Rural letter carriers union contributed $20,000 to Issa campaign

The Rural Carrier Updates blog notes that the National Rural Letter Carriers Association’s political action committee contributed $10,000 to California Congressman Darrell Issa during the 2010 election cycle. According to data published by, the NRLCA PAC also contributed $10,000 to Issa’s “Invest in a Strong & Secure America” PAC. The NRLCA PAC contributed over a quarter of a million dollars to Republican candidates in 2009-2010, including House Speaker John Boehner, Congressmen Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor, and Senator Susan Collins. Democrats in Congress received $623,000 from the NRLCA PAC. (As with all union political action committees, contributions come from voluntary member donations, not from union dues.)

Update: as several commenters have pointed out, the National Association of Letter Carriers PAC has also contributed to Issa. The NALC contributed $4,000 to Issa in the 2009-2010 cycle, and actually endorsed him for re-election that year. The union withdrew its endorsement in September after Issa claimed, falsely, that the USPS was looking for a “taxpayer bailout”.

In addition to the contributions from letter carriers, Issa also received $5,000 from the Mail Handlers PAC, $6,500 from the National Association of Postal Supervisors PAC, $5,000 from the APWU PAC, $7,000 from NAPUS, and $3,500 from the League of Postmasters.

National Rural Letter Carriers Assn Contributions to Federal Candidates | OpenSecrets.

  • P. Smith

    I m sure, if we knew he was not going to be a friend of the working class, he would not have gotten a dime.

  • Lisa Test

    Can they get a refund? They will be getting crushed in their next count, AGAIN. Start looking for part time work, rurals.:-(

  • CAWorker

    Ask for the Money Back! Better Yet all USPS employees living close to his offices, need to stage an “Informational
    Picket Line” to Call out this lying Politician.

  • Jim

    No surprise – most of my co-workers in the ‘liberal’ NY metro area watch fox news, listen to Beck, Hannity, any the other right wing windbags, and complain about President Obama and ‘those liberals’. The continue to vote AGAINST their own best financial interests and will not wake up until they are out of a job. Union members?

  • Dan

    That was an awful expensive price to pay for getting screwed in the ass. I hope they got kissed first……………..

  • Trueblue

    I totally agree Jim. We have right wingers in my office as well,they constantly put IDeology Above common sense. They can never admit when their party is wrong, be it Iraq ,postal issues, trickle down economics,and oh yeah Obama is coming for your guns. please,I have never seen people with clear intelligence believe everything these right wing rating whores tell them.Now their saying cut half the workforce,there is no overpayment, and we are looking for a bailout. These are people who put the poison pill in the 2006 PAEA bill. Keep believing yourself right out of a good job!!

  • Steven

    Jim, I hate to say it but even then they wont wake up. These people are thoroughly brainwashed. They will talk like these guys, mimic the same words and ultimately the same patterned childish putdowns. It is really quite sad and pathetic.

  • drb

    don’t those PACs contribute to ALL candidates, just to hedge their bets?


    For crying out loud City and Rural Carriers, we should recognize that Darrell Issa is a Republican who’s just looking out for the best interest of big business!! As most Republicans and some Democrats unfortunately do, they will never, ever look out for the best interest of the middle class, hard-working everyday people that made this country run effectively every single day!!!! Once we realize that, then we will know not to give any support to these people who really don’t care about us in any way, shape or form. Period!!!!!

  • Chuck

    There are so many Repubs at my office that dont want to hear whats going on thats why we are doomed.Not exaggerating!

  • Ipee Freely

    That ladies and gentleman is why I don’t contribute to NRLCA PAC!

  • Proud Product of the USA

    Why do people vote against their own best interests? Way to go. You contributed to a person who wants to get rid of your job.

  • Retiring on July 1st

    A working man or woman who votes for a Republican
    is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.

  • F__ a D___

    Proud Product, it not your just your job in jeopardy, its the existance of your employer he and others want to eliminate.

  • So there!

    Issa that a fact?

  • Postal clerk

    The rest of it you can deal with. But with no job……

  • Joe Redneck

    Rurals get paid by the job, not the hour. The harder they work, the more per hour they make. That’s the American way. Carriers will continue to walk the streets like they are on a Sunday stroll and then cry foul when they lose their jobs to people who actually hustle a little bit. Work harder and smarter.

  • steve

    This fight is not against each other. Its against all those people who dont have a clue. We need to teach America the real truth. These political dick heads get better benefits than anyone. So not only are our union brothers and sisters giving these guys the rope, their even paying them to them to do it. Dont like COPA never have, never will.

  • funkster

    The APWU should NEVER contribute a dime to anyone without a long proven voting track record in our favor!

  • johnson

    hey joe redneck..put a satchel on your back and walk the streets for 7 or 8 hours a day in the weather and steps and see how fast your ass moves…they are working city carriers to death…i have both…i am eas in a level 21 office…the city carriers work harder in the first 2 hours of their day then you do in a week..and i get more complaints about rural carriers than city carriers…city carriers hustle…they just get more work to do and more wear and tear on their bodies…the system is flawed

  • Sweet Tater

    Who in the world gives money to PAC’s? Who believes anything any politician says? Inside the infamous BELTWAY, they play their games with our livelihood. My question is how can we get their undivided attention. I’m very concerned with the direction of not only my beloved Postal Service, but this great country that has given me the opportunity to raise a beautiful family plus our grandchildren, to own two homes, and have both our vehicles paid for. Good work ethics are always rewarded, if not by management recognition, then by a good conscience knowing I’ve done the best I could do under any circumstances. I will not trust any other human being for making my way in life, I have my trust in the Almighty God. I recommend a spirit of building one another up, not destroying people with our words. Don’t intend to be preachy cause I’m not very spiritual, but I know what works in my life. Thank you Brothers and Sisters.

  • gone postal

    Thank you, johnson,for telling joe redneck how it really is.There is a big differance between driving a rural route and walking all day on a city route with house to house delivery.Then you’re rewarded for getting done early by having to pivot.

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