ABM says Issa bill could spell 20% rate increase on periodicals

American Business Media, which represents b-to-b media companies, issued the following statement on Congressman Darrell Issa’s proposed postal reform bill:

Today, June 23, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Committee with jurisdiction over postal matters, introduced legislation that would implement sweeping, structural reforms of the United States Postal Service. ABM immediately obtained and reviewed the bill in detail; while it includes some provisions ABM has advocated for, it also includes a potentially-damaging provision for ABM members.

As written, the legislation would require an annual 5% increase for all “underwater” postal products, on top of annual CPI increases, until the product covers at least 90% of its attributable costs. Given the current data on periodical cost coverage and the anticipated CPI increases, this provision would likely result in a more than 20% increase in postal rates over the next three years for ABM members. This provision is simply untenable, and over the last few hours, ABM has already begun to mobilize its resources and align with allies to fight it.

As you may know, over the last two years, ABM has advocated for postal reform measures in Washington both as an association and as an Executive Committee member of the Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service. In these efforts, ABM has sought a legislative solution that would address structural issues at USPS, fix the overpayment of its pension system, and put the Postal Service on a stable path for long-term viability. As the financial situation at USPS has worsened, these efforts have grown more critical.

We are already leveraging ABM’s coalitions and contacts to address this issue on your behalf, and we will continue to update you as developments warrant.

via American Business Media – ABM.

  • dave

    So Issas idea is to run the Postal Service through a board, lower employee wages and benefits, and enforce a substantial rate increase to its customers? This idea will help us survive? How about you dont enforce prefunding, REFUND the extra 80 billion that was prefunded? Yeah the one that you and your boys earmark and “dip” into.

  • bubba

    ISSA YOUR A LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!ISSA HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU MAKE A YEAR FOR BEING A LOUDMOUTH LOSER?usps doesnt receive tax payer money issa are you that stupid to think usps needs a tax bailout?usps just needs idiots like you to leave our money alone and stop paying into an overfunded pension.ISSA YOU ARE THE BIGGEST LOSER!!!I WOULD LIKE TO SEE ISSA SUPPORT HIS FAMILY ON 10$ AN HOUR!!!!ONCE AGAIN ISSA YOUR A LOSER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rich

    The first thing you should have done has already passed you by. I would imagine the American Business Media supports the Republican candidates. If not I apologize. If so, remember they have their own agenda, and that is obviously to wreck this country. If you continue to support them you will end up like the rest of us. Hanging on for dear life everyday of your life wondering what they are going to do next to disrupt your life. I honestly live in fear everyday of my life thinking what are they going to do to us next. I do not understand why Issa and his goons have so much support. It can only be a combination of ignorance and brainwashing. Good Luck, just remember this incident, there will be many more to follow if you support their cause.

  • Steve

    Issa is an Idiot! No further comment, not good for my blood pressure to point out all the faulty reasoning and inaccurate comments in all his statements. He and Ross from Florida.