Comarow on Issa’s postal bill: maybe ALL government agencies should have four boards overseeing them!

Postcom has published the following comments from Murray Comarow:

Murray Comarow: "As all postal governors are corrupt and stupid, I was pleased to have them monitored by the PRC commissioners who are honest and sage. It appears that I was wrong about the PRC, since Congressman Issa proposes two more bodies to help manage the USPS: the Commission on Postal Reorganization and an Authority modeled on the D.C. Control Board. Kudos to Issa. The other 16 self-supporting government agencies struggle along with only one government board. How foolish. Each should have four. That would make them more businesslike." [EdNote: Gosh. Do you think he’s gotten his tongue out of his cheek?]

via PostCom: Postal News and Information from Around the World.

  • Brian

    Has Congressman Issa suddenly forgotten his party stands for LESS government regulation not more?

    If the republican party can’t keep their lies straight, maybe they should bring back the black guy.

  • Bleep

    Why not have 8 boards overseeing the Postal Service. That would be twice more efficient than 4!

    Then again why not 16, 32, 64, 128, etc…

    The amount of efficiency that could be achieved would be infinite.

  • Gregg

    Issa is a BOOB!!Just another political puppet.Danny Boy needs to look at over population in the USPS manager and supervisor ranks.The little guys,like myself do the real work.Sort mail,unload and load trucks,deliver the mail etc..These overpaid managers and supervisors only worry about numbers and missed delivery scans,and why final pull was so late,and who is to blame.This bulls*** will continue,with really no end in sight.It’s almost to the point of being unfixable.Regretably,none of our so called politicians have come up with any real solutions.I have been employed at the USPS for 30 years and this is the worse that I have seen it.Could be time for a career change!!

  • duhhhh


  • Retired 44

    That’s right Gregg, let’s get rid of all supervisors and managers so you and all the other little guys you mentioned, will be free to go about your job any way you desire. Won’t that be fun!!!

  • Guy Nohrenberg

    Ummm.. Errr.. who’s Murray Comarow???

  • Vinny

    Here is a start to fix this mess, let the carriers own their routes, followed by getting rid of 70% of management.once mail arrives at p.o. and is counted their job is done, so you dont need the extra people to do nothing all day.small amount of management to over see operation.besides most carriers are on cruise control on how they go about doing their job.

  • good employee

    I like when people get on here and complain about managers and supervisors. I have co-workers who disappear from the job do anything they want. I have to say my supervisor takes action against the poor performers, Like extending street time. 30 minute breaks
    We need to get rid of poor performer

  • ZACK

    Just what we need, another Board, Commision, CZAR, Panel, … . WTF! That is Issa’s plan? I thought he wanted to downsize government and/or hand over to private sector.

  • The Fat Boy

    Issa is not a boob or a fool. Issa is a dangerous man that needs to be stopped.

  • Just Saying


    Can you say Google?

  • Gregg

    Good point,Retired 44.However,when I was hired in 1981 at the USPS,I was very happy!!I had a job that payed well.$9.82 an hour.Great benefits!! My previous job paid $4.10 an hour and had no benefits.I can still remember my first USPS paycheck.Almost $600!! I went out and bought a $500 VCR player.Point is,I am happy to have a great paying job with all the perks.I work hard everyday.I am thankfull for everything that working for the USPS had provided me.However,it’s a shame when a few of my co-workers don’t feel as lucky as myself.As for management,maybe 1 or 2 could be retained.