Congressman Ross: If I let USPS stop prefunding, will postal workers forswear taxpayer “backstop”?

An interesting tweet from Congressman Dennis Ross tonight:

Are postal workers/unions and retirees prepared to swear off, no matter what, federal taxpayer backstop if prefunding is stopped?
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Just to make it clear, the “pre-funding” Ross refers to deals with the employer contribution to potential future USPS retirees’ health insurance payments, not the pensions of actual retirees or employees.

Neither the USPS nor its employee organizations has ever asked for a taxpayer “backstop” or “bailout” for those payments, so it’s hard to say for sure what the freshman congressman from Florida is asking for.

  • Mailer

    Is Wall Street asked to swear off bailouts and backstops when they ask for deregulation?

    Congress is filled with groveling cowards.

  • Yes

    Just Do It (Nike)

  • BS

    talk about narcissistic, if “I” let them

  • Disgusted

    Enjoy your one and only term in congress Ross.

  • soontogo

    when will the working people of america wake up? we spend all this money to fight terror and the biggest threat we have in america right now is the tea party. they are all crooks but these people are in the pockets of all the big corporations. get out and vote for your best interest people. send these teabags packing!

  • Pete

    this guy is completely lost ! Now he seems to think that the retirees, and workers are calling the shots at the post office

  • hank

    I am a hard working employee for u.s.p.s. and I have some to say to MR. Ross and the rest of congress who feel we are not working hard enough to deserve the pay of our salary ! Come down and help us out for a day see for youself the problem with the post office .Put down that suit try to give yourself a hard day . The problem is internal upstairswere problems all begin . People thinking what best but have no clue what going on ! Spending stupidly while we continue to work with less less people and lot more mail that I have ever seen! Been working for the p.o. for 24 yrs and my job is always customers first !

  • lawsons voice

    Send Ross back to where he came from.

  • richard head

    Why r u so silent on the NASA pension debacle Ross u coward