USPS expands Facebook presence

USPS News Link today contains the following article describing the USPS’s expanded presence on Facebook. Unfortunately, as of this writing (9 AM EDT), the new stamp and business links don’t actually work… (Update: the new pages are now active as of 1PM EDT)

Starting today, the Postal Service will have some new pages for its Facebook fans to visit. USPS has had a page on the social media website for some time, but is expanding its presence so that there’s something for everyone — customers, mailers and stamp collectors — to like., will allow us to better connect with the public and provide engaging content on everything from legislative updates, to mailing tips, to USPS Sustainability efforts.

Small- and medium-sized business owners, as well as advertising and marketing executives, can go to for the latest on how USPS can help make them a success. From “Grow Your Business Days” to the joys of Every Door Direct Mail, visitors will have access to best practices and case studies to help them improve their bottom line by using the Postal Service.

Even collectors can put their “stamp of approval” on our page, where we’ll feature upcoming stamp issues and all manner of stamp products.

So, check them out starting today. And while you’re there, “like” us — if you like!

via USPS News Link – June 24, 2011.