USPS imposes new limits on promotional salary increases


June 28th, 2011

USPS Executive Vice President of Labor Relations, Anthony J. Vegliante today announced promotional salary increase limits for nonbargaining employees. Mr. Vegliante said “The fiscal health of the Postal Service continues to be at risk and, as a result, we must remain focused on opportunities to encourage fiscal restraint.”

Effective immediately, promotional increases must be limited to the following:

  • Salary increase of 3 to 5 percent for promotions
  • Salary increase of no more than 8 percent if an employee is promoted more than once within 52 weeks.

All promotional increases that exceed the above guidelines must be reviewed and approved by the Chief Human Resources Officer. This applies to all Headquarters and field nonbargaining promotions, except under the following conditions:

  • When a higher increase is necessary to bring the salary to the minimum of the new grade.
  • For promotions to designated supervisory positions covered under the supervisory differential adjustment provision, when a higher increase is necessary to bring it to the minimum salary rate.

Requests submitted for review must provide clear justification for exceeding the above stated promotional increase amounts.

The above change eliminates the former policy of salary increases from 3 to 10 percent for the promotion of a nonbargaining unit employee and a higher level of approval for increases of more than 8 percent.

June 27, 2011

  • jdk

    Ok, so no more 25% bonus for the HR guy just for showing up to work then right?! These people at the top should be the first in line taking CUTS!

  • john

    RIF at least half of ’em. PO would run better.

  • JR Truth

    The USPS doesn’t give bonuses anyway. If you’re meeting your goals, they will change them on you mid year to ensure failure.

  • ya don’t say

    HQ got 12.5 million last month in LumpSum monies…

  • Chris S

    The higher up fools that receive way too much money need to be cut first or either take a major cut with no bonuses! This would totally allieviate the money crunch we are facing if they would just see it right in front of their faces….the work force in the postal service are the carriers then the clerks that simple! I dont think I need to make 100000 to sit behind a desk and mandate new rules to the working class while doing nothing but yet receiving too much!! Downsize management in every office and you will start to see some good change!

  • insider

    Very convenient that this comes after certain favored and politicially connected employees came to HQ on temporary assignments arranged by friends and made 5 level leaps in grade and salary to permanent jobs while those who were in HQ for years got displaced.

  • joe says

    Well Postal Senior Executives I have only one thing to say; No NPA and low raises for promotion equals bare minimum performance from the field so get ready. You get what you pay for. If you all would grow a pair and get back the money that Congress has stolen from the USPS none of this would be necessary……