Many post offices closing earlier than usual for Fourth of July weekend

Many post offices around the country will be closing earlier than usual ahead of the Fourth of July weekend. While hours vary, many offices will not offer retail services on Saturday, although deliveries will proceed as usual. A newspaper in Cecil County, MD, reports that post offices there will close at noon Friday, and reopen on Tuesday:

All Cecil County post offices will close at noon today and will remain closed until Tuesday, according to Yvette Singh, spokeswoman for the Baltimore region of the U.S. Postal Service. Singh said mail delivery would go on as scheduled today and Saturday but retail sales will cease at noon for the holiday weekend.

via BRIEF: Post offices to close at noon – Cecil Whig:.

  • clerk

    Why not close retail windows ALL day Friday? Seriously, the Postal Bulletin of 6-16-2011 said there is supposed to be normal retail hours on Friday and Saturday when the July 4th holiday falls on Monday. Who approved this deviation?

  • Bob

    I understand clerks will be shorted pay unless they use annual leave to compensate for the shortened day Friday.

    Hope the union grieves this unfair decision.

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  • Rich

    Maybe I am the only one that doesn’t get what is going on here. In my Installation there are 5 AO’s. At each office there are anywhere from three to eight window clerks. So roughly averaged about 30 window clerks. Now let me see if I am getting this right. We are going to close the window at 2:00pm on Friday the 1st and not open at all on Saturday. Where’s the savings? No matter if these clerks stay or take leave they will be paid. At the same time that they are being paid on or off the clock there is no revenue being generated. That’s 6 hours x 5 offices where I work. That is almost a full weeks worth of revenue. If this is happening at every office across the US how much money are we losing? 30 something thousand post offices doing the same thing. That’s got to be a butt load of money we just threw away. Again someone please show me where you save money. Whoever came up with this bright idea needs to be the first one laid off. Remember non-bargaining employees have no lay-off protection. This includes all EAS, Postmasters, Managers and Supervisors. I don’t think people realize that they can be laid off at the drop of a hat and have no recourse. Don’t want to see that happen to any one but someone must be held accountable for this crazy way of doing business. What do you think members of the PRC and Congressional leaders would think of this idea when they have been telling us to create revenue? I think they wanted us to find ways of cutting expenses but I don’t think they had paying people to do nothing in mind.

  • Mark

    Hey Rich paid leave and workhours are two different categories maybe that is why you are still a craft employee
    hello is anybody home

  • romy

    its the big guys that make this decision to closed before holiday to save hours and to lose service and revenue. nice job, bumb ass!

  • Southernclerk

    Agree with Rich. I and MANY other clerks will be working in their offices Saturday, distributing mail to carriers, boxing mail and scanning necessary scans all the way up to our normal closing time and ????? . . . while there, we are NOT to sell stamps and make revenue????
    I’m going to make the same pay and the Post office is going to make less revenue???

  • brian

    Mark- paid leave and workhours are indeed two different “categories”- but the impact on the bottom line is exactly the same. The USPS pays you the same for an hour of annual leave as it does for an hour of work.If all the regular window clerks in these offices take a couple of hours AL, there will be zero savings this week. The only savings will happen in the week these people eventually retire, since they will then have that many fewer hours of terminal leave. The only dollar savings that would be captured this week would be PTF’s and regulars who take LWOP.

  • Mark


    Those employees that choose leave are going to their bank so to speak, in other words we have to pay you up to 8 hours anyway we save workhours because your bank (is always open) serious stuff. we lose when the craft is smart enough to stare at the wall, but you are on point with the PTF’s and Regulars that lwop that when we save double, time surrendered for no return. The revenue in most offices do not even cover the light bill for the day, not all offices but level 18 and below on the big summer holiday, we are saving overall but not every office out of the 31k still open.

  • Ismellarat

    I am told that scans must be made at appointed times but no window service. not even package pick up. If this is the new math I will ride this puppy for as long as they can keep her running. It is like they heard me now , less work same pay. If I am dreaming don’t wake me. Talk about dumbing down.

  • Rich

    Thank you everyone for explaining that to Mark. Yes, indeed there are many categories. There are categories for grievance settlements but it’s ultimately the bottom line Mark. Things that Management try’s to hide and they have been very good at it. But that’s over, there will be no bonuses or incentives for manipulating numbers and hours anymore at least for the near future. Keep on believing that there are many categories and that the monies on this side don’t matter. Think about your own finances doesn’t all the money matter?