Congressman Ross bases “bailout” claim on tv critic’s column

Congressman Dennis Ross last night tweeted that he’d found a “great article” that explains why all the money the USPS has overpaid into retirement funds over the years really isn’t an “overpayment”. And who wrote this piece of expert analysis? An economist? An actuary?

A great article on the “postal bailout.” | too much for 140 characters, but explains why the “overpayment” isn’t one.
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No, a TV critic. None other than the Miami Herald’s Glenn Garvin.

We’ve already mentioned Garvin’s article, which has received nationwide distribution in McClatchy newspapers. The column doesn’t actually “explain” anything. Garvin cites OPM’s dismissal of the $75 billion overpayment as if the agency were an impartial observer. He doesn’t mention that every dollar USPS overpays is a dollar OPM doesn’t have to ask Congress for. Garvin totally ignores the $6.9 billion FERS overpayment, probably because OPM admits that it exists. He also fails to acknowledge that all of the losses and debts the USPS incurred from 2007 -2010 were caused directly by the arbitrary trust fund payments. All of them.

As we pointed out when the story was originally published, the funniest thing about Garvin’s “analysis” is that he blames the USPS’s problems on a “dying ink-on-paper technology in an electronic world”. This from a man who makes his living writing for a newspaper. A newspaper that makes most of its money from the sale of those annoying ads that fill its “ink on paper” pages. A newspaper that competes for advertising dollars with direct mailers (many of them the kind of small businessmen Darrell Issa claims to be fighting for) who rely on the US Postal Service.

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  • Ted

    Seems to me the Postal Service needs to spend more time educating the public and Congress?

  • Dan

    I read “Congressman Ross is an idiot” on a bathroom wall at some gas station in Jacksonville. Well, my research is done…………….IT MUST BE FACT !!!!

  • steve

    Good call Dan the facts are in, he gets the idiot award.
    Ted I hve been saying this for a long time. The bottom line is why spend the needed money to educate the public or congress. Ross has already researched the facts. Our government is screwed up our for fathers are rolling over in their graves.