USPS testing “Direct Mail Hub” for small businesses in Raleigh, Austin

From USPS News Link:

Small businesses in Austin, TX, and Raleigh, NC, looking for an affordable, effective direct mail solution need search no further. Now available is a pilot test of the Postal Service’s “Direct Mail Hub,” an online platform designed to educate small businesses on direct mail and help them generate mailings from start-to-finish.

With the Direct Mail Hub, small businesses will have access to a third–party provided tool — DirectMail2Go — to create personalized mailpieces. DirectMail2Go gives customers access to templates, mailing lists, printing, postage and mailing, all with one streamlined platform. It also has the flexibility to incorporate company logos and photos uploaded by the user.

“This platform is built to appeal to small businesses that haven’t used direct mail in the past because they considered it too complicated or time-consuming,” said Tom Foti, manager, Marketing Mail.

Mailings can be sent as First-Class Mail and Standard Mail cards, letters and flats. Examples include postcards announcing exclusive sales, letters that preview new products or upcoming events, loyalty mailings that encourage repeat purchases, invitations to a free consultation, or a coupon offer or cash-back certificate.

Another third-party provided tool — Direct Mail Quotes — will become a part of on the Direct Mail Hub in August. Direct Mail Quotes matches a small business customer’s particular mailing needs to a supplier network of mail service providers.

Also available on the Direct Mail Hub is a “Learn More Center,” which provides marketing tips and techniques, research and an electronic form to request a starter kit featuring samples and direct mail success stories. Full details are available at

To jump-start awareness of the Direct Mail Hub, the Postal Service is launching an integrating marketing campaign targeted to small businesses in Austin and Raleigh. The campaign encourages them to visit the Direct Mail Hub and consider the value of direct mail in their marketing efforts. USPS representatives are planning other outreach activities as well.

via USPS News Link – July 12, 2011.