had to loan back to the Treasury every year since 2006.

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  • trout

    Of Course Mr. Issa would cherry pick his information to use. He is just proving how much of an idiot he is when it comes to the truth. He’s even dumber that Ross and that’s pretty bad. The fact is he claims he is an advocate of small government yet he wants to create 2 more government committees to over see the Postal Service and doesn’t realize the irony there. Let me spell it out for him in plain enlgish> That’s making government “bigger” dude. Republiclowns are against bug government unless they create it.


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  • Raci570

    Wow, deja vu all over again; or is there an echo in here? Hello-o-o-o-o-o….hello-o-o-o-o.

  • customer

    ooops he didnt mention govt dont pays any taxes…and no lic..for vehicles… no stickers… no count decals etc… insurance…all suits become u vs us goverment….sounds like a real good deal

  • Liam Skye

    Rep. Issa would not recognize the truth if a ton of it came screaming down out of the heavens like a meteor and crushed a car he was stealing.

  • CAWorker

    Everybody should mail a copy of this article to ISSA’s
    offices in case he missed the fact his lies are exposed.

    Should be worth 34 cents for every worker to do.

  • lawsons voice

    Keep voting republican=3% have all the money which leaves 97% with nothing. Getting closer every day!

  • Informed American

    Mr. Iassa is what’s gone totally wrong with America. He has power, twists facts to his desires (out rights lies) but, hey from a guy arrested in 2 different states and 2 different times, plus a conviction for gun issues. You get what you vote for, Californian’s wake up and send him packing. He proves there is no honor in Congress anymore. What a pitiful example to the world.

  • Girlie

    Don’t forget congress pays nothing in the way of postage for their campaign materials or any other mailings for that matter. They are being subsidized by the USPS

  • Bigwheel

    Could a recall election be in the making???

    They have been cherry picking the facts for a while now, and telling lies to the American people- with Murdock’s help.

    Looks like that is the only thing that will clean up our country– GET THE REPUBLICANS OUT!!!

  • Girlie

    But you hear no talk of those free mailings. Gota be in the multiple muti millions of ¢$$$$. What say you about that mr Issa???

  • brian

    Congress DOES pay for franked mail.

    see wikipedia

  • Dan

    Wikipedia describes Issa as a thief, liar and arsonist. He is a bully. Screw him! He is a putz! And so is his mini-me Dennis Ross.

  • OG

    Ok, first, what happened in the mind of this Fox News journalist to attempt a “fair and balanced” approach to presenting “NEWS”? Hmmm… maybe Murdoch’s Empire is undergoing an internal rebellion … from across the pond … I’ve never thought I’d live the day to say that a Fox News journalist deserves credit for bringing the “facts” to the table …

    APWU President Guffey could send Rep. Issa a certified/receipt request letter asking for an answer to the Congressman’s latest attempt to misinform the American people regarding the true picture facing the USPS.

    Issa is a hypocrite and a crook. And that’s a fact!

  • Dan

    Forget Issa……………………..What the hell happened to Fox News???? Contradicting a Rethuglican goes against everything Fox stands for. HEADS WILL ROLL !!!!!!

  • BigAntG

    Issa- noun; ASS I