MPs in marathon debate on Canada Post bill

Members of Parliament remain locked in debate early Friday over legislation that would send Canada Post employees back to work and end a lockout.

At daybreak in Ottawa, opposition MPs continued to make lengthy speeches designed to delay passage of the government’s bill.

The NDP began speaking in an attempt to stall the bill, with NDP Leader Jack Layton starting around 9 p.m. Thursday.

His speech, in its opening minutes, touched on the commitment of postal workers, the repetitive stress injuries some of them suffer, the Charter of Rights and wind turbines. NDP and Liberal members were still talking at 6 a.m. ET Friday, with no sign of stopping.

The debate can run until all 103 NDP MPs have spoken, at which point they will vote on the bill’s second reading and move to committee of the whole, where MPs have even more time-delaying tactics at their disposal.

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  • ron smaggus

    OH JACK???
    Facts Rotating strikes wee ok until your union saw it was having no effects. Then they closed the biggest 2 cities still no effect then union must of gave the word to block vehicles sso C/post shot the doors. Simple gread 12 education here same as most postal workers. But JACK enjoy your 4 years as you will be way down in the polls next election as most Canadians are seeing what you are about!!!!! Sure glad I did not waste my vote on you!!!!