Union: Tories’ Back-To-Work Legislation Rewards Canada Post

OTTAWA, June 20, 2011 /CNW/ – The federal government’s back-to-work bill penalizes postal workers and rewards Canada Post for locking out employees and stopping mail delivery nationwide.

The bill legislates wage increases that fall significantly below Canada Post’s last offer. Canada Post’s last offer was 1.9% in 2011, 2012 and 2013, and 2.0 % in 2014, well below the 3.3% rate of inflation. The Tories’ bill would lower that even further with 1.75 % in 2011, 1.5% in 2012, 2% in 2013 and 2% in 2014.

"Imposing wage increases that are lower than Canada Post’s last offer punishes postal workers for a disruption that was caused by the corporation’s national lockout," said CUPW National President Denis Lemelin.

"The bill would take $875.50 out of the pockets of an average full-time postal worker during the four years of the agreement. All told, it represents a theft of $35 million from postal workers and their families."

Lemelin said the government’s heavy-handed interventions will damage labour relations for years to come. The last time the federal government imposed back to work legislation in 1997, it included a provision that ensured the mediator arbitrator considered the importance of good labour-management relations. The current legislation contains no such provision.

"The arbitrator who is assigned to do the final offer selection will not have to live with the results," said Lemelin. "An imposed settlement will not help the post office in the long term."

  • Thomas

    Legislating a ‘theft’ of $4 a week is not a whole lot to get excited about.

  • Jennifer

    I get 1% a year raise and I work for a billon dollar company.
    Small business owners are suffering from CUPW’s greed. I have to pay for my pension and have to depend on my RRSP for my retirement.
    Join the rest of the world and get back to work.
    You don’t deserve another penny.

  • brian

    Sounds like Jennifer made some really stupid career choices, doesn’t it? Jen dear- just because you screwed up your life doesn’t mean you should wish the same fate on people who have done better than you. Envy is not becoming- try taking responsibility for yourself and the lousy decisions you’ve made.

  • Dawn

    I am now on medical disability and am awaiting a much needed cheque. This strike has made it so that my cheque is now stuck in limbo and I really need the funds to pay my bills.
    I would be fine with Canada Post asking for more money if they could do their damn jobs right. I have seen mail returned to the sender with a claim the address is incorrect when infact it was correct and then seen the post office get mail with a completely incorrect addres delivered to the right people. I have also seen mail be turned back claiming the size and weight were incorrect for the amount of postage when it was within their own limits. If postal workers weren’t so lazy about their jobs and not already making good wages then ya, I would support a strike.
    Get back to work and stop belly aching already – compared to most Canadians you guys already have great paying jobs with great benefits.

  • Marc

    I think this is ridiculous. If your job is so bad then go find a new one. Don’t just walk out and whine about it until they give you more money. They should be lucky that they have jobs in the first place. Lots of people can’t find work in this economy.
    I would have fired everyone of them and hired new workers.

  • Becca

    This is bs. If you hate your job enough to make it so thousands of Canadians are without mail for weeks, then find a new one! I hope they do pass this legislation so the dickheads who started this learn a lesson.

  • Riley

    Really? nobody uses the mail anymore for bills and stuff like that… i just want my tickets in the mail, if i would have known there was a strike, i would have totally paid a company who could get thier job done properly… im going to say that if canada post fell through, we would have no problem without it, only our grandparents who are lame enough to use the mail for bank statements and bills would suffer. the rest of us, who rarely use it at all (there is a decreasing volume in mail to back this) would have no problem paying a different company to get our packages delivered on time. just think, the once a month i use these tools to get my stuff off the internet, and they ‘attempt delivery’ without actually trying and garbage like that. they fail/

  • Latasha

    Ok this strike is so stupid. Can these post office employees really be that selfish? Who cares if you guys don’t make. Be thankful you have money. There are people that wish they had a job not to mention have money. There are people on third world countries that would love to have the money your making. Whatever happend to being thankful for what you have? Life is not fair. Grow up. Be thankful you have a job and that can support your family. Stop being so selfish and greedy and deal with what your getting paid. And if you don’t like it get a new job. Striking just huts everybody eles. Your selfish and greedy and that’s all there is to it. And if nobody likes what I wright to bad. It’s true. And the truth hurts.

  • Latasha

    Oh ya one more thing just gose to show what’s more importend to some people. money.

  • Raffael

    CUPW, you have no sympathy with me. Holding a nation hostage for your own greed and pension plans is beyond outrageous.

    You represent overpaid, unskilled labour which should never have been unionized in the first place. I hope this union is dissolved.

    The market is different now, you will need to slim down and accept wage decreases to face this new reality. Adapt or die, like anything else in nature.

  • Bill

    Have services resumed as of today, July 14th?