Alan C. Kessler to leave USPS Board of Governors

In a filing with the Postal Regulatory Commission, the USPS has announced the resignation of Alan Kessler from the agency’s Board of Governors effective July 31. Kessler, a Democrat, was appointed to the BOG by President Clinton in 2000, and reappointed by President Obama in 2009. His current term ends in 2015.

Kessler is a partner in the Philadelphia law firm Duane Morris LLP. In February, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a story noting Kessler’s role as lead counsel in a lawsuit defending the Philadelphia Housing Authority. The suit has now dragged on for 14 years. In just the last two years, the PHA has paid almost $300 thousand in legal fees:

Most of the outside legal fees have been paid to attorneys now with the firm of Duane Morris L.L.P. Lead counsel in the case, Alan C. Kessler, referred all questions to PHA. Kessler also worked on the case when it was handled by the now-defunct firm of Wolf Block. A veteran partner can earn in excess of $400 an hour, though some firms give PHA a discount rate because it is a government agency.

An estimate of PHA’s actual costs can be derived from the lengthy court filings. Extrapolating from Community Legal Services billings, it appears the PHA will face a total bill of around $1 million.