CUPW: Canada Post Waiting for the Legislation that They Wanted from the Beginning

From the Canadian Union of Postal Workers:

June 17, 2011 – 18:45

Urban Postal Unit Negotiations (2011) / Bulletin

Negotiations Bulletin no. 71

Contrary to media reports, there have been no negotiations taking place in Ottawa. Today, CPC contacted the finance sub-table asking us to provide them with costing information. They also suggested they may have questions concerning our most recent proposals, which they have already told us they rejected. Just as they have done for almost eight months, CPC is waiting for the back-to-work legislation that they so desperately wanted. Instead of negotiating, they will be provided with a government-appointed arbitrator, who will have a mandate to attack the rights and benefits that postal workers have struggled for decades to achieve.

Timeline of Treachery

May 24: CPC begins its disinformation campaign. It issues a news release claiming CUPW demands would cost $1.4 Billion. It never attempts to explain the number.

June 1: CPC continues its disinformation campaign and claims mail volumes have declined 17% since 2006.

June 2-11:59 p.m.: CUPW begins rotating strikes.

June 3: CPC cuts off drug coverage and other benefits to all employees, including those on sick leave and disability insurance.

June 7: CPC claims mail volumes have declined by 50% since June 3rd. This does not correspond with information from postal facilities.

June 8: CPC announces it will stop letter carrier delivery on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

June 9: Labour Minister Lisa Raitt requests that the union suspends its rotating strikes and that CPC resumes postal service. CPC Chief Operating Officer claims CUPW has more than 50 demands on the table. CPC reneges on several of their offers.

June 10: CUPW agrees to suspend strike activity and continues to negotiate. At 6 p.m., Canada Post management rejects the union’s offer.

June 13: CUPW accuses Canada Post of aggressively trying to force postal workers out on a full-scale national strike in order to secure back-to-work legislation from the majority Conservative government.

June 14 (morning): CPC claims to have lost $70 million in revenue since June 3rd. In answering the question of a reporter, Labour Minister Raitt says there is no need for back-to-work legislation at Canada Post since it is only a rotating strike and the mail was still moving.

June 14 (evening): CPC claims to have lost almost $100 million in revenue since June 3rd. It announces an immediate national lockout.

June 15 (morning): Labour Minister Raitt says she has received very few complaints about the rotating postal strikes.

June 15 (afternoon): Labour Minister Raitt announces that in response to CPC’s national lockout she will introduce back-to-work legislation.

The manner by which CPC provoked the government to introduce back-to-work legislation, explains their refusal to truly negotiate during the past eight months. They began negotiations determined to attack the rights and benefits of the workers who have made Canada Post a profitable company for 16 years. Now they have been rewarded for their intransigence by the Harper government.

In solidarity,

Denis Lemelin

National President and Chief Negotiator

via CUPW – 2011-06-17 – CPC Waiting for the Legislation that They Wanted from the Beginning.