Lunatic fringe update: Glenn Beck says Obama wants secret letter carrier army

You’d think National Association of Letter Carriers President Fred Rolando would have enough on his plate, what with the USPS’s financial problems, and upcoming contract negotiations. But no- according to celebrated weeping lunatic Glenn Beck, Rolando wants to help President Obama create a secret paramilitary force of letter carriers to take over the country. Or something like that- see if you can figure it out:

Via Media Matters for America.

But wait! There’s more! Guess who’s proud to have been mentioned by the Fox News nutcase- none other than Devin Leonard, who wrote the bizarre and misleading attack on the USPS for Bloomberg Businessweek last month. You know the one I’m talking about- it’s the one that introduced us to international man of mystery Phillip Herr:

Phillip Herr looks like many of the men who toil deep within the federal government. He wears blue suits. He keeps his graying hair and mustache neatly trimmed. He has an inoffensively earnest manner. He also has heavy bags under his eyes…

Now you remember! Well our Devin is apparently as pleased as punch that Glenn Beck has seen fit to quote him on one of his last Fox News broadcasts:

glenn beck quotes my usps story
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… which tells you all you need to know about Devin Leonard! (By the way- that’s not Devin in the photo- it’s Chet Baker. Turns out Devin is a jazz critic. Makes sense- if the Miami Herald can have their TV critic analyze USPS finances, why shouldn’t Bloomberg use a music critic?)

  • trout

    For years I’ve been saying……ignore him…..

  • Dan

    Becks is the Idiots idiot

  • citizen

    Beck is not really news. He’s like John Daily in a different wrapper.

  • tlk

    In a way I can believe this because….I’ve become convinced that people are going to go back to relying on snail mail again…because there is no privacy on the internet anymore. I believe that people will go back to the old fashioned way of communication and bill paying etc. because of hacking and all the corruption in our government. No..I’m not paranoid but have been known to accurately predict things. After what happened to Anthony Weiner do you trust the internet? lol