Post offices in tornado stricken Alabama continue recovery

It’s hurricane season, and Alabama employees — already well-versed in the consequences of natural disasters — are well prepared.

In April, a massive, mile-wide tornado touched down in Tuscaloosa, then turned northward. The mammoth twister was responsible for a 200-mile path of destruction, 241 deaths, thousands of homeless residents and more than $10 billion in property damage. The tornado also damaged 12 postal facilities and knocked out power at 90 Post Offices.

Alabama District employees immediately focused on restoring service to their customers. Power generators were transported to Post Offices, mobile units were dispatched to communities and — in cases of severe facility damage — operations temporarily were relocated. Employees — many whose homes had sustained damage — reported to work as regularly scheduled.

“I could not have been prouder of our employees,” said Alabama District Manager William Mitchell. “Their commitment and dedication to our customers allowed us to get back to business, which meant a lot to those who were affected by the storm. Restoring operations and delivering mail brought a sense of normalcy to the communities we serve.”

For more information about what you can do when a hurricane threatens your community, check with The National Hurricane Center, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Ready America.

The Postal Service soon will issue its own “Area Hurricane” guide for employees. Also, monitor your local news for updates and emergency instructions.

via USPS News Link – June 20, 2011.

  • Steve2247

    If these Post Offices were previously privatized like Ross and Issa would like to see, the recovery would be much slower. Thank God, for government trained employees.